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Wednesday 1 Mar 2000

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Westminster Hall Debates for
1 Mar 2000

Column: 25WH

AWE Aldermaston [1 Mar 2000]

9.30 am
Mr. David Rendel (Newbury)

Mr. Deputy Speaker

Mr. Rendel

Column: 26WH

Column: 27WH

Column: 28WH

Column: 29WH

9.45 am
Mr. Martin Salter (Reading, West)

Column: 30WH

Column: 31WH

9.55 am
Mr John Redwood (Wokingham)

Column: 32WH

Column: 33WH

10.2 am
Mr. Quentin Davies (Grantham and Stamford)

Column: 34WH

Mr. Deputy Speaker (Mr. Frank Cook)

Mr. Davies

Column: 35WH

Mr. Rendel

Mr. Davies

10.15 am
The Minister for the Armed Forces (Mr. John Spellar

Column: 36WH

Column: 37WH

Mr. Quentin Davies

Mr. Spellar

Column: 38WH

Mr. Rendel

Mr. Spellar

Column: 39WH

Mr. Salter

Mr. Spellar

Column: 40WH

Column: 41WH

Mr. Salter

Column: 42WH

Mr. Spellar

Mr. Salter

Mr. Spellar

Mr. Quentin Davies

Column: 43WH

Mr. Spellar

Mr. Redwood

Mr. Spellar

Mr. Redwood

Column: 44WH

Mr. Spellar

Mr. Rendel

Column: 45WH

Mr. Spellar

Mr. Rendel

Mr. Spellar

Column: 46WH

Housing (London) [1 Mar 2000]

11 am
Mr. Andrew Love (Edmonton)

Column: 47WH

Column: 48WH

Column: 49WH

Column: 50WH

11.20 am
Mr. Jeremy Corbyn (Islington, North)

Column: 51WH

Column: 52WH

Column: 53WH

11.36 am
Mr. Keith Darvill (Upminster)

Column: 54WH

Column: 55WH

11.46 am
Ms Oona King (Bethnal Green and Bow)

Column: 56WH

Column: 57WH

Column: 58WH

11.57 am
Mr. Tom Brake (Carshalton and Wallington)

Column: 59WH

Column: 60WH

12.7 pm
Mr. Tim Loughton (East Worthing and Shoreham)

Column: 61WH

Column: 62WH

Column: 63WH

12.20 pm
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions (Mr. Chris Mullin)

Column: 64WH

Column: 65WH

Mr. Brake

Mr. Mullin

Mr. Deputy Speaker (Mr. John McWilliam)

Column: 66WH

Carers (Barnsley) [1 Mar 2000]

12.30 pm
Mr. Jeff Ennis (Barnsley, East and Mexborough)

Column: 67WH

Column: 68WH

Column: 69WH

12.45 pm
The Minister of State, Department of Health (Mr. John Hutton)

Column: 70WH

Column: 71WH

Column: 72WH

Column: 73WH

Column: 74WH

Health Authority Appointments (Essex) [1 Mar 2000]

12.58 pm
Mr. David Amess (Southend, West)

Mr. Deputy Speaker (Mr. John McWilliam)

Mr. Amess

Column: 75WH

Column: 76WH

Column: 77WH

Column: 78WH

1.18 pm
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health (Ms Gisela Stuart)

Column: 79WH

Column: 80WH

Column: 81WH

Family Reunification [1 Mar 2000]

1.30 pm
Mr. Neil Gerrard (Walthamstow)

Column: 82WH

Column: 83WH

Column: 84WH

1.46 pm
The Minister of State, Home Office (Mrs. Barbara Roche)

Column: 85WH

Column: 86WH

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