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Mental Health Services

Mrs. Virginia Bottomley: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will list the total spending on mental health services in (a) 1999 and (b) 1997 for each health authority area. [99887]

Mr. Hutton: Over £2,648 million in 1996-97 and over £2,925 million in 1998-99 was spent purchasing secondary healthcare on mental illness in England.

The table shows the breakdown for each health authority area.

Purchase of secondary healthcare--mental illness--England

HA code/Health authority1996-971998-99
QD8 Avon45,73249,507
QAP Barking and Havering20,78227,310
QAQ Barnet18,33220,922
QCG Barnsley9,86811,671
QA6 Bedfordshire17,14224,266
QA7 Berkshire31,18038,284
QAA Bexley and Greenwich18,83730,939
QD9 Birmingham55,89963,980
QDD Bradford25,34825,535
QAR Brent and Harrow34,07440,714
QAC Bromley15,42417,927
QA8 Buckinghamshire29,54329,755
QCT Bury and Rochdale14,10515,672
QDT Calderdale and Kirklees26,31726,578
QA9 Cambridge and Huntingdon22,67824,975
QAT Camden and Islington47,73559,732
QDV Cornwall and Isles of Scilly25,89427,260
QDE County Durham36,16933,968
QEA Coventry16,21616,571
QAD Croydon17,32221,682
QCK Doncaster14,56114,050
QDW Dorset29,85931,160
QEC Dudley13,85516,419
QAV Ealing, Hammersmith and Hounslow57,33963,938
QEP East and North Hertfordshire23,42626,630
QAE East Kent25,21135,293
QCX East Lancashire25,36328,416
QAW East London and The City60,43060,879
QCA East Norfolk32,28632,591
QDF East Riding29,14122,877
QAK East Surrey32,75532,396
QAM East Sussex, Brighton and Hove37,96141,986
QA4 Enfield and Haringey41,14736,452
QDG Gateshead and South Tyneside26,06427,537
QDY Gloucestershire23,87425,628
QED Herefordshire4,7667,074
QA2 Hillingdon11,13210,672
QD4 Isle of Wight7,5416,898
QA3 Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster52,05957,703
QAG Kingston and Richmond20,79320,917
QAH Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham79,400106,945
QDH Leeds42,23041,662
QCL Leicestershire48,73754,561
QCM Lincolnshire28,66222,145
QC2 Liverpool29,85738,934
QC3 Manchester37,59639,867
QAJ Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth47,57851,405
QC4 Morecambe Bay21,66623,041
QDJ Newcastle and North Tyneside21,98028,601
QDX North and East Devon22,83724,606
QD1 North and Mid Hampshire23,29026,116
QVC North Cheshire22,50725,305
QDK North Cumbria17,79719,202
QCH North Derbyshire17,29518,549
QAX North Essex43,60246,622
QCN North Nottinghamshire29,50814,302
QEH North Staffordshire25,53423,084
QCD North West Anglia19,50222,253
QCY North West Lancashire26,56029,419
QDR North Yorkshire32,81839,955
QCC Northamptonshire26,56233,001
QDM Northumberland16,30417,983
QCP Nottingham38,02843,942
QCE Oxfordshire28,06130,713
QD2 Portsmouth and South East Hampshire28,77132,186
QA5 Redbridge and Waltham Forest34,85439,271
QCQ Rotherham10,51711,039
QC6 Salford and Trafford27,65327,580
QEE Sandwell12,56314,748
QC7 Sefton11,49912,977
QCR Sheffield32,54533,983
QEF Shropshire16,98319,672
QEG Solihull6,7356,285
QD5 Somerset22,45225,431
QD6 South and West Devon22,74732,439
QCW South Cheshire35,73240,602
QCJ South Derbyshire26,60827,959
QAY South Essex36,51142,633
QDL South Humber1,89411,495
QC1 South Lancashire8,32512,918
QEJ South Staffordshire22,56324,191
QD3 Southampton and South West Hampshire29,51631,486
QC5 St. Helens and Knowsley16,28719,684
QC8 Stockport11,02112,777
QCF Suffolk33,87737,625
QDN Sunderland24,53620,375
QDP Tees28,07529,525
QDQ Wakefield17,33317,951
QEK Walsall10,55611,237
QEL Warwickshire22,58523,341
QEQ West Hertfordshire22,88926,836
QAF West Kent37,85746,498
QC9 West Pennine22,80726,867
QAL West Surrey33,96436,035
QAN West Sussex40,76742,875
QDA Wigan and Bolton27,73428,205
QD7 Wiltshire27,88829,471
QDC Wirral11,48013,161
QEM Wolverhampton8,92811,215
QEN Worcestershire15,06816,384
Total (England)2,648,1912,925,934


