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Bahai sect


    Hurricane Lenny 12w



    Crimes of violence 112w

Baker, Norman

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Animal experiments, Rodents 215w

    Cash dispensing, Fees and charges 979-80

    Channel Five Broadcasting 10w

    China, Foreign relations 683-4

    Clergy, Conditions of employment 189w

    Commercial broadcasting, Mergers 469w

    Consultants, Home Office 504-5w

    Defence, Land 83w

    Digital broadcasting, Internet 326w

    Furs, Farms 19w

    Millennium Exhibition 324w

    Millennium Exhibition, Construction 325w

    Millennium Exhibition, Industrial accidents 325w

    Millennium Exhibition, Official hospitality 324w

    Millennium Exhibition, Tickets 366w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Prime Minister 13w

    National Lottery, Computer terminals 470w

    Norman Shaw buildings, Repairs and maintenance 451w

    Nuclear weapons, Storage 457w

    Parliament, Repairs and maintenance 339w

    Pigs, EC action 528w

    Poultry, Animal welfare 528w

    Primary education, Music 49w

    Queen, Official gifts 353w

    Railways, Fares 146

    Saudi Arabia, Security 515w

    World Trade Organisation 216-7w

    Xenotransplantation, Pigs 251w

Balance of trade

Baldry, Mr Tony

                  Debates etc.

    Electronic Communications Bill, 2R (29.11.99) 46, 71-2, 77-81


    Bicester Community Hospital 75-6w

    Diplomatic service, Visas 29-30w

    Pakistan, Overseas aid 114w

    Recruitment agencies, Regulation 611w


Ballard, Jackie

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Dental services, Telephone services 101w

    Early years development plans 411w

    Genetically modified organisms, Crops 543w

    Health services, Voluntary organisations 100w

    Sex change operations 93w

Ballistic missile defence


    Fees and charges 610w


Banks, Mr Tony


    Elephants, Nature conservation 199w



Barnes, Mr Harry

                  Debates etc.

    WTO Millennium Round (09.12.99) 1089


    Bus services, Derbyshire 137

    Child Support Agency 7

    EC enlargement 677

    Education, Derbyshire 422-3


    Planning permission 134

Barnet Hospital

Battle, Mr John, Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Kosovo, Construction (01.12.99) 89-92wh


    Assets, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 159-61w

    Belize, Visits abroad 515w

    British citizenship 33w

    Burma, Human rights 400w

    China, Educational exchanges 262w

    China, Imports 692

    Civil servants, Cabinet Office 314w

    Diplomatic service, Internet 679-80

    Diplomatic service, Non-domestic rates 29w

    East Timor, Peace keeping operations 514w

    Falkland Islands 30w

    Falkland Islands, Fisheries 257w

    Hong Kong, Human rights 684

    Information technology, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 164-5w

    Iran, Drugs 32w

    South America, Drugs 516w

    South America, Human rights 516-7w

    Tibet, Human rights 684-5

Bayley, Mr Hugh, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept of Social Security

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Benefits Agency Medical Service 52w

    Car allowances, Dept of Social Security 53w

    Carers' National Association 50w

    Disability living allowance, Mentally ill 90-1w

    Housing benefit 8

    Incapacity benefit 52w

    Income support 7-8

    Industrial diseases, Compensation 57w

    Industrial diseases, Medical examinations 57-8w

    Industrial injuries disablement benefit 370w

    Industrial injuries disablement benefit, Medical examinations 57w

    Industrial injuries disablement benefit, Scotland 293w

    Means tested benefits, Personal savings 494w

    Official cars, Dept of Social Security 489-90w

    Pensioners, Carers' premium 292-3w

    Pensioners, Means tested benefits 8

    Poverty, Children 56w

    Social security benefits, Administrative delays 490w

    Social security benefits, Disabled 11-2, 52w

    Social security benefits, Personal savings 49w

    War Pensions Agency 531w

    War widows, Pensions 58w

    Working families tax credit, School meals 296w


BBC External Services

    Broadcasting programmes 469w

BBC Worldwide

Beard, Mr Nigel

                  Debates etc.


    Antisocial behaviour orders 554-5

    Bankruptcy, Fees and charges 610w

    Malaria, Developing countries 815


    Class sizes 430

Beckett, Rt Hon Margaret, President of the Council and Leader of the House of Commons

                  Debates etc.

    Beef, Points of order (08.12.99) 959

    Serjeant at Arms, Retirement (09.12.99) 1017-8


    Charter of Fundamental Rights (EU) 532w

    Millennium compliance 594w


    South Africa 985


    Disease control 20w

Beith, Rt Hon A J

                  Debates etc.

