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Thursday 6 Jul 2000

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Westminster Hall Debates for
6 Jul 2000

Column: 109WH

Community Legal Service [6 Jul 2000]

2.30 pm
The Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Department (Mr. David Lock

Column: 110WH

Column: 111WH

Column: 112WH

Column: 113WH

Mr. David Drew (Stroud)

Mr. Lock

2.48 pm
Mr. Nick Hawkins (Surrey Heath)

Column: 114WH

Column: 115WH

Mr. Lock

Mr. Hawkins

Column: 116WH

Column: 117WH

Column: 118WH

Mr. Lock

Mr. Hawkins

Column: 119WH

3.8 pm
Mr. Keith Darvill (Upminster)

Column: 120WH

Column: 121WH

Mr. John Burnett (Torridge and West Devon)

Mr. Darvill

Column: 122WH

3.24 pm
Fiona Mactaggart (Slough)

Column: 123WH

Column: 124WH

Column: 125WH

Mr. Burnett

Fiona Mactaggart

Column: 126WH

3.44 pm
Mr. Lock

Column: 127WH

Mr. Hawkins

Mr. Lock

Mr. Hawkins

Mr. Lock

Column: 128WH

Mr. Darvill

Mr. Lock

Column: 128WH

Column: 129WH

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