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    Electronic commerce 185w

    Sanitary protection 976

Vaz, Mr Keith, Minister for Europe, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

                  Debates etc.

    Entry clearances (20.03.00) 833-6


    Austria, EC internal relations 606w

    Balkans, Security 141w

    Bosnia-Herzegovina, Council of Europe 137w

    Bosnia-Herzegovina, War crimes 409w

    Charter of Fundamental Rights (EU) 406-8w

    EC common foreign and security policy 138w

    EC enlargement 148

    EC enlargement, Common agricultural policy 147-8

    EC enlargement, Immigration 151

    EC enlargement, Voting methods 150

    EC external trade, Bananas 605w

    EC institutions, Publicity 601w

    EC law, Enforcement 222w

    Embassies, Visits abroad 367w

    Gibraltar, European Parliament elections 154

    Intergovernmental Conference 2000 164

    Kononov, Vassily 366w

    Kosovo, Armed conflict 655w

    Kosovo, Genocide 480w

    Kosovo, Refugees 655w

    Kosovo Protection Corps, Arrests 600w

    Serbia, Export controls 605-6w

    Serbia, Sanctions 142w

    Spain, Gibraltar 154

    UK membership of EC 607w

    UK membership of EC, Exhibitions 600-1w

Venereal diseases


Vibration white finger

Victim support schemes

    Northern Ireland 227w

Video conferencing

Video recordings

Viggers, Mr Peter

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Children, Epilepsy 55w

    Reserve forces, Correspondence 693w


Vocational education

Vocational guidance

Voluntary schools

Voting methods

Voting rights

Voucher schemes

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