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Ice cream

Iddon, Dr Brian

                  Debates etc.

    Medical Treatment (Prevention of Euthanasia) Bill, 2R (28.01.00) 723-7, 734-5, 738


    Army, Deployment 18-9

    Business questions 581

    Disability living allowance, Appeals 85w

    Drugs, North West region 98-9w

Ilisu dam

Illegal immigrants

    Deportation (01.02.00) 1016

Illsley, Mr Eric

                  Debates etc.


    Intelligence services, Cash limits 741w


    Correspondence 24w

    Proof of identity 439w

    Voucher schemes 435w

Immigration and Asylum Act 1999


Immigration and Nationality Directorate

Immigration controls

    Per capita costs 437w

Immigration officers

Immigration (Regularisation Period for Overstayers) Regulations 2000

                  Debates etc.

Immigration rules

Immobilisation of vehicles


In vitro fertilisation

Incapacity benefit

    Councillors 83w


    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 528w

    Dept for Education and Employment 778w

    Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions 652-3w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 531-2w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 781w

    Home Office 15w

    Ministry of Defence 587w

    President of the Council 463w


    Planning permission 523w

Income support

    Institutional care 636w

Income tax

Independent Commission on Policing for Northern Ireland

Independent International Commission on Decommissioning

Independent Living 1993 Fund

Independent Living Extension Fund


    Jaguar aircraft 379w

Indian subcontinent

    Entry clearances 698w

Individual learning accounts


    Armoured fighting vehicles 300w

Industrial accidents

Industrial diseases

Industrial health and safety

    Telephone services 407w

Industrial Training Levy (Construction Board) Order 2000

                  Debates etc.

Industrial Training Levy (Engineering Construction Board) Order 2000

                  Debates etc.


Infectious diseases

    Holidays abroad 100w

Inflammatory bowel disease


Information technology


    Telecommunications 48w

Ingram, Rt Hon Adam, Minister of State, Northern Ireland Office

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Northern Ireland Prison Service (27.01.00) 128-36wh


    Assets, Northern Ireland Office 5w

    Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry, Costs 776-7w

    Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry, Legal representation 777w

    Computers, Northern Ireland Office 448w

    Fees and charges, Northern Ireland Office 624-5w

    Independent Commission on Policing for Northern Ireland 6w

    Independent International Commission on Decommissioning 296w

    Judiciary, Northern Ireland 778w

    Nelson, Rosemary 5-6w

    Parades Commission 8-9w

    Parades Commission, Costs 447w

    Police, Northern Ireland 485-7w

    Police Authority for Northern Ireland, Official cars 448-9w

    Road signs, Northern Ireland 6w

    Royal Ulster Constabulary, Manpower 4-5w

    Royal Ulster Constabulary, Public appointments 5w

Inland Revenue

Inquiry into Issues Raised by the Case of Harold Shipman

    see Harold Shipman Inquiry


Institutional care


Integrated pollution control

    Livestock industry 273w

Intelligence and Security Committee

Intelligence services

Intensive care

Interest charges

Intergovernmental Conference 2000

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

    see World Bank

International Decommissioning Commission

    see Independent International Commission on Decommissioning

International Development Association (Twelfth Replenishment) Order 1999

                  Debates etc.

International Federation of Europe Houses

International Monetary Fund


    Church of England 778

    Dept for International Development 78-9w, 385w

Internet Watch Foundation

Intervention Board

Intervention stocks


Invalid care allowances

Invest to Save Budget


    Dept for Education and Employment 311w

    Dept of Social Security 255w

    Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions 279-80w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 293-4w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 37w

    Lord Chancellor's Dept 94w

    Ministry of Defence 70-1w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 325w

    Scotland Office 527w

Investors in people

    Treasury Solicitor's Dept 752w


    Foreign relations 4w

    Proscribed organisations 165w


Iraq-Kuwait conflict


    Local government services 612w

    Racial discrimination 593w

Irish Sea

Islamic Jihad



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