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Thursday 9 Mar 2000

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Westminster Hall Debates for
9 Mar 2000

Column: 231WH

Work-Life Balance [9 Mar 2000]

2.30 pm
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Education and Employment (Ms Margaret Hodge)

Column: 232WH

Column: 233WH

Column: 234WH

Dr. Evan Harris (Oxford, West and Abingdon)

Ms Hodge

Column: 235WH

Column: 236WH

2.55 pm
Mrs. Caroline Spelman (Meriden)

Column: 237WH

Column: 238WH

Column: 239WH

Column: 240WH

Column: 241WH

Joan Ruddock

Mrs. Spelman

Column: 242WH

Madam Deputy Speaker (Mrs. Gwyneth Dunwoody)

Mrs. Spelman

Column: 243WH

3.27 pm
Mr. Tony Colman (Putney)

Column: 244WH

Column: 245WH

Madam Deputy Speaker

Mr. Colman

Column: 246WH

3.40 pm
Ms Julia Drown (South Swindon)

Column: 247WH

Mrs. Spelman

Ms. Drown

Column: 248WH

3.49 pm
Joan Ruddock (Lewisham, Deptford)

Column: 249WH

Column: 250WH

Column: 251WH

Column: 252WH

4.4 pm
Mr. David Drew (Stroud)

Column: 253WH

Column: 254WH

Mr. Colman

Mr. Drew

Column: 255WH

Mrs. Spelman

Mr. Drew

Column: 256WH

4.21 pm
Caroline Flint (Don Valley)

Column: 257WH

Column: 258WH

Mr. Colman

Caroline Flint

Column: 259WH

Mr. Colman

Caroline Flint

Column: 260WH

4.37 pm
Dr. Evan Harris (Oxford, West and Abingdon)

Column: 261WH

Mrs. Spelman

Dr. Harris

Column: 262WH

Caroline Flint

Dr. Harris

Column: 263WH

Column: 264WH

Column: 265WH

Column: 266WH

5.6 pm
Ms Hodge

Mrs. Spelman

Ms Hodge

Column: 267WH

Column: 268WH

Column: 269WH

Column: 270WH

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