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Police districts
Police districts.     20. - (1) Each district, other than Belfast, shall be a police district.
      (2) In the district of Belfast there shall be such number of police districts (not exceeding 4), as may be determined by the Chief Constable; and each such police district shall consist of such area as may be so determined.
      (3) For each police district the Chief Constable shall designate as district commander a member of the police service who is of at least the rank of chief inspector.
      (4) In any statutory provision-
    (a) for any reference to a police sub-division there shall be substituted a reference to a police district established under this section;
    (b) for any reference to a sub-divisional commander there shall be substituted a reference to a district commander designated under this section.
The local policing plan.     21. - (1) Each district commander shall issue, and may from time to time revise, a plan ("the local policing plan") setting out the proposed arrangements for the policing of the police district.
      (2) The local policing plan may relate to matters to which the policing plan also relates, or to other matters, but in any event shall be so framed as to be consistent with the policing plan.
      (3) Before issuing or revising a local policing plan, the district commander shall consult the district policing partnership whose district is, or includes, the police district and take account of any views expressed.
      (4) The district commander shall arrange for the local policing plan issued or revised under this section to be published in such manner as appears to him to be appropriate.
Other community policing arrangements
Other community policing arrangements.     22. - (1) A district policing partnership may, with the approval of the Board, make arrangements to facilitate consultation by the police force with any local community within the district.
      (2) Where it appears to the Board that a district policing partnership has not made satisfactory arrangements under subsection (1) in relation to any local community, the Board may, after consultation with the district policing partnership, make arrangements to facilitate consultation by the police force with that community.
      (3) Arrangements made under subsection (1) or (2) may include the establishment of bodies.
      (4) The Board may defray the reasonable expenses of any body established by virtue of subsection (3).
      (5) Before making any arrangements under this section a district policing partnership or the Board shall consult the Chief Constable as to the arrangements that would be appropriate.
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