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National Assembly for Wales

National Beds Inquiry

National Black Police Association

National Employer Liaison Committee

National Institute for Clinical Excellence

National insurance

National insurance contributions

National Insurance Contributions Unit

    see Social Security Contributions Agency

National Lottery

National Lottery Commission

National Meat Hygiene Service

    see Meat Hygiene Service

National security


Nature conservation


    Conditions of employment 192w

Naysmith, Dr Douglas


New deal for communities

New deal for disabled people

New deal for lone parents

New deal for long term unemployed

New deal for young people

    North West region 506w

New deal schemes

    Advisory services 306w

    Financial services 306w

New Forest

Newcastle upon Tyne

    Welfare tax credits 522w


    Conditions of employment 497w

    Northern Ireland 17w

NHS Magazine

NHS trusts

Nicholls, Mr Patrick

                  Debates etc.

    Beef (09.12.99) 993

    Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, Points of order (08.12.99) 827

    Crime reduction programme (29.11.99) 36-7


    Child Support Agency 3-4


Night flying

    Heathrow Airport 34w

Nitrate sensitive areas


Non-departmental public bodies

Non-dependent deductions

    Social security benefits 595-6w

Non-domestic rates

    Diplomatic service 29w

    Trade competitiveness 289w

Non-teaching staff


    Working families tax credit 520w

Norman, Mr Archie

                  Debates etc.

    European Communities (01.12.99) 395-9

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    EC law, Parliamentary scrutiny (08.12.99) 254-6wh


    EC institutions, Reform 690

    Import duties, Video equipment 25w

    Intergovernmental Conference 2000 160w

    UK membership of EC, Exhibitions 160-1w

    World Trade Organisation 24w

Norman Shaw buildings

    Repairs and maintenance 451w

Norris, Dan


    Northern Ireland government 294

North East region

    Training and enterprise councils 46w

North Sea

North Staffordshire Hospital NHS Trust

North West Development Agency

North West region

    Channel tunnel railway line 477w

    New deal for lone parents 584-5w

    New deal for young people 506w

    Training and enterprise councils 46w

North Yorkshire

    Electric cables 216w

Northamptonshire Health Authority

Northern Ireland

    Crimes of violence 496w

    Prisoners' discharge grants 18w

    Rolling stock 18w

Northern Ireland Act 1998 (Appointed Day) Order 1999

                  Debates etc.

Northern Ireland government

Northern Ireland Office

    Official engagements 496w

Northern Ireland Prison Service

Norwich Prison

Nouri, Abdullah

Nuclear power stations

Nuclear weapons


    Railway network 274w


    Conditions of employment 444-5w

    West Surrey Health Authority 436w


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