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Oil and Gas Production

Mr. David Stewart: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry how many fallow fields there are in the United Kingdom sector of the North sea and Atlantic ocean which have seen no development over the last ten years; and which company currently holds the licence to develop in each case. [103113]

Mrs. Liddell [holding answer 20 December 1999]: The 108 significant oil and gas discoveries on the UKCS which have not been brought to development and which have been discovered for more than 10 years, are listed in the following table.

It is important to note that on many of them significant activity is taking place to bring discoveries to development.

Licence operator at the end of 1998Well numberLicence numberDate discovered
Amerada12/27-1P.981January 1983
Amerada14/20-6ZP.324June 1976
Amerada14/20b-18P.324October 1987
Amerada15/21a-38ZP.218February 1989
Amerada29/08b-2P.227December 1983
Amoco30/12b-2P.185February 1981
Amoco42/28a-3P.016April 1989
Amoco43/18-1P.512November 1986
Amoco43/19-1P.607January 1989
Amoco43/20b-2P.608May 1989
ARCO21/02-1P.244June 1975
ARCO21/02-2P.244December 1975
ARCO48/23-3P.467November 1987
ARCO49/28-14P.037April 1987
ARCO53/04-1P.039July 1967
BG E & P214/30-1P.303August 1984
BG E & P22/05b-3P.356May 1983
BG E & P47/03b-4P.016July 1987
BP30/01c-4P.363August 1986
BP42/29-6P.001November 1989
BP47/10-1P.001February 1985
BP9/24b-lAP.338September 1983
BP98/07-2P.534November 1987
Britoil16/18-1P.312September 1983
Britoil21/15a-2P.120August 1981
Britoil211/18-9P.236September 1975
Britoil48/07b-8P.138October 1989
Burlington113/26-1P.287August 1982
CalEnergy44/19-3P.610January 1989
Chevron3/28a-2P.234September 1978
Conoco16/23-4P.103July 1985
Conoco21/03a-4P.118December 1985
Conoco29/02a-2P.224June 1984
Conoco48/09-2P.459May 1989
Conoco48/10b-3P.519December 1987
Conoco49/12a-6P.033September 1974
DNO2/05-10P.242September 1979
Elf16/22-2P.240May 1977
Elf16/22-5P.240October 1989
Elf3/30-3P.229April 1986
Elf4/26-lAP.229June 1985
Elf Caledonia14/18-1P.263May 1978
Elf Caledonia14/19b-23P.250June 1989
Elf Caledonia22/19-1P.357August 1984
Elf Caledonia29/06a-3P.244September 1987
Enterprise15/13-2P.198October 1975
Enterprise22/12a-1P.077December 1987
Enterprise22/13a-1P.096February 1989
Fina21/27-lAP.595April 1989
Fina210/15-2P.226October 1977
Fina30/14-1P.255August 1989
Kerr McGee110/03b-4P.543December 1988
Kerr McGee211/19a-6P.104January 1977
Kerr McGee3/03-11P.202March 1989
Kerr McGee9/14b-4P.277March 1989
LASMO16/12a-5P.212December 1984
LASMO49/04-1P.468October 1984
Marathon16/03a-4P.108September 1984
Mobil48/22-1P.697November 1966
Mobil49/29b-5P.105July 1987
Mobil53/02-8P.025September 1989
Mobil9/19-3P.103December 1976
Monument21/28a-2P.077December 1986
Open2/10a-6P.234December 1983
Open22/02-2P.354February 1984
Open22/02-5P.354October 1986
Open41/24a-1P.759September 1969
Open41/25a-1P.759September 1969
Open48/21-1P.047August 1967
Open98/11-2P.406August 1984
Petrobras16/13a-2ZP.219January 1984
Petrobras16/13a-3P.219November 1985
Petrobras20/02-1P.317April 1981
Petrobras30/03a-1P.111November 1989
Phillips16/29-4P.110February 1975
Phillips30/13-2P.079September 1972
Phillips48/30-3P.028June 1967
Ranger22/27a-2P.114March 1986
Ranger29/09b-2P.227September 1985
Shell21/19-lAP.238April 1981
Shell21/23b-1P.353January 1982
Shell21/30-12P.013September 1984
Shell211/13-1P.296November 1974
Shell211/13-2P.296July 1975
Shell211/13-3P.296December 1975
Shell211/14-1P.296April 1986
Shell22/30a-5P.012November 1989
Shell29/03a-2P.012January 1979
Shell29/05a-1P.188September 1981
Shell29/09a-1P.012June 1983
Shell30/02-1P.098June 1971
Shell30/06-3ZP.011May 1984
Shell44/28-3P.453October 1987
Shell48/14-2P.008December 1985
Shell48/19a-3P.008March 1983
Shell49/19-4P.008March 1986
Talisman13/30-3P.310March 1986
Texaco15/29a-3P.119July 1988
Texaco207/01-3P.183October 1977
Texaco9/11-2P.335September 1982
Total206/01-2P.911September 1986
Total3/19-1P.239December 1988
Total3/19b-2P.491June 1988
Total42/15b-1P.137June 1984
Total9/15a-1P.090June 1987
Veba15/18a-6P.233May 1986
Veba211/22-1P.201May 1977
Veba211/22a-3P.201March 1984