    Freedom of Information Bill, 2R (07.12.99) 731

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Pensions, Misrepresentation (30.11.99) 40-4wh, 46wh


    Metrication 974

    Tweeddale Press Group, Johnston Press 25w


    Children in care 119w


Bell, Mr Martin

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    BBC External Services (07.12.99) 173-4wh

    Kosovo, Construction (01.12.99) 83-4wh


    Angola, Missing persons 682-3

Bell, Mr Stuart, Second Church Estates Commissioner

                  Debates etc.

    WTO Millennium Round (09.12.99) 1063-6


    Clergy, Conditions of employment 189w

Benefits Agency

    see Social Security Benefits Agency

Benefits Agency Medical Service

Benn, Mr Hilary

                  Debates etc.

    Crime reduction programme (29.11.99) 38

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Modernising government programme (09.12.99) 314-7wh


    Learning and Skills Council for England 415

    Social security benefits, Applications 18-20

Benn, Rt Hon Tony

                  Debates etc.

    Serjeant at Arms, Retirement (09.12.99) 1019


    Cabinet, Liberal Democrats 300

    US National Ignition Facility 631w

Bennett, Mr Andrew F

                  Debates etc.

    London Underground (08.12.99) 862-4


    Consumer goods, Environment protection 148-9w

    Recycling, Domestic wastes 482-3w


Bercow, Mr John

                  Debates etc.

    Electronic Communications Bill, 2R (29.11.99) 41

    Freedom of Information Bill, 2R (07.12.99) 718, 736

    Government Resources and Accounts Bill, 2R (06.12.99) 573

    Millennium, Points of order (08.12.99) 827

    Oral question time intervention (06.12.99) 555

    Passports, Fees and charges (06.12.99) 568

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Grammar schools, Lincolnshire (08.12.99) 261wh, 264wh


    Capital punishment 401w

    Central America, EC aid 337w

    Channel tunnel railway line, Safety 477w

    Child Support Agency 10

    Cologne Summit (EC) 354w

    Common fisheries policy 526w

    EC external trade, USA 361w

    EC institutions, Human rights 403w

    EC institutions, Voting methods 355w

    EC labour policy, Pay 319w

    EC nationals, Human rights 403w

    European Central Bank, European Court of Auditors 319-20w

    European Commission 356w

    Grammar schools 424

    Manufacturing industries, Regulation 984

    Millennium compliance, EC action 354-5w

    New deal schemes, Wales 287

    Pensions, EC staff 448w

    Prisoners, Rehabilitation 543

    Rapid deployment forces 344w

    Recruitment, Costs 612w

    Russia, EC external relations 409w

    Russia, Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe 403-4w

    St Helena, Government assistance 814-5

    Taxation, EC action 318w

    Trans-European networks 278w

    VAT, Service industries 319w

    World Trade Organisation, China 361w

    Young people, EC action 355w


    Genetically modified organisms 37w

Bermingham, Mr Gerald

                  Debates etc.

    Northern Ireland Act 1998 (Appointed Day) Order (30.11.99) 258, 260


    Export Credits Guarantee Dept, Annual reports 362w

Best value

    Housing benefit 88w

Bicester Community Hospital


Blair, Rt Hon Tony, Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service


    Balkans, Overseas aid 15-6w

    Cabinet, Liberal Democrats 300

    Cancer, Health services 302-3

    Charter of Fundamental Rights (EU) 81w

    Christie Hospital Manchester 823

    Cologne Summit (EC) 354w

    EC institutions, Voting methods 355w

    Economic and monetary union 824-6

    European Commission 356w

    Gold and foreign exchange reserves 354w

    Holiday leave 822

    Hospitals, Warrington 824

    House of Lords 14w

    Iraq, Sanctions 232w

    Kosovo, Peace keeping operations 81-2w

    Labour Liberal Democrats Joint Consultative Committee 356w, 471w

    London Underground, Finance 298-9

    Millennium compliance, EC action 354-5w

    Minimum wage 301

    Ministerial policy advisors, Prime Minister 13w

    Ministers, Health insurance 13w

    National Institute for Clinical Excellence 301-2

    National insurance 12w

    Northern Ireland government 294

    Queen, Official gifts 353w

    Radcliffe Infirmary NHS Trust 823-4

    Representation of the People Bill 1999/2000, Regulatory impact assessments 353-4w

    Sinn Fein, Electronic surveillance 820

    Social Exclusion Unit, Policy action teams 14-5w

    Social Exclusion Unit, Publications 14w

    Social security benefits, Abuse 294-7

    Staffordshire Police, Finance 300

    State visits 13w

    10 Downing Street, Meetings 355-6w

    Tibet, Human rights 13-4w

    WTO Millennium Round 302

    Young people, EC action 355w

Blears, Ms Hazel


    Further education, Age participation rates 310w

Blizzard, Mr Bob

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Antisocial behaviour orders 550-1

    Cars, Hire services 567w

    "Fit for the Future Consultation Paper" 94w

    Nigeria, Crimes of violence 513-4w

    Parish councils 143

    Roads, Spray suppression 477-8w

    Social security benefits, Disabled 11-2

    Specialist schools initiative 309w

Block grant

Blunkett, Rt Hon David, Secretary of State for Education and Employment


    Education, Finance 311w

    Learning and Skills Council for England 414-5

    New deal schemes, Financial services 306w

Blunt, Mr Crispin

                  Debates etc.

