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Kaufman, Rt Hon Gerald

                  @Debates etc.

    Helsinki Summit (EC) (13.12.99) 31

    Representation of the People Bill, Com (15.12.99) 343-4, 365-9

Keeble, Ms Sally

                  @Debates etc.

    Economic situation (21.12.99) 720, 728, 749, 752


    Health services, Private sector 507w

Keetch, Mr Paul


    Africa, British Council 429w

    Africa, Overseas aid 429w

    Armed forces, Beef 34w

    Meat, Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food 181w

    Millennium Exhibition 35-6w

    Type 45 destroyers, SYLVER missile launcher 2

Kelly, Ms Ruth


    Kosovo, International assistance 494w

    Overseas aid, Charitable donations 428w

Kennedy, Rt Hon Charles

                  @Debates etc.

    Helsinki Summit (EC) (13.12.99) 27-9


    Environment protection 268-9

Kennedy, Jane, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Lord Chancellors Dept


    Buildings, Lord Chancellors Dept 125w

    Cabinet of the National Assembly for Wales, Lord Chancellors Dept 224w

    Courts, Finance 124w

    Criminal proceedings 124w

    Judiciary, Training 90w

    Land Registry, Information technology 565w

    Licensing laws 144

    Magistrates, Recruitment 140-2

    Magistrates' courts 124w

    Magistrates' courts, Derbyshire 314w

    Shrewsbury County Court, Building alterations 122-3w

    Trials, Rights of accused 123w

    Young offenders, Nottinghamshire 566w

Key, Mr Robert


    Armed forces, Accidents 257-8w

    Armed forces, Arrests 358w

    Armed forces, Disciplinary proceedings 357w

    Armed forces, Legal opinion 359w

    Armed forces, Legal profession 358-9w

    BBC External Services 500w

    Defence, White papers 3

    Driving under influence, Convictions 492w

    Excise duties, Ministry of Defence 363w

    Fire services, Conditions of employment 369w

    Firing ranges, Otterburn 340w

    Military aircraft, Correspondence 473w

    Military intelligence, Larkhill 258-9w

    Public expenditure, Ministry of Defence 365w

    Railway stations, Wiltshire 249w


Kidney, Mr David

                  @Debates etc.

    Economic situation (21.12.99) 703-4, 715, 724, 746-8


    Education, Standard spending assessments 171w

    Mortgages, Rented housing 75w

    Motorway service areas 11w

    Sports, Insurance 204w

    Stakeholder pensions 265w

    Transport, Ministry of Defence 26w

Kilfoyle, Mr Peter, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence


    Ammunition, Procurement 216w

    Apache AH-64 helicopter 93w

    Armed forces, Beef 34w

    Armoured fighting vehicles, Radio 27w

    Arms trade, Ammunition 360w

    Assets, Ministry of Defence 8-9

    BOWMAN combat radio system 468w

    Buildings, Ministry of Defence 31w

    Defence, White papers 3

    Defence equipment, Costs 469w

    Defence equipment, Procurement 2-3

    Ethnic groups, Ministry of Defence 214w

    Excise duties, Ministry of Defence 363w

    Future large aircraft 361w

    Guided weapons, Procurement 212-3w

    Helicopter carriers 26w

    Jaguar aircraft, India 364w

    Land, Ministry of Defence 23w

    Leisure facilities, Ministry of Defence 6-7

    Meetings, Ministry of Defence 214w

    Military aircraft, Accidents 470w

    Military aircraft, Correspondence 473w

    Peat, Ministry of Defence 361w

    Rangeless airborne instrumented debriefing system 27-8w, 213w

    Rapier missiles 211w

    Shipbuilding, River Clyde 2

    Theft, Ministry of Defence 215w

    Tornado aircraft, Accidents 28w

    Transport, Ministry of Defence 26w

    Type 45 destroyers 1-2

    Type 45 destroyers, Costs 469w

    Type 45 destroyers, SYLVER missile launcher 2

    Water supply, Ministry of Defence 355w

King, Ms Oona


    Digital broadcasting 16-7w

    Digital broadcasting, Greater London 16w

    India, Forced labour 499w

    Kosovo, Electric cables 110w

    News International, Digital broadcasting 17w

    Pakistan, Forced labour 498-9w

King, Rt Hon Tom

                  @Debates etc.

Kingham, Ms Tess


    Angola, Sanctions 317w

    Angola, War crimes 21w

Kingston Hospital

    Accident and emergency departments 269-70

Kirkbride, Miss Julie

                  @Debates etc.

    Business questions (16.12.99) 418-9


    Housing, Vacant land 72w

    Personal pensions 79w

    Personal pensions, Annuities 107w

    Working families tax credit 380-1


    Firing ranges 33w

Kirkwood, Mr Archy

                  @Debates etc.

    Scottish Adjacent Waters Boundaries (Amendment) Bill, 1R (20.12.99) 528


    Departmental coordination 227w

    Prisoners, HIV infection 7w


    Electric cables 110w

    International assistance 494w

    Peace keeping operations 25w

Kumar, Dr Ashok

                  @Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Regional planning and development (15.12.99) 55-7wh


    Cleveland Police Authority, Disciplinary proceedings 7-8w

    Education, North East region 400-2w

    New deal schemes, Teesside 547w

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