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Honours Unit

Mr. Ben Chapman: To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office how many people are employed in the Honours Unit. [136702]

Marjorie Mowlam: The Ceremonial Branch of my Department, which has policy responsibility for honours matters and oversees the preparation of recommendations for the Prime Minister's Honours Lists and the public honours nominations service, comprises 18 people.

Public Services Productivity

Mr. Matthew Taylor: To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office what seminars have been organised for Government Ministers and senior civil servants on public services productivity; and if she will make a statement. [135896]

7 Nov 2000 : Column: 156W

Marjorie Mowlam: The Centre for Management and Policy Studies (CMPS) in the Cabinet Office has organised jointly with the Public Services Productivity Panel a seminar for senior officials. More broadly, CMPS's programme of seminars for Ministers and senior civil servants addresses a range of themes with the overarching aim of improving the quality and efficiency of public services.


Far East Prisoners of War

Mr. Mitchell: To ask the Prime Minister when he will make an announcement on a special gratuity for (a) former Far East prisoners of war and (b) their widows. [137108]

The Prime Minister: I refer my hon. Friend to the Statement given in the House today by my hon. Friend the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Defence.


GMO Research

Mr. Streeter: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development if she will list the projects funded by her Department since 1 May 1997 that partially or wholly involve research into genetically modified organisms indicating their aggregate cost. [136621]

Clare Short: The information requested is as follows. The aggregate cost of some £5.4 million is being spent over average project lives of three to four years.

Renewable Natural Resources Research Strategy
Projects Involving the Potential Release of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) 1
Plant Sciences
Crop Resistance to the Nematodes Globodera and Naccobus in Bolivian Hillside Potato Production
University of Leeds; PROINPA, Bolivia; 1 October 1997- 30 September 2000; £88,518 [R6830] 2
Development and Application of Transformation Systems in Rice
John Innes Institute; IRRI; University of Dhaka; University of Delhi; IIAR, India; 1 September 1997-31 August 2000; £288,649 [R6948] 2
Modelling Gene Flow in Pigeonpea
University of Birmingham; ICRISAT; NBPGR, India; 1 April 1999-31 March 2002; £199,276 [R7261C] 3
Durable Crop Resistance in Rice and Potato Plants to Nematodes
University of Leeds; IRRI; WARDA; PROINPA, Bolivia; 1 January 1999-31 December 2001; £289,205 [R7294] 3
Transgenic Rice with Resistance to Rice Yellow Mosaic Virus
John Innes Institute; WARDA; 1 July 1999-30 June 2002; £335,683 [R7415] 3
Transformation and Mapping of Natural Resistance to Rice Yellow Mottle Virus and Nematodes
John Innes Institute; WARDA; 1 January 2000-31 December 2002; £97,728 [R7548] 3

7 Nov 2000 : Column: 157W

Crop Protection
Review of Genetically Modified Pest Management Technologies for Use in Developing Countries
NRI; CICR, India; WARDA; ODI; PROINPA, Bolivia; University of Leeds; 21 February 2000-30 September 2000; £54,943 [R7585] 2

Fish Genetics
Development and Exploitation of Transgenic Tilapia
University of Wales--Swansea; University of Southampton; 1 April 1998-31 March 2000; £219,468 [R7113] 2
Production of Improved Reversibly Sterile Strains of Tilapia, Field Testing
University of Southampton; 1 April 2000-31 March 2004; £304,000 [R7591] 3

Animal Health
Development of a Genetically Marked Rinderpest Vaccine
Institute of Animal Health--Pirbright Laboratory; 1 October 1997-31 March 2000; £119,698 [R7048] 2
Pen-side Diagnostics for the Detection of Antibodies Against a Marked Rinderpest Virus (RPV) Vaccine
Institute for Animal Health (Pirbright); IVRI, India; SVDL, Ethiopia; PARC, Kenya; 1 May 1999-30 April 2002; £223,549 [R7362] 3
Evaluation of Candidate Genes for Dominant Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes Target Antigens for Use as Vaccine Components
Institute for Animal Health (Compton); ILRI; 1 October 1999- 30 September 2002; £206,877 [R7365] 3

Review Studies
Predicting Costs and Benefits to Livelihoods of the Poor in Developing Countries from "Terminator" Gene Technologies-- GS Consulting; 1 July 1999-29 February 2000; £35,000 [R7573] 2
Projects Involving the Use of GMOs for Diagnostic and Research Purposes 4
Crop Post-Harvest
Development of Low Cost and Simple Technologies for Aflatoxin Estimation in Foods and Feeds
SCRI; ICRISAT; 1 April 1998-31 March 2001; £164,754 [R7083F] 3
Investigation of Role of Pectate Lyase in Banana Fruit Ripening Using Gene Transformation Techniques
NRI; HRI; 1 April 1998-31 March 2001; £45,000 [R7160] 3

