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Faber, Mr David


    Culture Media and Sport Select Committee, Select committee reports 154w

    Sportsgrounds, Greater London 13w

    UK Sports Institute 155w

    Wembley Stadium, English Partnerships 250-1w

Fabricant, Mr Michael

                  Debates etc.

    Countryside and Rights of Way Bill, 2R (20.03.00) 722-3

    Urban Regeneration and Countryside Protection Bill, 2R adjourned (24.03.00) 1216, 1218


    Dairy farming 487

    Electronic voting 5

    Immigration, Applications 80w

    Magistrates' courts, Lichfield 849-50

    Parliamentary data and video network, Access 529-30w

    Prisoners' release, Northern Ireland 281-2

    Rescue services, Wales 578w

    Security, Northern Ireland 711-2

    South Staffordshire Health Authority 976

Fair Employment (Northern Ireland) Act 1989

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

Falkland Islands

Fallon, Mr Michael

                  Debates etc.

    Grammar schools, Points of order (13.03.00) 32

    Supply estimates, Standing orders (14.03.00) 172-3, 176-8

Family credit

Far East

    Prisoners of war 425w


    London Underground 390w


    see also Agriculture


Fearn, Mr Ronnie


    Buses, Exhaust emissions 115w

    Grants, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 501w

    Millennium Exhibition, Attendance 153w

Feltham Young Offender Institution and Remand Centre


    Legal profession 280w

    Prisoners' release 684w

    Public transport 338w


Field, Rt Hon Frank

                  Debates etc.

    Political Parties Elections and Referendums Bill, Rep and 3R (14.03.00) 221-2, 224, 227

    State earnings related pension scheme (15.03.00) 312


    Civil servants, Political impartiality 221-2w

    Housing benefit, Landlords 150w

    Millennium Exhibition, Correspondence 12w

    Millennium Exhibition, Tickets 153w

    National Benefits Intelligence Unit 658-9w

    National insurance 53w

    Security, Dept of Social Security 316w

    Social security benefits, Overpayments 655-7w

    Social security benefits, Statistics 150w

    Sure start programme 349w

    Weekly benefit savings scheme 152w

    Working families tax credit 441w


    National Lottery 276w

Financial markets

    Local authorities 352w

Financial services

    Channel Islands 262w


Fire services


    Northern Ireland 583w

Firing ranges

Fisher, Mr Mark

                  Debates etc.


Fishing catches

Fishing vessels


Flight, Mr Howard


Flint, Caroline


    Maternity leave, Ministry of Defence 107w

    Nurseries, Ministry of Defence 106-7w

Flood control



Flynn, Paul


    Computers within reach programme 350w

    Councillors, Wales 580w

    European fighter aircraft 423w

    USA, Radioactive materials 713w

Follett, Barbara


    Schools, Standards 643w


    Genetically modified organisms 309w, 588w


Forced labour

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Foreign investment in UK

Foreign relations

Foreign workers

Forensic Science Agency of Northern Ireland

    see Northern Ireland Forensic Science Agency

Forest Bank Prison

Forestry Commission

    Scotland (14.03.00) 273

Former Members

Forsythe, Mr Clifford

                  Debates etc.

Forth, Mr Eric

                  Debates etc.

    Business questions intervention (16.03.00) 506

    Political Parties Elections and Referendums Bill, Rep (13.03.00) 121, 125

    Political Parties Elections and Referendums Bill, Rep and 3R (14.03.00) 220

    Supply estimates, Standing orders (14.03.00) 170-3


Forth rail bridge

Foster, Mr Don


    Consultants, Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions 621w

    Consultants, Northern Ireland Office 4-7w

    Fares, Concessions 115w

Foster, Mr Michael Jabez, (Hastings and Rye)

                  Debates etc.

    Members, Points of order (22.03.00) 996

    Mozambique (16.03.00) 526

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Health services, Oxfordshire (22.03.00) 252wh

Foster, Mr Michael John, (Worcester)


    Education, Worcestershire 100w

    New deal schemes, Northern Ireland 227w

Foulkes, Mr George, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Armed conflict (15.03.00) 82-8wh


    UN General Assembly Special Sessions, Social policy 569w

    Zimbabwe, Town twinning 433w

Fowler, Rt Hon Sir Norman

                  Debates etc.

    Rover Group (16.03.00) 593-5

    State earnings related pension scheme (15.03.00) 314-5

Fox, Dr Liam

                  Debates etc.

Free movement of capital

Free school meals


    Ministry of Defence 204w


Fringe benefits

Fuel poverty

Funeral payments


Further education

    Equal opportunities 75w

Future large aircraft

    Government assistance 365w

Fyfe, Maria


    Defence equipment, Disaster relief 425-6w

    Equal pay, Scotland 101w

    Gold and foreign exchange reserves 446w

    Occupational pensions, Complaints 151w

    Occupational pensions, Disabled 151-2w

    Personal income 181w

    Post offices, Manpower 417w

    Working families tax credit, Housing benefit 441-2w

    Working families tax credit, Small businesses 183w

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