1. The information in this table is frozen at 31 December 1998.

2. Some of these Significant Discoveries

(1) may now be the subject of Development Plan discussions this year.



(1) Significant

(1) Offshore Discoveries (extract from Appendix 3 of the DTI report: Development of the Oil and Gas Resources of the United Kingdom 1999)

(1) Fallow: Those Significant Discoveries that remain undeveloped for 10 years or more.

(1) Significant Discovery: The description "significant" generally refers to the flow rates achieved in well tests. It does not necessarily indicate the commercial potential of the discovery.

21 Dec 1999 : Column: 462W


(Social and Environmental Responsibility)

Mr. Jim Cunningham: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry what measures he is undertaking to promote social and environmental responsibility in business. [103302]

Dr. Howells: On support for environmentally responsible business, my Department is continuing to help business reduce waste in the most cost-effective way, with a five-year and £30 million extension to the joint DTI/DETR Environmental Technologies Best Practice Programme. We are helping to overcome market and technical barriers to increased use of recycled materials with an initial £1.4 million programme as the first stage of a planned bigger joint DTI/DETR initiative. We are also helping business develop the "know-how" to incorporate sustainability in products and processes from design stage through the Sustainable Technologies Initiative, worth £7.8 million over three years.

The Joint Environmental Markets Unit is helping UK business win a bigger share of the rapidly growing market for environmental goods and services--$640 billion by 2010.

My Department support socially responsible business in a variety of ways, including encouraging the spread of best practice on socially responsible business practice. Work in this area includes sponsorship of Business in the Community's Awards for Business Excellence which acknowledges examples of excellence among businesses engaged in work with community partnerships. We are also working with Business in the Community on a programme to engage business in work to spread the use of information and communication technologies in the community.

On international trade, we have publicly declared our support for initiatives such as the Ethical Trading Initiative and the FairTrade Mark, and are participating in the current review of the OECD guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

We have also encouraged socially responsible business through a number of other activities, including improved protection for vulnerable workers and consumers and action to tackle fuel poverty. We have launched a fundamental review of company law which will consider

21 Dec 1999 : Column: 463W

the proper purposes of a company and to whom and on what it should report publicly, including social and environmental issues.

The report "Sharing the Nation's Prosperity" outlines the Government's policies on investment, enterprise and innovation to address regional differences in economic and social performance.

Mortgages (Consumer Awareness)

Mr. Jim Cunningham: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry what measures he is taking to help to raise consumer understanding of mortgage products. [103238]

Dr. Howells: My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry raised the quality of information which consumers receive about mortgage products at the summit held with major lenders, consumer groups and regulators on 29 October. Officials will convene a working group next month to look at how mortgage information can be improved. We also published ten key questions consumers should ask to help them choose the best mortgage deal.

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