1. Data for 1998-99 is provisional

2. These figures do not include primary care nor personal social services


Health Authority Annual Accounts 1996-97 and 1998-99

29 Nov 1999 : Column: 75W

Primary Care

Mr. Dobbin: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will make a statement on progress made on the setting up of (a) Primary Care Groups and (b) primary care trusts. [99869]

Mr. Denham: 481 Primary Care Groups have been successfully established. 83 per cent. have opted to take on a substantial commissioning role and are operating at level 2. PCGs have taken responsibility for £11 billion.

Hospital Bed Use

Mr. Hammond: To ask the Secretary of State for Health when he expects the inquiry into the use of hospital beds to report. [99992]

Mr. Denham: The National Beds Inquiry is nearing completion. Its findings will be published in due course.

Bicester Community Hospital

Mr. Baldry: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will make a statement on the future of Bicester Community Hospital. [100283]

29 Nov 1999 : Column: 76W

Mr. Denham: As part of the modernisation of community services across Oxfordshire, a brand new 30 bed community hospital is to be built at Bicester. The new hospital will replace the current hospital with a much needed facility, with an additional 18 beds to meet the health care needs of the local community.

Waiting Times (West Sussex)

Mr. Gibb: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many people had been waiting for 12 weeks or more for a first appointment with a consultant in the West Sussex Health Authority Area on (a) 1 April and (b) 1 October. [100480]

Mr. Denham: The number of people waiting for 13 weeks or more for outpatient appointments in the West Sussex Health Authority area is contained in the table.

Patients waiting for 13 weeks or more for first outpatient appointment

31 March 19996,915
30 September 19998,350

Age Concern

Dr. Iddon: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what action he will take to prevent ageism in the NHS, with particular reference to the recent representations made by Age Concern. [100198]

Mr. Hutton: We welcome the recent Age Concern report which highlights this important issue.

Discrimination of any kind, whether it is on the basis of age, race or gender, is completely unacceptable in the National Health Service. Treatment should rest entirely on clinical need. We are determined to provide older people with care that meets their needs--fast, efficient and sensitive. The provision of first class care on the NHS is a priority for this Government. That is why we are developing the National Service Framework (NSF) for Older People. This, for the first time, will set national standards for the care of older people, driving up the quality and reducing the variations of that care. The NSF will be published next year. The development of the NSF has involved many groups, including the patients and carers themselves. However, until the NSF is in place, we will continue to improve and modernise the services we provide. Thus last year we extended the annual immunisation programme for influenza to ensure that everyone aged 75 and over can have the 'flu vaccine free of charge. Over the next three years we will be expanding cataract services to increase the number of cataract operations from 170,000 a year currently to 250,000 a year--this will benefit thousands of older people. From 1 April this year all people aged 60 and over are entitled to free eye tests regardless of income or health status.

Child Protection

Ms Shipley: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what plans he has to bring into force each of the provisions in the Protection of Children Act 1999; and if he will make a statement. [100300]

29 Nov 1999 : Column: 77W

Mr. Hutton: As I confirmed during the passage of this Act, it is the Government's firm intention to implement the provisions of the Protection of Children Act as soon as possible.

We will be consulting widely on draft regulations in the new year, and will clarify the dates for implementation at that stage.

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