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St Aubyn, Mr Nick

                  @Debates etc.


    Non-departmental public bodies 225w

    Territorial Army, Recruitment 7-8

St Christopher and Nevis

Salmond, Mr Alex

                  @Debates etc.

    Common fisheries policy (13.12.99) 44, 57-8, 75

Salter, Mr Martin

                  @Debates etc.


    AWE Aldermaston, Millennium compliance 362w

    Football, World Cup 563w

    "Learning to Succeed White Paper" 174-5w


Sanders, Mr Adrian


    Balkans, Orphans 111w

    Bus services, Public holidays 95w

    Fires, Hazardous materials 275w

    Members, Correspondence 493w

    Social security benefits, Students 41-2w

    Venezuela, Disaster relief 671

Satellite broadcasting

Savidge, Mr Malcolm

                  @Debates etc.

    Health and Safety at Work (Offences) Bill, 1R (15.12.99) 283


    Cabinet of the National Assembly for Wales, Lord Chancellor's Dept 224w

Sawford, Mr Phil


Sayeed, Mr Jonathan

                  @Debates etc.

    Exodus Collective, Petitions (13.12.99) 121-2

    Nuclear weapons, Terrorism (13.12.99) 99-102


School organisation committees


    English language 172w

    Foundation bodies 397w

    Per capita costs 264


Scilly Isles


    Administration of justice 119w

    Cross border cooperation 129w

    Economic policy 129w

    Electoral register 262w

    European Convention on Human Rights 138-9

    European Parliament elections 135-6

    Foreign investment in UK 127w

    Higher education 129w

    Manufacturing industries 126w

    New deal for 50 plus 129w

    Non-departmental public bodies 505-6w

    Public expenditure 130w

    Social security benefits 265-6w

    Working families tax credit 130w

Scotland Act 1998


Scotland Office

    Estimates days (16.12.99) 461-94

    Ministerial policy advisors 386w

Scotland Yard

    see Metropolitan Police

Scottish Adjacent Waters Boundaries (Amendment) Bill 1999/2000

                  @Debates etc.

    1R (20.12.99) 528

Scottish Executive

    Government departments 128w

Seas and oceans

Secondary education


    Dept for Education and Employment 554w

Secure accommodation




    Dangerous driving (16.12.99) 497-504

    Industrial health and safety 143-4

Service Families Task Force


Sex Discrimination (Amendment) Bill 1999/2000

                  @Debates etc.

Sexual offences

    Medical examinations (15.12.99) 371-8

Sharing the Nations Prosperity"

Sheldon, Rt Hon Robert

                  @Debates etc.

    Economic situation (21.12.99) 698-700, 706




    River Clyde 2

Short, Rt Hon Clare, Secretary of State for International Development


    Africa, British Council 429w

    Africa, Overseas aid 429w

    Buildings, Dept for International Development 130-1w

    Disabled, Dept for International Development 48w

    EC external trade 428w

    Ethnic groups, Dept for International Development 425w

    Iran, Human rights 495w

    Kashmir, Refugees 50w

    Kosovo, International assistance 494w

    Meetings, Dept for International Development 131w

    Nicaragua, Construction 427w

    Nicaragua, Disaster relief 425w

    Overseas aid 49w

    Overseas aid, Charitable donations 428w

    Pakistan, Overseas aid 47-8w

    South Africa, Arms control 49w

    UN International Drug Control Programme 50w

Shrewsbury County Court


    Primary care groups 511w

Sick leave

Simpson, Mr Alan

                  @Debates etc.

    Representation of the People Bill, Com (15.12.99) 346

    Victims, Medical examinations (15.12.99) 371-4, 376


    Millennium Exhibition, Film 39w

    Ordnance Survey, Resignations 340-1w

Singapore International Airlines

Single parents

    see Lone parents

Sky Television

    Company investigations 466w


Sleeping rough

Small businesses

Small grants scheme

    National Lottery 349w

Smith, Rt Hon Andrew, Chief Secretary to the Treasury

                  @Debates etc.

