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Cabinet Office

Cable, Mr Vincent

                  Debates etc.


    Arms trade, Export credit guarantees 135w

    Diplomatic service, Secondment 366w

    Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Advisory Group 577w

    Export credit guarantees, China 364-5w

    Export credit guarantees, Korea 418w

    Future large aircraft, Government assistance 365w

    Home detention curfews 156w

    Refugees 18

    Special education, Greater London 650-1w

    State retirement pensions, Patients 600w

    Young offender institutions, Mentally ill 180w

    Young offenders, Legal representation 86w

Cable and Wireless

Caborn, Rt Hon Richard, Minister for Trade, Dept of Trade and Industry

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Textiles (14.03.00) 20-3wh

    Trade promotion, Latin America (14.03.00) 41-6wh


    EC external trade 471w

    EC external trade, Israel 472w

    EC grants and loans 120w

    Electronic commerce, Shropshire 716-7w

    Export credit guarantees, Bulgaria 8w

    Export credit guarantees, China 364-5w

    Export credit guarantees, Korea 418w

    Flowers, Imports 10w

    Foreign investment in UK, Humberside 270w

    National income 271w

    Overseas trade, Indian subcontinent 8w

    Property transfer, EC action 367w

    Regional aid, Cumbria 271w


Campbell, Mr Alan


    Education, North Tyneside 294w

    Schools, Northumberland 695w

Campbell, Mrs Anne


    Belfast Agreement 285

    Northern Ireland government 225-6w

Campbell, Rt Hon Menzies

                  Debates etc.

    Mozambique (16.03.00) 528


    Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency, Standards 39-40w

    Defence, Expenditure 707

    Defence Codification Agency, Standards 41w

    Defence Intelligence and Security Centre, Standards 40-1w

    Defence Postal and Courier Services, Standards 41-2w

    Naval Aircraft Repair Organisation, Standards 283-4w

    Naval Recruiting and Training Agency, Standards 280-2w

    RAF Maintenance Group, Standards 201w

    RAF Personnel Management Agency, Standards 200-1w

    Reserve forces, Conditions of employment 282-3w

Campbell, Mr Ronnie


    Schools, Northumberland 71-2w

Campbell-Savours, Mr Dale

                  Debates etc.

    Countryside and Rights of Way Bill, 2R (20.03.00) 737-8

    Ministerial statement intervention (15.03.00) 310

    NHS (22.03.00) 994

    Oral question time intervention (16.03.00) 494


    Agriculture, Economic and monetary union 495

    Civil service, Location 644w

    Cost of living, EC countries 122w

    Intelligence services 13-4

    National income 271w

    Regional aid, Cumbria 271w

Campsfield House Detention Centre


    Medical treatments 709w

Capital allowances

    Alternative energy 450w

Capital punishment

Caplin, Mr Ivor


    Prostitution, Advertising 682w

Carbon monoxide

Carter Center

Cash, Mr William


Cash dispensing

Cash limits

    Northern Ireland Office 277w

Category A prisoners


    Millennium Exhibition 368w

Caton, Mr Martin

                  Debates etc.

    Countryside and Rights of Way Bill, 2R (20.03.00) 774-6


    Further education, Wales 968


    Military bases 39w

Cattle tracing system

Cellular phone masts

    see Aerials
Central government

    Regional planning and development 256w

Central Government National Training Organisation

Chambers of commerce

Chancellor of the Exchequer

    see Treasury

Channel Islands

    Financial services 262w

Chapman, Mr Ben


    Absent voting 4-5

    "Agriculture in the United Kingdom 1999" 314w

    Grammar schools, Wirral 305-6

    Military aircraft, Iraq 426-7w

Chapman, Sir Sydney


    Literacy, Secondary education 1102-3

    Uganda, Overseas aid 149

    Westminster Hall sittings, Audio equipment 528w


    Law officers 504

Charter of Fundamental Rights (EU)

Chaytor, Mr David

                  Debates etc.

    Countryside and Rights of Way Bill, 2R (20.03.00) 738, 797-800

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Aircraft, Exhaust emissions (21.03.00) 169wh

    Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, Ivory (21.03.00) 158-9wh


    Cameroon, Human rights 164-5

    Further education, Expenditure 644w

    Millennium Civil Society Forum 480-1w

    Prison Service, Sick leave 17

    UN General Assembly Special Sessions, Social policy 569w

    World wide web, Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions 546-7w


Chelation therapy


Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment

Chemical and biological warfare


    Magistrates' courts committees 315-6w

Chidgey, Mr David


    Kosovo, Construction 161

Child Abuse in North Wales Judicial Inquiry

Child Curfew (Specified Age) Bill 1999/2000

                  Debates etc.

Child minding

    Fees and charges 434w

Child Support Agency


    Begging and vagrancy 238w

    Institutional care 238w

Children in care


    Export credit guarantees 364-5w

    Foreign relations 140w

Chinook helicopters

Chope, Mr Christopher


    Business questions 516

    Business volunteer mentoring scheme, Finance 273w

    EC enlargement, Voting methods 150-1

    Forestry Commission 307w

    Nature conservation, Dorset 29w

    Small businesses 502w

    Taxation, Fringe benefits 295-6


Chronic fatigue syndrome

    Early retirement 118w

Church Commissioners


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