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ONE Service

Mr. Alexander: To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security what reviews have been carried out to assess the success of the single work-focused gateway. [121100]

Angela Eagle: There will be a thorough evaluation of the ONE service, which will use a range of standard evaluation techniques; quantitative and qualitative research, operational research and cost-benefit analysis. The success of the pilots will be evaluated by comparing the outcomes for participants in the pilot areas with those for similar people from other, comparable areas. The evaluation will also include assessments about the effectiveness of ONE compared to the present system and it will compare data from the different model pilots to assess their relative effects.

Disability Living Allowance

Mr. Wigley: To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security if he will set up an independent review of the workings of the appeals system against refusal and downgrading of disability living allowance applications; and if he will make a statement. [121196]

Angela Eagle: A full evaluation exercise is currently being carried out following the changes to the decision making and appeals procedures introduced last year. All areas affected by the changes are being monitored.

We are aware that the Benefits Agency is experiencing some problems in dealing with revisions and appeals on Disability Living Allowance and this is being addressed separately.

Mr. Willetts: To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security if he will estimate the cost of extending the entitlement for new claims to disability living allowance to all those aged below 70 years. [119246]

Mr. Bayley [pursuant to his reply, 17 April 2000, c. 402W]: The estimated programme cost would be £350 million in 2001-02, rising to £400 million in 2002-03 and £500 million in 2003-04.


Mr. Field: To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security, pursuant to his answer of 2 May 2000, Official Report, column 34W, on fraud savings, what are the abbreviated names of the initiatives and projects in full. [121280]

Mr. Rooker: The full names of the initiatives and projects are now included.

Initiatives since 1 May 1997

Initiative/ProjectCost (£ million)Start dateEnd date
Benefits Agency (BA)
Area Benefit Review/Quality Support Team Linking and Devolution (AQLAD, ABR/QST)0.2April 1999Continuing
Area Benefit Review (ABR)16.24September 1997Continuing
Benefits Agency/Child Support Agency Closer Working (BA/CSA)1.61997Continuing
Benefits Agency/Local Authority Liaison (BA/LA liaison)1.01997Continuing
Card Fraud Investigation0.041997February 1999--Cancellation of the payment by card process
Child Benefit Initiatives2.41997Continuing
Closer Working with East of Scotland0.1April 1999Continuing
Family Credit London Project (FAMC London project)0.231997October 1999--Migrated to IR
Habitual Residency Test0.3July 1999November 1999--Recommendation for full implementation across the Agency
Housing Benefit Matching Service2.351997April 1999--Now part of BA core
Income Support/Jobseeker's Allowance Premiums (ISA/JSA Premiums)0.04July 1999Continuing
Jobseeker's Allowance Initiatives (JSA Initiatives)0.02April 1999Fixes implemented
New Claims Activity/Target Reviews Central Team costs (NCA/TR central team costs)2.51997April 1999--Now a core activity
New Claims Activity/Target Reviews Training (NCA/TR training)0.41997April 1999--Now a core activity
Operation Rattle (incorrect payments of child benefit when recipient gone abroad)0.181997Continuing as a Child Benefit initiative
Overpayment of Legal Aid0.22September 1999Continuing
Potential Debt0.111997August 1999--Continuing as the Strategic Debt solution
Programme Protection Expenditure measurement (PPE measurement)0.791997April 1999--Contributed to the performance indicators
Production of regs 113 by electronic media (death notification to Recovery of Estates section)0.02July 1999Continuing
Professionalism in Security2.88July 1998Continuing
Programme Expenditure Analysis0.16April 1999Continuing
Risk management1.461997Continuing
Referral Management System (RMS)0.42199731 March 1998--Now part of core
Security Assurance Support Team (SAST)0.101997Continuing
Search by Address enhancements0.131997Continuing
Securing Family Credit1.231997October 1999--Migrated to IR
Security Projects Group0.271997April 1999--Transferred into core MIDAS function
Social Fund--of Benefit recovery (recovery of social fund once recipient off benefit)0.22August 1999Continuing
Chilterns Secure Payments initiative0.74May 1997Continuing
National Fraud database0.30June 1999Continuing
National Insurance Contributions Office (NICO)
Gateways0.52October 1998March 2000--Migration papers under development
Payroll Cleanse0.82April 1998April 2000--Migrated into core
Customer Account Security (Operational)0.85October 1998Continuing
Construction Industry Scheme0.36May 1998March 2000--Migrated into core
National Intelligence Unit0.51October 1998Continuing
Controlled Risk Self Assessment0.06April 1999March 2000--Now operating Certificate of Conformance
Child Support Agency (CSA)
Fraud and Security Strategy1.5April 1999Continuing
Housing Benefit Management (HBM)
Local Authority Verification Framework34.50March 1998Continuing
Weekly Benefit savings0.00212 January 2000Continuing
Electronic Transfer of Data0.83August 1999Continuing
Remote Access Terminals7.00August 1998Continuing
Fraud Strategy Directorate (FSD)
Local Authority Prosecution Pilot, England and Wales (LA prosecution pilot, E&W)0.04November 1998Continuing
Scampion (review of organised fraud)0.09February 1999Continuing
National Housing benefit Accuracy Review2.0April 1997October 1998--Findings published by GSS
Large Scale Local Review project (Local Authorities)2.0April 1997Continuing

10 May 2000 : Column: 417W

10 May 2000 : Column: 417W

Interest Rates

Mr. Willetts: To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security what have been since 1992 the rates of (a) income support for mortgage interest and (b) the bank base rate. [120380]

Mr. Bayley: From April 1992 until October 1995, the amount included for mortgage interest within the Income Support assessment for mortgage interest was determined by the actual interest rate charged by each claimant's lender. Since October 1995, the amount of Income Support allowed for mortgage interest has been determined by use of a Standard Interest Rate, limited by a maximum amount allowable. There are transitional arrangements applicable to people who were receiving help with mortgage interest at the point of change in October 1995.

Standard interest rate changes from 1995 to date

Date in forceSIR
2 October 19958.35
2 October 19958.39
21 January 19968.00
21 April 19967.74
23 June 19967.48
25 August 19967.16
15 December 19966.89
13 April 19977.20
21 September 19977.57
23 November 19977.97
24 May 19988.34
20 December 19988.65
21 February 19998.24
21 March 19997.75
18 April 19997.39
9 May 19997.08
20 June 19996.66
16 April 20006.92

10 May 2000 : Column: 418W

Bank base rate from 1992 to date

Year/monthBase rate (percentage)
5 May10.00
16 September12.00
17 September10.00
22 September9.00
16 October8.00
13 November7.00
26 January6.00
23 November5.50
8 February5.25
12 September5.75
7 December6.25
2 February6.75
13 December6.50
18 January 6.25
8 March6.00
6 June5.75
30 October6.00
6 May6.25
6 June6.50
10 July6.75
7 August7.00
6 November7.25
4 June7.50
8 October7.25
5 November6.75
10 December6.25
7 January6.00
4 February5.50
8 April5.25
10 June5.00
8 September5.25
4 November5.50
13 January5.75
10 February6.00

10 May 2000 : Column: 419W

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