    Economic situation (21.12.99) 682-8, 690, 692


    EC budget, Correspondence 300w

    EC grants and loans, Wales 302w

    Employment, West Midlands 382

    Excise duties, Diesel fuel 386-7

    Fiscal policy 387

    Government departments, Budgeting 584w

    Government departments, Standards 295w

    Members, Correspondence 432w

    Personal pensions, Misrepresentation 434-5w

    Private finance initiative 578-9w

    Public sector, Early retirement 77w

    Public sector, Investment 583-4w

    Windfall tax, Government departments 178w

Smith, Angela


    Aerials, Planning permission 519-20w

    Class sizes, Essex 171w

    Council housing 249w

    Housing, Standards 104w

    Lord Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Legal Education Etc, Annual reports 224w

    "Public Bodies 1999" 263w

    Television, Licensing 506

Smith, Rt Hon Chris, Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport


    Athletics, Twickenham 514-5

    Buildings, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 279-80w

    Disabled, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 133w

    Elgin marbles 518

    Heritage Lottery Fund 519

    Meetings, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 203-4w

    Millennium Fund 349w

    Museums and galleries 508

    Museums and galleries, Fees and charges 517-8

    Museums and galleries, Redbridge 507-8

    Official cars, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 37w

    Royal Opera House 512

    Royal Opera House, Disabled 511-2

Smith, Jacqui, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Education and Employment

                  @Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Community education 84w

    Cromwell School Stockport 83w

    Drugs prevention initiative 554-5w

    Education, Standards 548w

    Pupil exclusions, Easington 83w

    Pupil exclusions, North West region 290-3w

    Schools, English language 172w

    Special education, Finance 205-6w

    Special education, Teachers 83-4w

    Teachers, Conditions of employment 170w

    Truancy, Newcastle upon Tyne 290w

Smith, Mr John


    Civil servants, Ethnic groups 229w

    Post offices, Social security benefits 116-7w

Smith, Mr Llew


    Gulf War syndrome, Uranium 31-2w

    Non-departmental public bodies 225-6w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Northern Ireland 409w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Scotland 505-6w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Wales 305w

Smith, Sir Robert

                  @Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Poverty, Scotland 133



Smyth, Rev Martin

                  @Debates etc.

    Freedom of Religious Worship (Armed Forces) Bill, 1R (20.12.99) 528

    Winter fuel payments (13.12.99) 112-3


    Drugs, Abuse 262

    Heart diseases, Surgery 662-3

    Sports, Disabled 511

Snape, Mr Peter

                  @Debates etc.

    Transport Bill, 2R (20.12.99) 542, 565-9


Soames, Mr Nicholas


Social Exclusion Unit

Social security benefits

Social Security Contributions Agency

Social services

Social workers


Solar power


South Africa

    Arms control 49w

South East region

    Regional planning and development (13.12.99) 103-5

South West region

    Crimes against property 276-7w

    Hill livestock allowances 440w


    EC grants and loans (13.12.99) 108-10

Southworth, Ms Helen


Speaker and deputies

                  @Debates etc.

