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Tuesday 18 Jul 2000

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Westminster Hall Debates for
18 Jul 2000

Column: 1WH

Leeds LEA [18 Jul 2000]

10 am
Mr. George Mudie (Leeds, East)

Column: 2WH

Column: 3WH

10.10 am
Mr. Harold Best (Leeds, North-West)

Column: 4WH

Column: 5WH

10.17 am
Mr. Hilary Benn (Leeds, Central)

Column: 6WH

Column: 7WH

10.26 am
Mr. John Gunnell (Morley and Rothwell)

Column: 8WH

10.31 am
Mr. Paul Truswell (Pudsey)

Column: 9WH

Column: 10WH

10.40 am
Mr. Fabian Hamilton (Leeds, North-East)

Column: 11WH

Column: 12WH

10.51 am
Mr. Richard Allan (Sheffield, Hallam)

Column: 13WH

Column: 14WH

Mr. Hilary Benn

Mr. Allan

Column: 15WH

11.1 am
Mr. John Bercow (Buckingham)

Column: 16WH

Mr. Hilary Benn

Mr. Bercow

Mr. Benn

Mr. Bercow

Column: 17WH

Mr. Truswell

Mr. Bercow

Mr. Mudie

Mr. Bercow

Column: 18WH

Mr. Allan

Mr. Bercow

Mr. Allan

Mr. Bercow

Column: 19WH

Mr. Mudie

Mr. Bercow

11.15 am
The Minister for School Standards (Ms Estelle Morris

Column: 20WH

Mr. Bercow

Ms Morris

Column: 21WH

Column: 22WH

Column: 23WH

Mr. Roger Gale (in the Chair)

Column: 24WH

Belarus [18 Jul 2000]

11.30 am
Mr. Michael Trend (Windsor)

Column: 25WH

Column: 26WH

Mr. Roger Gale (in the Chair)

Mr. Trend

Column: 27WH

Mr. Andrew Mackinlay (Thurrock)

Mr. Roger Gale (in the Chair)

Mr. Trend

11.44 am
Mr. Mackinlay

Column: 28WH

11.47 am
The Minister for Europe (Mr. Keith Vaz

Column: 57WH

Column: 59WH

Mr. Roger Gale (in the Chair)

Column: 29WH

Column: 31WH

Tooting [18 Jul 2000]

11.58 am
Mr. Tom Cox (Tooting)

Column: 32WH

Column: 33WH

12.14 pm
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions (Ms Beverley Hughes

Column: 34WH

Column: 69WH

Column: 71WH

Mr. Roger Gale (in the Chair)

Column: 37WH

NHS (South Gloucestershire) [18 Jul 2000]

12.27 pm
Mr. Steve Webb (Northavon)

Column: 38WH

Column: 39WH

Column: 40WH

Column: 41WH

12.44 pm
The Minister of State, Department of Health (Mr. John Denham

Column: 42WH

Column: 43WH

Mr. Webb

Mr. Denham

Column: 44WH

Mr. Webb

Mr. Denham

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