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Mr. Cox: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many cases of alleged rape were reported in England and Wales in 1999 which resulted in charges being brought against the alleged perpetrators. [131164]

Mr. Charles Clarke: The number of cases reported to the police and persons charged for rape offences are not available centrally.

20 Jul 2000 : Column: 326W

The number of rape offences recorded by the police, and the number of cautions, prosecutions and convictions for rape offences 1 are as follows:

Rape offences recorded in 1999-20008,409
Cautions for offences of rape 1999(1)33
Prosecutions for offences of rape 1999(1)2,157
of which:

(1) Includes offences of rape and attempted rape

(1) Provisional

It should be noted that as the recorded crime figures relate to offences, and the number of cautions, prosecutions and convictions relate to defendants, the two types of data are not directly comparable.

Armed Police Officers

Mr. Cox: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department on how many occasions armed police officers were called to incidents in the Greater London area during the last 12 months. [130766]

Mr. Charles Clarke: Over the period 1 July 1999 to 30 June 2000, armed officers were called to a total of 26,743 incidents in the Greater London area. Of these, armed officers were actually deployed in 1,494 incidents. Deployment is defined as the use of armed officers to resolve the incident.

Departmental Initiatives

Dr. Lynne Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will list each departmental initiative since May 1997 requiring bids for funding together with the total resources available, the number of successful bids and the proportion this represents of total bids received; and what data he collects on the average expenditure of organisations bidding for funding through each initiative. [131089]

Mr. Straw: The information requested for Home Office initiatives for which grants are given, including those subject to a competitive bidding process, for the four financial years from May 1997 to 2000-01 is provided in the table.

20 Jul 2000 : Column: 325W

InitiativesMay 1997-98 (£000)1998-99 (£000)1999-2000 (£000)2000-01 (£000)Successful bidsPercentage of total bids
Crime Reduction Programme
Crime Reduction Partnership Training and Support008005,642--(1)--(1)
Reducing Burglary0060020,20016193
Targeted Policing0060013,0002716
On Track0020012,5002432
Work With Offenders009008,000--(1)--(1)
Intervention in Schools006006,000--(1)--(1)
Youth Inclusion Schemes001004,250--(1)--(1)
Sentencing and Restorative Justice002005001100
Design Against Crime004001,500--(1)--(1)
Drug Arrest Referral Schemes007009,000--(1)--(1)
CCTV 15,0001,5003,60060,000--(1)--(1)
Violence against Women0005,0003416
Neighbourhood Wardens0001,500--(1)--(1)
Crime Fighting Fund(1)00059,00043100
Support After Murder and Manslaughter043100100--(1)--(1)
Community Support Grants
Active Community Initiatives007001,311545
Older Volunteers Initiative007884162793
Regional Voluntary Sector Networks005731,06018100
Support for Community Self-Help004208202100
Business Partnerships001372203100
Family Support Grant
National Family and Parenting Institute002002,205--(1)--(1)
Family Support Grant001,0003,0006430
Parent Line00333333--(1)--(1)
Fire Service Youth Training Association002558--(1)--(1)
Reception and Resettlement of Refugees
Voluntary Bodies to Support Kosovan Refugees008,9005,5006100
National Asylum Support Services (NASS)(1)
Hard Cases Grant0007,011--(1)--(1)
Refugee Council009306,532--(1)--(1)
Central Services Team00160294--(1)--(1)
Refugee Council Offices005468--(1)--(1)
Migrant Helpline002942,070--(1)--(1)
Refugee Arrivals Project002931,802--(1)--(1)
Refugee Action003042,024--(1)--(1)
Scottish Refugee Council00128651--(1)--(1)
Welsh Refugee Council000537--(1)--(1)
Prison Service Initiatives
Partners of Prisoners' Support Groups0273000
Federation of Prisoners' Families Support Groups01920000
Institute of Linguists Educational Trust030000
Prisoners' Community Liaison090000
Female Prisoners' Welfare Project0200000
The New Bridge to support rehabilitative projects0202020--(1)--(1)
Prisons' Video Trust007070--(1)--(1)
Literacy and Black Incarceration Project007000
Race Equality Grant0002,20000
Innovative Research Fund00840200----

(1) Initiatives not subject to a competitive bidding process.

(1) Initiatives for which the bidding process is still in progress, as the total and successful number of bids are not yet known.

(1) The Crime Fighting Fund was set up to enable recruitment of 3,000 police officers over and above current levels. All 43 police authorities bid for funding and all were successful in at least part of their bid.

(1) Grant funding arrangements for NASS arose out of an existing relationship with the refugee voluntary sector. There are no plans to put bids for these initiatives out to competitive tender until after 31 March 2000. The existing organisations receiving funds will be notified of such a move by 31 March 2001.


1. The figures for 2000-01 are estimates and could be subject to in-year changes. The figures do not take account of any locally funded initiatives undertaken by individual prisons nor all those funded by the Home Office's non-departmental public bodies, as such detail could be obtained only at disproportionate cost.

20 Jul 2000 : Column: 327W

20 Jul 2000 : Column: 327W

The figures for "successful bids" and "proportion of total bids" are for 2000-01 only, as figures for the three previous years could also be obtained only at disproportionate cost.

The table does not include specific grants to bodies where these were initiated before May 1997. Nor does the table include the Capital Modernisation Fund and the Invest to Save Budget, which are not Home Office specific initiatives.

The data collected on average expenditure of organisations bidding for funding through each initiative

20 Jul 2000 : Column: 328W

is dependent on the type of grants and size of payment. The minimum requirements are that an organisation provides:

20 Jul 2000 : Column: 329W

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