    Amendments and new clauses (13.12.99) 41, (20.12.99) 530

    Disallowed questions (14.12.99) 144, (15.12.99) 269, (16.12.99) 390

    Orders and regulations motions (14.12.99) 234

    Royal Assent (20.12.99) 528

    Rulings and statements, Fifteen minutes rule (20.12.99) 530

    Rulings and statements, Members (21.12.99) 680

    Select Committee motions (13.12.99) 120, (14.12.99) 235

                  @Sittings in Westminster Hall

Special education

Special hospitals

Specialist schools initiative

Speed limits

Spellar, Mr John, Minister for the Armed Forces, Ministry of Defence


    Air force, D notices 255w

    Armed forces, Accidents 257-8w

    Armed forces, Arrests 358w

    Armed forces, Christmas 28-9w

    Armed forces, Disciplinary proceedings 357w

    Armed forces, Legal opinion 359w

    Armed forces, Legal profession 358-9w

    Armed forces, Social security benefits 356w

    Armed forces, Working families tax credit 360-1w

    Armed forces, Young people 32w

    AWE Aldermaston, Millennium compliance 362w

    Chinook helicopters, Accidents 32w, 255w

    Cost effectiveness, Ministry of Defence 24-5w

    Defence Medical Services, Finance 24w

    Defence Vetting Agency, Manpower 468w

    Exservicemen, Post traumatic stress disorder 362w

    Gulf War syndrome, Uranium 31-2w

    Gurkhas, Pensions 27w

    HMS Tireless, Torpedoes 364w

    Iraq-Kuwait conflict, Exservicemen 256-7w

    Kosovo, Peace keeping operations 25w

    Marines, Females 30w

    Military aircraft, Accidents 32-3w

    Military aircraft, Electric cables 23-4w

    Military aircraft, Organophosphates 363w

    Military aircraft, Repairs and maintenance 11-2

    Military decorations 216w

    Military exercises 260w

    Military intelligence 216w

    Military intelligence, Larkhill 258-9w

    Military intelligence, Northern Ireland 24w

    Navy, Military exercises 256w

    Navy, Satellite broadcasting 31w

    160 (Wales) Brigade 260w

    Police stations, Carrickfergus 414w

    Royal Irish Regiment 30-1w

    Service Families Task Force 25-6w

    Territorial Army, Deployment 26w

    Territorial Army, Kosovo 18-20

    Territorial Army, Officers 364w

    Territorial Army, Recruitment 7-8, 26w

Spelman, Mrs Caroline


    EC defence policy 3-4

    Heart diseases, Health services 649

Spicer, Sir Michael

                  @Debates etc.

    Helsinki Summit (EC) (13.12.99) 36


    Buildings, Home Office 9w, 365w

    Civil Aviation Authority, Operating costs 192w

    Competition Commission 236w

    Financial Services Authority 179w

    Health and Safety Executive 348w

    Office of Gas and Electricity Markets 240w

    Office of Telecommunications, Costs 208w

    Office of the Rail Regulator 245w

    Office of Water Services 245w

    Postal Services Commission 237w

Spinal injuries


    Millennium Exhibition 131w

Sport England

    see English Sports Council



Spring, Mr Richard


    Public transport, Millennium 246w

    Television, Licensing 506

Squire, Ms Rachel

                  @Debates etc.

    Scotland Office (16.12.99) 490


    Devolution, Scotland 120w

    Iraq-Kuwait conflict, Exservicemen 256-7w

Sri Lanka

    Human rights 20w


Stakeholder pensions

Standard of living

Standard spending assessments

    District councils 100w

    Greater London 99w

Starkey, Dr Phyllis

                  @Debates etc.

    Economic situation (21.12.99) 690, 699

State earnings related pension scheme

State retirement pensions

State visits


Statistics Commission

Steen, Mr Anthony

                  @Debates etc.

    Common fisheries policy (13.12.99) 42, 49

    Urban Regeneration and Countryside Protection Bill, 1R (15.12.99) 282


    Hill livestock allowances 440w

    Hill livestock allowances, South West region 440w

Stevenson, Mr George

                  @Debates etc.

    Aviation, Safety (16.12.99) 436-9

    Bulger, James (16.12.99) 408


    Revenue support grant 536w

Stewart, Mr David


    Aircraft carriers, Procurement 23w

    European Convention on Human Rights, Scotland 138

    Textiles, Export credit guarantees 238w

    Wind power, Licensing 379w

Stewart, Mr Ian

                  @Debates etc.

    Transport Bill, 2R (20.12.99) 580


    Employment, North West region 296-7w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Correspondence 6w

    Independent living fund 270w

    Scottish Executive, Ministry of Defence 470-1w

    Teachers, Early retirement 206w

Stinchcombe, Mr Paul

                  @Debates etc.