    Christie Hospital Manchester, Points of order (08.12.99) 827

    Crime reduction programme (29.11.99) 33-4

    European Communities (01.12.99) 323-4

    London Underground (08.12.99) 839

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Clothing, Points of order (01.12.99) 68wh

    Kosovo, Construction (01.12.99) 73wh, 81wh


    Armed forces, Pensions 561w

    Creutzfeldt-Jakob dementia 101-2w

    Kosovo, Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe 162w

    London airports, Passengers 598w

    Migration, South East region 169-70w

    River Danube, Pollution 813-4

    South East England Development Agency 145

    Tennis, Banstead 126w

    War widows, Pensions 3w


Boateng, Rt Hon Paul, Minister of State, Home Office

                  Debates etc.

    Freedom of Information Bill, 2R (07.12.99) 785

    Ministerial statement intervention (29.11.99) 30


    Adlearn Foundation 388w

    Chelmsford Prison 390w

    Community Punishment and Rehabilitation Service 214-5w

    Community service orders 555-6

    Coroners, Millennium 386w

    Life imprisonment 209w

    Mentally disturbed offenders 380w

    Prisoners, Postgraduate education 543

    Prisoners, Rehabilitation 542-3

    Prisoners' release, Sexual offences 377-8w

    Prisons, Parking 505w

    Reading Young Offenders Institution, Rehabilitation 541-2

    Sexual offences 552

Body, Sir Richard

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Grammar schools, Lincolnshire (08.12.99) 259-61wh

Body searches


    Dental services 628w

    Domestic violence 502w

Borrow, Mr David


    AIDS, Vaccination 580w

    Armed forces, Compensation 284-5w

    Business, Regulation 970-1

    Charter of Fundamental Rights (EU) 532w

    Disability living allowance 10-1

    Social security benefits, Non-dependent deductions 595-6w

Boscombe Down

    Chinook helicopters 83w

Boswell, Mr Tim

                  Debates etc.

    London Underground (08.12.99) 837


    Employee development schemes, Trade unions 311w

    Heavily indebted poor countries initiative 575-6w

    Learning and Skills Council for England 414-5

    Parish councils, Audit 138-9

    Sixth form colleges 509w

    Students, Fees and charges 125-6w

Bottomley, Mr Peter

                  Debates etc.

    European Communities (01.12.99) 391-2


    House of Lords 14w

    Metropolitan Police, Disciplinary proceedings 109-10w

    National Black Police Association 621w

    Police, Disciplinary proceedings 533-4w

    Police, Ethnic groups 208w

Bottomley, Rt Hon Virginia

                  Debates etc.

    Institutional care (02.12.99) 521, 525


    Carers' National Association 50w

    Child Support Agency 6

    Mental health services, Finance 73-5w

    Social services, Standard spending assessments 95-7w

    West Surrey Health Authority, Nurses 436w


Bovine spongiform encephalopathy

Bovine tuberculosis

Bradley, Mr Peter

                  Debates etc.

    Freedom of Information Bill, 2R (07.12.99) 774, 777-81

    Passports, Fees and charges (06.12.99) 563-4

    Rural development plans (07.12.99) 707-8


    Belize, Hydroelectric power 580-1w

    Belize, Visits abroad 515w

    Commonwealth Development Corporation, Fees and charges 581w

    Commonwealth Development Corporation, Investment 581-2w

    Commonwealth Development Corporation, Loans 581-2w

    Meat Hygiene Service, Fees and charges 348-9w

    Passports, Administrative delays 378w

    Revenue support grant, Shropshire 602w

    Schools, Rural areas 309w

Bradshaw, Mr Ben

                  Debates etc.

Brady, Mr Graham

                  Debates etc.

    Crime reduction programme (29.11.99) 35

    Representation of the People Bill, 2R (30.11.99) 183, 210, 226-31


    Business questions 440

    Christie Hospital Manchester 823

    Climate change levy 522w

    Greater Manchester Police, Finance 380-1w

    Ministers, Health insurance 13w

Brake, Mr Tom

                  Debates etc.


