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National Air Traffic Services

National Assembly for Wales

National Benefits Intelligence Unit

National Bus Company

National debt

National income

National Institute for Clinical Excellence

National insurance

National insurance contributions

    Climate change levy 450w

National Insurance Contributions Office

National Lottery

    Computer terminals 153w

National Meat Hygiene Service

    see Meat Hygiene Service

National Probation Service for England and Wales

National Rail Summit

National Sports Institute

    see UK Sports Institute

National traineeships

National Union of Rail Maritime and Transport Workers

Natural gas

Nature conservation

    Royal Society for the Protection of Birds 490

Naval Aircraft Repair Organisation

Naval Recruiting and Training Agency


Naysmith, Dr Douglas


    Armed forces, Schools 716

    Genetically modified organisms, Food 309w

    Uganda, BBC External Services 148-9


Nelson, Rosemary


New deal for disabled people

New deal for long term unemployed

New deal for young people

New deal schemes

    Northern Ireland 227w

    Service industries 291w

New Millennium Experience

New Scotland Yard

    see Metropolitan Police

Newcastle upon Tyne

    Working families tax credit 439-41w


    Recycling (24.03.00) 1285


    Institutional care 519w

    Ministerial statements (22.03.00) 981-95

    Per capita costs 634w

    Temporary employment 306w

NHS Direct

NHS Executive

NHS trusts

    Public appointments 978

Nickell, Rachel



    Sea King helicopters 563w

Non-departmental public bodies

    Accountability 2w

Non-domestic rates


Norman, Mr Archie

                  Debates etc.

    Countryside and Rights of Way Bill, 2R (20.03.00) 731-9


    Central government, Regional planning and development 256w

    Regional planning and development, Departmental coordination 254-5w

North Staffordshire Hospital NHS Trust

North Thames Regional Health Authority

North Tyneside

North Yorkshire

    Bus services (14.03.00) 24-30wh

    Millennium Exhibition 498w

Northern Ireland

    Alternative energy 229w

    Appropriations in aid (13.03.00) 135

    New deal schemes 227w

    Sexual offences 585w

    Victim support schemes 227w

    Working families tax credit 182w

Northern Ireland Act 1998


Northern Ireland education and library boards

Northern Ireland Forensic Science Agency

Northern Ireland government

Northern Ireland Office

Northern Ireland Parades Commission

    see Parades Commission

Northern region





Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty

Nuclear physics

Nuclear power

Nuclear power stations

    Industrial health and safety 190-7w

Nuclear weapons



Nursing homes

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