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Fabricant, Mr Michael

                  Debates etc.

    Euro, Points of order (30.11.99) 159

    Representation of the People Bill, 2R (30.11.99) 163, 167, 236-8

    Rural development plans (07.12.99) 712

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Engineering, Advisory bodies (01.12.99) 101-6wh, 108wh


    Education, Staffordshire 415-6

    Malaria, Developing countries 815-6

    Poland, EC enlargement 688

    Staffordshire Police, Finance 300


Falkland Islands

    Armed forces 1w

Fallon, Mr Michael


    Business, Regulation 969

    Children in care, Kent 627w

    Motor vehicles, Waste disposal 602w

Family planning

    Developing countries 577w


Farm woodland premium scheme

    Administrative delays 186w


    see also Agriculture


    Diversification 333w

Fearn, Mr Ronnie

                  Debates etc.

    London Underground (08.12.99) 893


    Alder Hey Children's Hospital 65w

    Duty free allowances 519w

    Jubilee line, Westminster Station 202w

    Passports, Fees and charges 7w

    Railway network, Southport 547w

    Tourism, Marketing 321w

    Tourist attractions 366w


    Public transport 428w


Field, Rt Hon Frank

                  Debates etc.

    Institutional care (02.12.99) 447-8

    Northern Ireland Act 1998 (Appointed Day) Order (30.11.99) 264-6, 273


    Merseyside Police, Manpower 500w

    Military aircraft, Accidents 559w

    National insurance 12w

    Pensioners, Means tested benefits 596w

    Social security, Expenditure 15

    Social security benefits, Abuse 92w

    Social security benefits, Automated credit transfer 597-8w

    Social Security Benefits Agency, Contracts for services 494-5w

Fifteen minutes rule

    Rulings and statements (09.12.99) 1022



Financial Regulation Review of the Channel Islands and Isle of Man

Financial services

    New deal schemes 306w

    Self-regulation 635w

Financial Services and Markets Bill 1998/99 then 1999/2000




Firearms Consultative Committee


Fisher, Mr Mark

                  Debates etc.

    Freedom of Information Bill, 2R (07.12.99) 758-62


    Local government finance 132


    (02.12.99) 117-62wh

    Falkland Islands 257w

Fishing catches

Fishing grounds

Fit for the Future Consultation Paper"

Fitzpatrick, Jim


    Greater London Authority, Administration 482w

Fletcher, Yvonne

Flight, Mr Howard

                  Debates etc.

    Government Resources and Accounts Bill, 2R (06.12.99) 579, 645-8


    Child Support Agency 8-9

Flint, Caroline

                  Debates etc.

    Representation of the People Bill, 2R (30.11.99) 185, 216-20


    Passports, Administrative delays 378w

    Peat Extraction Working Group 131-2w

Flood control


Flynn, Paul

                  Debates etc.

    Passports, Fees and charges (06.12.99) 566

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Benzodiazepines (07.12.99) 191wh


    Pensioners, Income support 532w

    Refugees, Voluntary organisations 283w

Follett, Barbara

                  Debates etc.

    Electronic Communications Bill, 2R (29.11.99) 74-7


Food Standards Agency


Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    Official publications 166w

Foreign investment in UK

Foreign relations

Foreign students


Forestry Commission

Forth, Mr Eric

                  Debates etc.

    Crime reduction programme (29.11.99) 33

    Ministerial statement intervention (29.11.99) 29

    Oral question time intervention (29.11.99) 18

    Orders and regulations motions intervention (06.12.99) 661

    Postal Privilege (Suspension) Order (08.12.99) 941, 943, 945


    EC enlargement 677

    Germany, Economic and monetary union 692

Foster, Mr Don

                  Debates etc.


    Bus services, Derbyshire 137-8

    Consultants, Dept of Social Security 239w

    Consultants, Scotland Office 365w

    Fares, Concessions 479w

    Information technology, Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions 144w

    Public expenditure, Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions 480w

    Publications, Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions 479-80w

    Regional planning and development 485w

    Research, Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions 544w

    Social Exclusion Unit, Policy action teams 14-5w

    Social Exclusion Unit, Publications 14w

    Standards, Dept for Education and Employment 220-1w

    Standards, Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions 273w

    Standards, Dept of Trade and Industry 23w

    Standards, Ministry of Defence 1w

Foster, Mr Michael Jabez, (Hastings and Rye)

                  Debates etc.

    Beef (09.12.99) 998


    Economic regions 145

    Energy supply, Competition 972-3

Foster, Mr Michael John, (Worcester)

                  Debates etc.

    London Underground (08.12.99) 829


    Floods, Worcester 132w

    Kashmir, Armed conflict 686-7

    Working families tax credit, Telephone services 448-9w

Foulkes, Mr George, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development

                  Debates etc.

    WTO Millennium Round (09.12.99) 1068


    Afghanistan, Refugees 818

    France, Foreign relations 118w

    Information technology, Dept for International Development 118w

    Kosovo, Housing 816

    Pakistan, Overseas aid 114w

    River Danube, Pollution 813-4

    St Helena, Consultants 116w

    St Helena, Government assistance 814-5

    St Helena, Ports 115w

    Sierra Leone, Overseas aid 117-8w

    Trade agreements, Developing countries 113-4w

Fowler, Rt Hon Sir Norman

                  Debates etc.

    Freedom of Information Bill, 2R (07.12.99) 754-8


    Personal pensions 446w

Fox, Dr Liam

                  Debates etc.

    Hospital beds, Points of order (06.12.99) 570-1

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