    Economic situation (21.12.99) 707-9


    Armed forces, Young people 32w

    European Committee for the Prevention of Torture 7w


Strang, Rt Hon Dr Gavin,

                  @Debates etc.

Straw, Rt Hon Jack, Secretary of State for the Home Dept

                  @Debates etc.

    Bulger, James, Ministerial statements (16.12.99) 397-408

    Disqualifications Bill, 1R (21.12.99) 680-1

    Millennium, Ministerial statements (21.12.99) 672-9

    Political Parties Elections and Referendums Bill, 1R (20.12.99) 527


    Buildings, Home Office 9w, 365w

    Bye laws, Coastal areas 272w

    Consultants, Home Office 1w, 492w

    Data protection, Email 209w

    Ethnic groups, Home Office 367-8w

    EU Justice and Home Affairs Council 5w

    "Interception of Communications in the United Kingdom Consultation Paper" 272w

    Meetings, Home Office 210w

    Metropolitan Police, Telecommunications 490w

    National Infrastructure Security Coordination Centre 371w

    Peat, Home Office 474w

    Public expenditure, Home Office 369w

    Refugees, Kosovo 368w

    Research, Home Office 373w

Streeter, Mr Gary


    Overseas aid 49w

    Venezuela, Disaster relief 668-9

Stringer, Mr Graham, Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet Office

                  @Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Regional planning and development (15.12.99) 66-8wh


    Better government programme, Elderly 226w

    Consultants, Cabinet Office 416w

    Deregulation, Cabinet Office 228w

    Devolution, Parliamentary procedure 224-5w

    Ethnic groups, Cabinet Office 263-4w

    Government contracts, Conditions of employment 414-5w

    Government departments, Complaints 573w

    Meetings, Cabinet Office 415w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Expenditure 416w

    Non-departmental public bodies 225-6w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Public appointments 229-30w

    "Public Bodies 1999" 263w

    Regulatory Impact Unit 260-1

    Research, Cabinet Office 573w

    Standards, Cabinet Office 574w

Stuart, Ms Gisela, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept of Health


    Accident and emergency departments, Consultants 422w

    General practitioners, Finance 659

    Health services, Private sector 507w

    Hormone replacement therapy, Prescription drugs 177w

    Medical equipment 518w

    Medical records, Data protection 515w

    Medical treatments 422w

    NHS Direct, Colne Valley 308w

    Pharmaceutical price regulation scheme 420w

    Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Accident and emergency departments 514w

    Telemedicine, Shropshire 514w

Student Loans Company

Student numbers

    Higher education 170w

Student wastage


Stunell, Mr Andrew


Sub post offices

    Rural areas (13.12.99) 95-7




Supply estimates


Sustainable development

Swayne, Mr Desmond

                  @Debates etc.

    Bulger, James (16.12.99) 407

    Business questions (16.12.99) 417

                  @Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Organs, Donors (14.12.99) 6-7wh


    Accident and emergency departments, Consultants 422w

    Chinook helicopters, Accidents 32w

    EC defence policy 22w

    Higher education, Scotland 129w

    Hormone replacement therapy, Prescription drugs 177w

    Members, Correspondence 110w

    Military aircraft, Accidents 32-3w

    Royal Opera House 512

    Working families tax credit 381

Swinney, Mr John

                  @Debates etc.


    Housing benefit 46w

    Housing benefit, Abuse 45-6w

    Housing benefit, Costs 45-6w

    Manufactured goods, Exports 392

    Poverty, Scotland 135

    Scottish Executive, Committees 126-7w

    Students, Fees and charges 120w

Swords and daggers

SYLVER missile launcher

    Type 45 destroyers 2

Syms, Mr Robert

                  @Debates etc.

    Aviation, Safety (16.12.99) 450-4

    Representation of the People Bill, Com (15.12.99) 318-21

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