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Women Prisoners (Maternity Pay)

Sir Peter Lloyd: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if women prisoners who have been employed inside prisons and give birth are paid maternity pay. [120620]

Mr. Boateng: Women prisoners who have been employed within prisons and give birth are paid an allowance under regulations set out in the Prisoner Pay Manual 1992 and Standing Order 6 regulations 1993. Under these regulations, scope exists for establishments to set their own rates of pay in addition to the prescribed minima. Women prisoners are entitled to child benefit if their babies remain with them. Consideration is currently being given to introducing specific maternity pay where a woman prisoner is unable to work as a consequence of pregnancy, childbirth or caring for a child.


Online Services

Mr. Robert Jackson: To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office if she will list the services which (a) her Department and (b) the executive agencies responsible to her Department (i) provide online and (ii) expect to be deliverable online by 2002. [119446]

Mr. Ian McCartney: So that the Cabinet Office can publish the spring 2000 report monitoring progress towards delivery of all Government services electronically by 2005 we are currently collecting data which will include our progress on delivering 25 per cent. of Government services electronically by 2002. I do not want to pre-empt that report; however, I have included examples of the electronic services we provide, or are planning to provide, in the table.

NameServices currently provided onlineServices expected to be deliverable by 2002
Cabinet Office, including: (
Central SecretariatNone at presentThe Civil Service Guidance Directory will be put on the internet which will have an Access search database for people to find their way around the document.
Civil Service PensionsRoll-out of full computerised pension administration system PenServer (August/September 2000). Electronic access for pensioners introduced (autumn 2000). Internet access for employers/scheme members to access personal data planned through PenWeb (December 2002). New Civil Service pension arrangements will be web-enabled, with communications strategy designed in that context (January 2002).
Fast Stream, European and Recruitment DivisionCivil Service Recruitment website gateway. Vacancy gateway established with departments December 1999. Site currently under reconstruction. Finance being sought for further development similar to that of the award-winning Army site by December 2000.Fast stream recruitment (May 2001). New contracts are currently being tendered. The new arrangements will involve a mix of in-house and external service delivery, all linked via a single communications portal and IT/IS support facilities. The new arrangements will provide the option for electronic application handling; and will replace paper-based testing at sift stage (12,000 candidates) with computer-based testing.
Government Information and Communication Service ( already established (July 1999) to replace paper versions of recruitment material and provide additional information about the workings of GICS to potential new recruits.Work now under way to establish a system which will enable candidates to receive application forms and complete them electronically for postal return of signed hard copy, by mid 2001. The intention is to establish a system where all stages of the recruitment process can be completed electronically--the timing of our ability to receive completed application forms electronically will depend on progress towards a widely accepted form of electronic signature.
Her Majesty's Stationery Office ( June 1999 an electronic order form was introduced to enable MEPs to order official publications via HMSO over the internet. Inforoute gateway at prototype stage. Most Departments in early stages of developing their Information Asset Registers. Work is under way to ensure seamless access via the web, streamlined procedures for creating records, and close co-ordination with other information management initiatives. Submitting application to reproduce Crown and Parliamentary copyright protected material Database of full-text copies of UK legislationFuture plans are for Standard Licence Terms for reproduction of extracts from Crown and Parliamentary copyright protected material--apply and receive electronically.
Information Division1. Press Notices--Issue of Press Notices (in association with COI) to journalists. Version 4.0 in place which allows us to e-mail press notices to COI-NDS who process file and fax to a specified list (which we maintain). Possible for press notice to be on 999 recipients fax machines approximately two minutes after the transfer of the file to COI is complete.Version 5.0 of the software will allow the same process to be carried out but the delivery will also be available by e-mail.
2. Cabinet Office Research and Briefing System--The system is in a prototype form at present. A project plan has been written and is being implemented. A staged roll-out will take place, which when completed will allow all divisions in the Cabinet Office to access and input information.Initial 1st phase roll-out by the end of March--full roll-out to be agreed, but probably no later than the end of May.
Modernising Public Services ( Best Practice database--Online database established in July 1999, and copies of most Cabinet Office best practice publications are contained in a virtual library.The best practice website will be extended to provide a gateway to best practice material across the public sector by 2003. CharterMark Assessment--Considering the possibility of allowing Charter Mark applicants to apply for the Award online. No firm plans yet.
Procurement Unit ( purchasing/index.htm)None at presentThe Unit will be expanding its electronic communications with suppliers, but cannot predict the extent to which that will have been achieved by 2002. The Unit is dependent on developments being undertaken by others, particularly the Office of Government Commerce.
Public Appointments Unit (www.Public-appointments placing on the GSI of the Public Appointments Unit 'Central List'. This is a database which contains details of approximately 5,500 people seeking a public appointment. Work is continuing with COI on a tendering exercise for the 'Central List' to be placed on the GSI. It is anticipated that the 'Central List' will be available via the GSI by the end of 2000.The Unit is also planning to put their PAU Application form on.
The QUANGO website ( 'Quango' website on the Cabinet Office internet site is being developed and enhanced. It is planned that the website will have links to all advertisements for public appointments; an electronic application form for the 'Central List'; and news of public appointments for candidates. Work is under way to establish links to OGDs websites. COI has been commissioned to produce the new application form, which will be put on the 'Quango' website.The Unit is dependent on OGDs websites. However, it is anticipated that most departments will have a Public Appointment website that we will be able to link with by the end of 2001.
Regulatory Impact Unit ( uk/regulation/index.htm)In order to improve the quality of regulation enforcement, the Cabinet Office (Regulatory Impact Unit) commissioned external consultants to set up a web called INFOSHOP. The INFOSHOP System is designed to answer queries on food safety, health and safety, building control and planning regulation.Pilot January 2000 to April 2000. Pilot report May 2000-02-28. 2000, server based system rolled out to local authorities. 2000, web-based version rolled out; likely to be by Small Business Service.
Social Exclusion Unit ( uk/seu/index.htm)The Social Exclusion National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal consultation report published recently invites members of the public to send their responses through via the internet link to an e-mail address within the Unit. The Unit will provide this online service for all future consultation exercises.The Unit is also proposing a complete re-design of its existing website. This re-design will seek to incorporate Chat Forums, a Newsgroup Bulletin Board and as many up to date facilities as possible to enable individuals and organisations to obtain and exchange information with the Unit.
Government Car and Dispatch AgencyGCDA does not currently have an internet site. They are targeted to have their own presence by April 2001.GCDA expect to be trading online with customers by April 2002.
Central Office of Information ( does not provide services to the public. As part of its service to other Government Departments, COI issues Government press releases through its dedicated News Distribution Press Release website, which can also be accessed via a link from COI's general website.There are no plans to introduce further online services through the COI websites.

3 May 2000 : Column: 161W

3 May 2000 : Column: 161W

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