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Written Answers to Questions

Wednesday 24 November 1999


Crown Prosecution Service

Dr. Starkey: To ask the Solicitor-General if he will make a statement regarding the Code for Crown Prosecutors. [99859]

The Solicitor-General: The Code for Crown Prosecutors is issued by the Director of Public Prosecutions as required by section 10 of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985. It is an important public document. It sets out the fundamental principles to be applied by Crown Prosecutors when deciding whether or not an individual should be prosecuted and, if a prosecution is to follow, what charges should be preferred. By applying the Code casework, decisions can be made fairly, consistently and independently. The current edition of the Code was published in June 1994.

Sir Iain Glidewell's review of the Crown Prosecution Service recommended an amendment of the Code for Crown Prosecutors. The current edition of the Code at paragraph 6.2 reads in part:

The Glidewell report concluded that the Code test should be applied in the same way to all cases, whatever their degree of seriousness. The report was concerned that the Code as drafted, if read literally, might incorrectly result in the Code being applied differently to cases which are not so serious. The Glidewell report therefore recommended that the words

That recommendation has been accepted. On 26 August, the Crown Prosecution Service issued to CPS staff a notice putting that recommendation into immediate effect.

The Crown Prosecution Service, with appropriate consultation, is to review the Code for Crown Prosecutors to take account of the Human Rights Act 1998. Formal amendment to the Code, in accordance with the Glidewell recommendation, will be made when the Code is reissued after this review.


Licence Fees

Mr. Willetts: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport if households comprising pensioners

24 Nov 1999 : Column: 106W

aged over 75 years living with adults of below pension age will be eligible for the free television licence announced in the pre-Budget statement. [99396]

Janet Anderson: Yes.

Children's Radio

Dr. Tonge: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport what plans he has for the development of children's radio. [99215]

Janet Anderson: Decisions on programme content are for the broadcasters. However, Government policy is to ensure that both public service and independent broadcasters provide a range of high quality radio services which meet consumer needs. Under its Charter and Agreement, the BBC is committed to provide original programmes for children and young people as well as information, education and entertainment programmes which are of interest across the community. Similarly, it is open to independent radio licensees, regulated by the Radio Authority under the Broadcasting Acts, to offer programme formats which address the specific requirements of children and young people.

Admission Charges

Mr. Loughton: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport what the Government's policy is regarding the introduction of admission charges at new national museums and galleries. [99172]

Mr. Alan Howarth [holding answer 22 November 1999]: Decisions on admission charges at new branches of national museums are principally a matter for the Trustees of the institution concerned. The Government encourage free entry where that is appropriate and affordable.

National Lottery (Hospices)

Mr. Ian Stewart: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport which hospices have received National Lottery funding; and how many bids each of them had previously submitted for National Lottery funding. [99382]

Kate Hoey: According to the latest information from the distributors, a total of 88 lottery awards have been made to 75 hospices across the United Kingdom. The 75 successful grant recipient organisations submitted a total of 143 applications between them. These grant awards were made by the National Lottery Charities Board and the Arts Council of England. Details of the successful grant recipient organisations are as follows:

North Northumberland Day Hospice5,000
Wakefield Hospice4,540
The Princess Alice Hospice2,250
Beaumont House Hospice3,000
St. Cuthbert's Hospice4,500
Woodlands Hospice4,600
Children's Hospice for the Eastern Region4,132

None of the above seven successful organisations had previously applied for Lottery funding.

24 Nov 1999 : Column: 107W

Lottery funding for organisations which support Hospices

In addition, the Arts Council of Wales (ACW) and the Millennium Commission have each awarded one Lottery grant to organisations which support hospices. The ACW

24 Nov 1999 : Column: 108W

awarded a grant worth £5,000 to "Voices for the Hospice", and the Millennium Commission awarded £1,348,708 to "Help the Hospices Millennium Awards" scheme. The latter is a UK-wide scheme which will offer 400 Awards to develop and enhance the skills and abilities of both existing, and new, volunteers involved in any sphere of the Hospice movement.

24 Nov 1999 : Column: 107W

Hospices which have received awards and applications they have made

NameApplicationsAwardsAward (£)
Accord Hospice42538,424
Ardgowan Hospice Limited22875,947
Ashgate Hospice1113,750
Ayrshire Hospice11550,000
Barnsley Hospice Appeal Ltd.21862,503
Children's Hospice South West21127,167
Demelza House Childrens Hospice31195,000
Dove House Hospice21198,497
Dr. Kershaw's Hospice2112,000
East Kent Hospice Project22454,000
Fife Hospice Support Group111,500
Friends of Swailand Hospice2173,980
Friends of the Children's Hospice South West114,045
Harrogate District Hospice Limited3126,250
Help the Hospices xz31168,473
High Peak Hospice Care2186,458
Highland Hospice22391,448
Hope House Childrens Respite Hospice11184,183
Hospice at Home Volunteers115,000
Hospice Care for Burnley and Pendle11391,363
Hospice Homecare Support Group, Northallerton and District1135,285
Hospice in Rossendale3169,817
Hospice in The Weald31145,000
Ian Rennie Hospice at Home11195,555
Isabel Hospice Limited21185,000
Katherine House Hospice32278,000
Myton Hamlet Hospice31291,064
N.H.C.T.--Developing Hospice Care in Kenya1165,169
Nat Council for Hospice and Specialist Palliative Care Service1151,920
Newry Hospice21206,922
North Devon Hospice Care Trust33616,836
North Northumberland Day Hospice11333,240
Northern Ireland Hospice421,434,049
Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice431,073,162
Queenscourt Hospice3130,540
Shropshire and Mid Wales Hospice31162,000
St. Ann's Hospice11441,223
St. Anne's Hospice11285,000
St. Barnabas Hospice Trust11471,000
St. Catherine's Hospice2140,344
St. Catherines Hospice Lancashire Ltd.11360,000
St. Christopher's Hospice321,529,106
St. Clare West Essex Hospice Care Trust11112,500
St. Clare's Hospice2198,694
St. Cuthberts Hospice21160,000
St. Davids Hospice21250,000
St. Gemmas Hospice111,000,000
St. Luke's Hospice Plymouth31223,000
St. Lukes Hospice (Harrow and Brent) Ltd.21148,000
St. Nicholas' Hospice (Suffolk)31170,000
St. Oswald's Hospice Ltd.31193,356
St. Peter's Hospice Ltd.1175,000
St. Vincent's Hospice Ltd.32650,017
Strathcarron Hospice21226,412
Teesside Hospice Care Foundation31674,776
The East Cheshire Hospice31200,000
The Hartlepool Hospice Limited1180,852
The Pasque Hospice32713,622
The Princess Alice Hospice32162,139
The South West Hertfordshire Hospice Charitable Trust2174,474
Trimar Christian Hospice Trust3190,000
Usk House Day Hospice2186,541
Wakefield Hospice11103,000
West Norfolk Hospice Ltd.11106,343
Weston Hospicecare11303,808
Woodlands Hospice Charitable Trust21167,139

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24 Nov 1999 : Column: 109W

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