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Wednesday 15 Nov 2000

Volume No. 356 Part No. 160

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Westminster Hall Debates for
15 Nov 2000

Column: 185WH

Developed and Developing Countries [15 Nov 2000]

9.30 am
Mr. Andrew Rowe (Faversham and Mid-Kent)

Column: 186WH

Column: 187WH

Column: 188WH

9.44 am
Mr. Bowen Wells (Hertford and Stortford)

Column: 189WH

Column: 190WH

Mr. Rowe

Column: 191WH

Mr. Wells

Column: 192WH

10.4 am
Dr. Jenny Tonge (Richmond Park)

Mr. Deputy Speaker

Dr. Tonge

Column: 193WH

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development (Mr. George Foulkes

Dr. Tonge

Column: 194WH

Mr. Wells

Dr. Tonge

Column: 195WH

Mr. Rowe

Dr. Tonge

Mrs. Cheryl Gillan (Chesham and Amersham)

Column: 196WH

Dr. Tonge

Mrs. Gillan

Dr. Tonge

Column: 197WH

10.27 am
Mrs. Cheryl Gillan (Chesham and Amersham)

Column: 198WH

Column: 199WH

Column: 200WH

Mr. Wells

Mrs. Gillan

10.43 am
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development (Mr. George Foulkes

Column: 201WH

Column: 202WH

Mrs. Gillan

Column: 203WH

Mr. Foulkes

Column: 204WH

Mr. Rowe

Mr. Foulkes

Mr. Deputy Speaker

Column: 205WH

Climate Change [15 Nov 2000]

11 am
Mr Simon Thomas (Ceredigion)

Column: 206WH

Column: 207WH

Column: 208WH

Column: 209WH

Column: 210WH

Mr. Deputy Speaker (Mr. Nicholas Winterton)

11.20 am
Mr. David Chaytor (Bury, North)

Column: 211WH

Column: 212WH

11.29 am
Mr. David Taylor (North-West Leicestershire)

Column: 213WH

Column: 214WH

11.37 am
Mr. Elfyn Llwyd (Meirionnydd Nant Conwy)

Column: 215WH

Column: 216WH

11.44 am
Ms Joan Walley (Stoke-on-Trent, North)

Column: 217WH

Column: 218WH

11.53 am
Joan Ruddock (Lewisham, Deptford)

Column: 219WH

Column: 220WH

12.1 pm
Mr. Tom Brake (Carshalton and Wallington)

Column: 221WH

Column: 222WH

12.9 pm
Mr. Damian Green (Ashford)

Column: 223WH

Mr. David Taylor

Mr. Green

Column: 224WH

12.20 pm
The Minister for the Environment (Mr. Michael Meacher

Column: 225WH

Column: 226WH

Mr. Deputy Speaker

Column: 227WH

Lymington Community Hospital [15 Nov 2000]

12.30 pm
Mr. Desmond Swayne (New Forest, West)

Column: 228WH

Column: 229WH

12.40 pm
Dr. Julian Lewis (New Forest, East)

Column: 230WH

12.45 pm
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health (Ms Gisela Stuart

Column: 231WH

Column: 232WH

Column: 233WH

Mr. Deputy Speaker (Mr. Frank Cook)

Column: 234WH

Local Radio [15 Nov 2000]

1 pm
Mrs. Christine Butler (Castle Point)

Column: 235WH

Valerie Davey (Bristol, West)

Mr. Deputy Speaker (Mr. Frank Cook)

Valerie Davey

Mrs. Butler

Column: 236WH

Column: 237WH

1.18 pm
The Minister for Tourism, Film and Broadcasting (Janet Anderson

Column: 238WH

Mrs. Butler

Mr. Deputy Speaker

Janet Anderson

Column: 293WH

Column: 295WH

Mr. Deputy Speaker

Column: 239WH

Column: 241WH

A50 (Sudbury and Doveridge) [15 Nov 2000]

1.30 pm
Mr. Patrick McLoughlin (West Derbyshire)

Column: 242WH

Column: 243WH

1.40 pm
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions (Mr. Keith Hill

Column: 244WH

Mr. McLoughlin

Mr. Hill

Column: 305WH

Column: 307WH

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