    Custody officers, Training 385w

    Environment Agency 546w

    Incinerators, Air pollution 483-4w

    Incinerators, Health hazards 483-4w

    Jubilee line, Westminster Station 433w

    London Underground, Joint ventures 429-30w

    London Underground, Standards 430-3w

    London Underground, Task forces 430w

    Priority routes 135w

    Priority routes, Greater London 135-6w

    Riot control weapons 214w

    Road traffic, Air pollution 200-1w

    Rolling stock, Accidents 200w

    Sites of special scientific interest, Agriculture 556w

Brand, Dr Peter

                  Debates etc.

    London Underground (08.12.99) 859

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

Brazier, Mr Julian

                  Debates etc.

    Beef, Points of order (30.11.99) 159


    Means tested benefits 7

Breed, Mr Colin

                  Debates etc.

    Beef (30.11.99) 153

    Rural development plans (07.12.99) 704-5


    Cattle, Animal products 525-6w

    Motor vehicles, Safety 568w

    Road traffic control, Cornwall 127w

    Television, Licensing 321w

    WTO Millennium Round 155w


Brinton, Mrs Helen

                  Debates etc.

    Passports, Fees and charges (06.12.99) 564


    Alternative energy 149w

    Alternative energy, Regional development agencies 40-1w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate 104w

    Mental patients 627w

    Police, Standards 103w

    Racial discrimination 546-7

    Sites of special scientific interest 129w

British citizenship

British Coal Corporation

British Council

British dependent territories

British Leyland

    see Rover Group

British National Party

    European Parliament elections 540

British Rail


    Fishing catches 334w


Broadcasting programmes

    BBC External Services 469w

Brooke, Rt Hon Peter

                  Debates etc.

    Beef (09.12.99) 1000

    Passports, Fees and charges (06.12.99) 564-5

    Serjeant at Arms, Retirement (09.12.99) 1019-20


Brown, Rt Hon Nicholas, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

                  Debates etc.

    Beef, Ministerial statements (30.11.99) 151-8, (09.12.99) 989-1000

    Rural development plans, Ministerial statements (07.12.99) 701-12


    Arable area payments scheme, Correspondence 556w

    Meat Hygiene Service, Fees and charges 348-9w

Brown, Mr Russell


    Scottish Executive, Dept of Social Security 595w

Browne, Mr Desmond

                  Debates etc.

    Freedom of Information Bill, 2R (07.12.99) 734-5

    WTO Millennium Round (09.12.99) 1080-3


    Maintenance, Children 49w

    Openness in the Public Sector Advisory Group 385-6w

Browning, Mrs Angela

                  Debates etc.

    Electronic Communications Bill, 2R (29.11.99) 116

    WTO Millennium Round (09.12.99) 1031-9

    WTO Millennium Round, Points of order (06.12.99) 570


    Cars, Prices 970

    Milk Marque 983

    Small businesses, Pay 972

Bruce, Mr Ian

                  Debates etc.

    Postal Privilege (Suspension) Order (08.12.99) 939

    Rural development plans (07.12.99) 711

    Standing orders, Points of order (07.12.99) 713


    Diplomatic service, Internet 679-80

    Post offices 980

    WTO Millennium Round 578w

Bruce, Mr Malcolm

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    BBC External Services, Broadcasting programmes 469w

    EC grants and loans 25-6w

    Economic regions 822


    see Bovine spongiform encephalopathy

Burden, Mr Richard

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Palestinians, Refugees (30.11.99) 5-8wh


    New deal for long term unemployed 306w

Burglar alarms


Burgon, Mr Colin


    Health and Safety Laboratory, Annual reports 40w


Burnett, Mr John

                  Debates etc.

    Police, Finance (02.12.99) 535

Burns, Mr Simon


    Chelmsford Prison 390w

    Public inquiries, Disclosure of information 433-4w

    Temporary immigrants 381w

Burns Committee

    see Hunting with Dogs Inquiry

Burstow, Mr Paul

                  Debates etc.


    Railway signals, Correspondence 205w

    Secondary education, Per capita costs 311w

Bus services

    Weston-super-Mare (06.12.99) 668-74


    Information technology 289w

Business motions

Business plans

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate 383-4w

    United Kingdom Passport Agency 7-8w

Business statements

Butler, Mrs Christine


    Unemployed, Information services 413

Byers, Rt Hon Stephen, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry

                  Debates etc.

    WTO Millennium Round (09.12.99) 1022-31


    Cars, Hire services 567w

    Cars, Prices 970

    Dental services, EC action 568w

    EC grants and loans, Scotland 616w

    Export Credits Guarantee Dept, Annual reports 362w

    Industry, Medical records 152w

    Official cars, Dept of Trade and Industry 287w

    Personal care services, Dental services 567-8w

    Post Office 22w

    Regulatory impact assessments 615w

    Research, Dept of Trade and Industry 572w

    Shipbuilding, Subsidies 976-7

    Standards, Dept of Trade and Industry 23w

    Weights and Measures Act 1985 566w

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