Crop Protection
Identification of Varieties with Durable Resistance to Rice Yellow Mottle Virus
WARDA; IER, Mali; INAR, Niger; 1 October 1997- 30 September 2001; £208,265 [R6723H] 3
Analysis of Host Specificity Gene in Vascular Bacterial Pathogens of Banana and Plantain
NRI; 14 October 1998-28 February 1999; £18,454 [R7248] 2
Study on Diversity within Maize Bushy Stunt Phytoplasma in Central America
NRI; CENTA, El Salvador; CIMMYT; 1 January 1999-30 June 1999; £19,714 [R7318] 2
Optimisation and Dissemination of a Molecular Identification Module for Phytophthora Species
SCRI; CABI Bioscience--Egham; 15 February 1999-15 May 1999; £15,347 [R7337] 2
Management and Molecular Characterisation of Bemisia tabaci and Tomato Leaf Curl Virus Disease on Tomato in India
NRI; 1 September 1999-31 August 2002; £295,672 [R7460] 3

7 Nov 2000 : Column: 158W

Study on Variation and Management Strategies for Banana Streak Virus in Uganda
John Innes Institute; 1 November 1999-31 December 2000; £64,559 [R7478] 3
Strategies for the Sustainable Deployment of Cassava Mosaic Disease-Resistant Cassava in Eastern Africa
NRI; NAARI, NARO, Uganda; 1 November 1999-31 October 2002; £492,502 [R7505] 3
Characterisation of West African Rice Blast Lineages and Resistance Sources
HRI; WARDA; SARI, Ghana; CRI, Ghana; 1 December 1999-30 November 2002; £364,334 [R7552] 3
Integrated Management of Banana Diseases in Uganda
CABI Bioscience--Egham; University of Reading; Uganda National Banana Research Programme; KARI, Uganda; IITA; 1 January 2000-31 December 2002; £329,361 [R7567] 3
Characterisation and Epidemiology of Root Rot Diseases Caused by Fusarium and Pythium spp. in Beans in Uganda
NRI; HRI; CIAT; KARI, Uganda; NAARI, Uganda; PPRI, South Africa; 1 February 2000-31 March 2003; £445,236 [R7568] 3
Investigation of Epidemiology and Management of Virus Diseases of Vegetable Crops
HRI; NRI; KARI, Kenya; CABI Bioscience--Kenya; Wye College; 1 March 2000-31 March 2003; £441,294 [R7571] 3

Animal Health
A Laboratory Animal Model for Screening of Theilerial Vaccine Candidates
Roslin Institute; ILRI; 1 April 1998-31 March 1999; £20,067 [R7163] 2

Further Information
DFID Natural Resources Project Database on the internet <>
CENTA--Centro Nacional de Technologia Agropecuaria y Forestal, El Salvador
CIAT--Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical, Colombia
CICR--Central Institute for Cotton Research, India
CIMMYT--Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maiz y Trigo, Mexico
CRI--Crops Research Institute, Ghana
HRI--Horticulture Research International
ICRISAT--International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics, India
IER--Institut Economie Rurale, Mali
IIAR--Indian Institute for Agricultural Research, India
IITA--International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Nigeria
ILRI--International Livestock Research Institute, Kenya
INRA--Institute National de la Recherche Agronomique, Niger
IVRI--Indian Veterinary Research Institute
IRRA--International Rice Research Institute, Philippines
KARI--Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
KARI--Kawanda Agricultural Research Institute, Uganda
NAARI--Namulonge Agricultural and Animal Research Institute, Uganda
NARO--National Agricultural Research Organisation, Uganda
NBPGR--National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, India
NRI--Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich

7 Nov 2000 : Column: 159W

ODI--Overseas Development Institute
PARC--Pan-African Rinderpest Campaign, Kenya
PPRI--Plant Protection Research Institute, South Africa
PROINPA--Programma de Investigacion de la Papa, Bolivia
SARI--Savanna Agricultural Research Institute, Tamale, Ghana
SCRI--Scottish Crops Research Institute
SVDL--Sabeta Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Ethiopia
WARDA--West African Rice Development Association, Cote d'Ivoire
1 Projects commissioned after 1 May 1997; total commitment £2,462,594
2 Completed projects
3 Ongoing projects
4 Projects commissioned after 1 May 1997; total commitment £2,924,559.

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