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National Air Traffic Services

    Employee share ownership schemes 362w

    Fees and charges 102w

National anthems

National Audit Office

    Electronic Data Systems 486w

National debt

National Disability Council

National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts

National grid for learning

National Health Service (Pension Scheme and Compensation for Premature Retirement) Amendment Regulations 2000

                  Debates etc.

National income

National Institute for Clinical Excellence

National insurance

National insurance contributions

National Lottery

National parks authorities

National Railway Museum

    Locomotives 20w

National savings bonds

National security

National service

    Petitions (11.05.00) 1110

National Union of Rail Maritime and Transport Workers

National vocational qualifications


Natural gas

Nature conservation



New deal for 50 plus

New deal for communities

New deal for disabled people

New deal for long term unemployed

New deal for schools

New deal schemes

New Scotland Yard

    see Metropolitan Police

Newspaper press

    Dept of Trade and Industry 183w


    Private finance initiative 212w

    Recruitment 62w

    Working hours 55w

NHS trusts

Nicholls, Mr Patrick

                  Debates etc.

    Common agricultural policy (11.05.00) 1025-6

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


Non-domestic rates

Non-governmental organisations

Non-teaching staff


Norman, Mr Archie


    New deal for communities 632-3

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

    see NATONorth East region

North Sea oil

North West region


Northern Ireland

    Electoral systems 109w

    Environment protection 288w

    Monetary compensatory amounts 374w

    Public appointments 373w

Northern Ireland Fire Brigade

    Conditions of employment (10.05.00) 242-7wh

Northern Ireland Forum

Northern Ireland government

    Ministerial statements (08.05.00) 501-17

Northern Ireland Office

    Disclosure of information 15w

Northern Ireland Parades Commission

    see Parades Commission

Northern Ireland Prison Service

Northern Ireland Roads Service

Northern Ireland Social Security Agency

Northern region


    Manufacturing industries 991-2

Norvic Clinic

    Restraint techniques 78w

Nottingham City Hospital

Nuclear fuel reprocessing

Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty

Nuclear submarines

Nuclear weapons



    Consultants 55w

Nursing homes

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