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Fertility Treatments

Mr. Hancock: To ask the Secretary of State for Health which health authorities limit free IVF treatment to patients who have become infertile due to errors by the NHS; and if he will make a statement. [130478]

Yvette Cooper: The information requested is not available centrally.

Free Prescriptions

Mr. Gerald Howarth: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what was the total cost of free prescriptions in (a) 1970, (b) 1980, (c) 1990 and (d) 1999. [131109]

Ms Stuart: Information for 1970 is not available. The net ingredient cost of prescriptions dispensed in the community in England by community pharmacists and

28 Jul 2000 : Column: 982W

appliance contractors for 1977 (the earliest year for which information is available), 1980, 1990 and 1999 is shown in the table. Prescriptions dispensed by dispensing doctors cannot be analysed in this way.

Net ingredient cost of prescriptions dispensed by community pharmacists and appliance contractors, 1977, 1980, 1990 and 1999
England £ million

YearCharged(1)Exempt and NHS LIS(1)No charge contraceptivesGrant total

(1) Includes prescriptions dispensed to pre-payment certificate holders

(1) NHS LIS: NHS Low Income Scheme


1. The analysis is based on a 1 in 20 sample of all prescriptions submitted to the Prescription Pricing Authority by community pharmacists and appliance contractors. Items dispensed by dispensing doctors and personal administration prescriptions are excluded. Dispensing doctor prescriptions are not analysed into exempt, non exempt, or other categories; personally administered items are free of charge. The analysis of exempt and chargeable prescriptions is available only from 1977.

2. 1997, 1980 and 1990 data are based on fees. 1999 data are based on items.

3. The net ingredient cost (NIC) is the basic cost of a drug and does not take account of discounts, dispensing costs, fees or prescription charges income.

Departmental Initiatives

Dr. Lynne Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will list each departmental initiative since May 1997 requiring bids for funding together with the total resources available, the number of successful bids and the proportion this represents of total bids received; and what data he collects on the average expenditure of organisations bidding for funding through each initiative. [131079]

Mr. Denham: The available information is contained in the tables. Information is not routinely collected on organisations' expenditure as part of bidding exercises.

28 Jul 2000 : Column: 981W


Total budget expenditure 1997-98Proportion handled via a bidding process Bids received Bids agreed
Budget title £000Number£000Number£000
Special Assistance to HAs48,9201978,6601448,420
NHS Training for Doctors1,537165165
Ethnic Health Unit Development Work500244(1)--8500
Ethnic Minority Health40727(1)--13407
Breast Cancer Services1,377(1)--(1)--121,377
Research and Development
Northern and Yorkshire Region6,13832321,243932,368
Trent Region4,3591254,37523817
Anglia and Oxford Region10,040923,099421,175
North Thames Region6,9561188,847161,974
South Thames Region6,0781548,415271,280
South West Region7,40827714,931752,214
West Midlands Region4,7171153,391391,055
North West Region6,99323217,114654,315
Drug and Alcohol Specific Grant2,3001584,780812,300
Medical and Dental Education Levy-West Midlands Region54,453501,43934699

(1) Information not available


Total budget expenditure 1998-99Proportion handled via a bidding process Bids received Bids agreed
Budget title £000Number£000Number£000
PDS Pilots3,679225,500163,679
Special Assistance Fund47,6002183,1691624,600
Medical Curriculum Development Scheme221311,8495195
Ethnic Minority Health40724(1)--18407
Ethnic Health Unit Development Work500(1)--(1)--9500
NHS Training for Doctors1,78481098109
Research and Development
Northern and Yorkshire Region5,59539826,903802,996
Trent Region4,5561475,105271,030
Anglia and Oxford Region10,121632,31428802
North Thames Region6,4261109,704191,426
South Thames Region5,4341921,131311,377
South West Region6,52427013,928872,723
West Midlands Region4,67912515539698
North West Region7,107807,324222,071
Mental Health Grant72,200(1)--(1)--983,500
Training Support Grant35,5001252,130125537
Drug and Alcohol Specific Grant2,4002244,0501182,400
Medical and Dental Education Levy-West Midlands Region58,923533,65037936

(1) Information not available

28 Jul 2000 : Column: 983W

28 Jul 2000 : Column: 983W


Total budget expenditure 1999-2000Proportion handled via a bidding process Bids received Bids agreed
Budget title £000Number£000Number£000
NHS Roles, Functions and Costs Project15423--10151
Personal Dental Service Pilots12,274407,000254,000
Special Assistance Fund41,6701649,0901541,670
Ethnic Health Unit Development Work500(1)--(1)--9500
Ethnic Minority Health4078(1)--8407
Purchase of Vaccines213,92918210,000125,000
Medical Curriculum Development Scheme25522041219
NHS Training for Doctors1,80791467110
Out of hours2,0357005,633772,035
Walk-in Centres2,222101414,413362,252
NHS Walk-in Centres (Capital)1,88410157,124366,271
Health Action Zones46,19626114,454892,307
Breakfast Clubs100102046100
Public Health Development Fund501351,6659284
Research and Development
Northern and Yorkshire Region5,40732115,7332,4792
Trent Region4,4211003,50013495
Eastern Region2,969804,596341,611
London Region7,494121(1)--121,568
South East Region7,3271369,343191,257
South West Region4,5741879,596451,327
West Midlands Region4,801821933187
North West Region6,82717412,288422,815
Medical and Dental Education Levy
Northern and Yorkshire Region4,5791620413184
Trent Region17,051485485
London Region14,030123058150
West Midlands Region62,044331,54221867
Training Support Grant39,0003516,0053435,353
Mental Health Grant115,000(1)--(1)--(1)--7,200
Drug and Alcohol Specific Grant4,6001323,741622,007
Medical and Dental Education Levy-North West Region50,184441,3549310

(1) Information not available

28 Jul 2000 : Column: 983W


Total spend to the end of June 2000Proportion handled via a bidding process Bids received Bids agreed
Budget title £000Number£000Number£000
PDS Pilots (Revenue)06417,000398,000
Special Assistance Fund01966,0201536,750
Medical Curriculum Development Scheme000075
Pathology Services018683,0004115,000
Audiology Services097(1)--154
Ethnic Health Unit Development Work0(1)--(1)--1500
Research and Development
Central Budget93,86110918,0009710,000
Northern and Yorkshire Region7381788,296521,019
Eastern Region610372,422181,181
London Region1,21215(1)--2941
South East Region874261,7207105
South West Region99247506894
Medical and Dental Education Levy
London Region4,1923045024300
West Midlands Region14,1393040319246
North West Region 12,130601,14022149

(1) Information not available


The table excludes allocations or awards that were based on pre-determined tests, formula or criteria or where the sums issued were as a result of competitive tendering arrangements.

28 Jul 2000 : Column: 985W

28 Jul 2000 : Column: 985W

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