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Local child curfew schemes

Local education authorities

Local government

    Climate change levy 34w

Local government finance

Local government services


    Civil service 14w

Lock, Mr David, Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Dept


    Community Legal Service 477w

Lockheed Martin


    National Railway Museum 20w


    see Greater London

London Local Authorities Bill (HL) 1996/97

                  Debates etc.

    Order for consideration read (04.05.00) 275, (11.05.00) 991

London Underground

Lone parents

Long Lartin Prison

    Prison sentences 153w

Long term unemployed


Longbridge Task Force

Long-Term Care Royal Commission


Lorry drivers

Loughton, Mr Tim

                  Debates etc.


    Hospital wards, Gender 19-20

    Public inquiries, Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions 483w

Love, Mr Andrew

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

Low flying

    Hercules aircraft 221w

Low incomes

Lowdham Grange Prison

Lucas Varity

Luff, Mr Peter

                  Debates etc.

    Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill, Rep and 3R (08.05.00) 574-5

    Transport Bill, Programme motion and Rep (09.05.00) 793-4


    Developing countries, Debts 125w

    Digital broadcasting 19w

    Offices, Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food 252w

    Slaughterhouses 96w


Lyell, Rt Hon Sir Nicholas

                  Debates etc.


Lynx helicopters

    Repairs and maintenance 511w

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