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Fabricant, Mr Michael

                  Debates etc.

    Business questions (12.07.00) 872

    Civil list (04.07.00) 168

    Crime, Points of order (10.07.00) 625

    Oral question time intervention (05.07.00) 325


    Cleveland Constabulary, Manpower 354w

    Cottage hospitals, Staffordshire 140-1w

    Crime, Cleveland 354w

    Digital broadcasting 611

    Modernising government programme 603w

    Small businesses, Chorley 1052-3


Fallon, Mr Michael


    Mental health services 152

Family credit

Family support grant


    Church Commissioners 620-2

Fearn, Mr Ronnie

                  Debates etc.

    Prisoners' release (03.07.00) 44


    Business Environment Simplification Task Force 618w

    Coastal areas, Regional aid 399w

    Credit reference agencies 618-9w

    Museums and galleries, Pensioners 610-1

    Small businesses 474w

    Small businesses, Conditions of employment 372-3w

Feira Summit (EC)


    Developing countries 315-6

Festivals and special occasions

Field, Rt Hon Frank

                  Debates etc.

    Type 45 destroyers (11.07.00) 706


    Military aircraft, Accidents 379-80w

    Policy action teams 217w

    Prescriptions, Fraud 147w

    Social Exclusion Unit, Manpower 102w

Field sports


Financial Action Task Force

Financial services

    Channel Islands 517w

Financial Services Authority

Financial Stability Forum


Fire services


Firing ranges

First Place Housing


Fisher, Mr Mark

                  Debates etc.

    Local Government Bill (HL), Programme motion and Rep (04.07.00) 253-5

    Local Government Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (05.07.00) 379-80

    Parliamentary scrutiny (13.07.00) 1109-12


    Rockall 9w


    Northern Ireland 27w

Fishing vessels

Fitzpatrick, Jim


    Sierra Leone, Armed forces 4-5

Fixed penalties

Flight, Mr Howard

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Economic and monetary union (05.07.00) 54-9wh

Flint, Caroline


    Vocational education, Degrees 270w

Flood control

    South West region 587w


    South East region 311w

Fluoridation Society

    see British Fluoridation Society


Flynn, Paul

                  Debates etc.

    Civil list (04.07.00) 168


    Business questions 431

    Colombia, Genetically modified organisms 540w

    Entertainments, Licensing 168w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus 140w

Foden Thompson Carmichael MWD

Folk culture

    Student numbers 412w

Follett, Barbara


    British Telecom, Government shareholding 93-4w


    Genetically modified organisms 30w


    Government assistance 635w

Football banning orders

    Ministerial statements (04.07.00) 170-83

Football (Disorder) Bill 1999/2000

                  Debates etc.

    1R (13.07.00) 1083

    Order relating to Com (12.07.00) 1035

    Business motion, 2R and Money res* (13.07.00) 1180-265

Football Foundation

Football (Offences and Disorder) Act 1999


Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    Cellular phones 342w

    Gibraltar 6w

    National insurance contributions 648w

    New deal schemes 4w

    Private finance initiative 387-8w

    Public appointments 540w

    Telephone services 388w

Foreign investment in UK

Foreign relations

Foreign workers


Forth, Mr Eric

                  Debates etc.

    Business questions (12.07.00) 871-2

    Care Standards Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (12.07.00) 892-901, 951

    Football (Disorder) Bill, Business motion and 2R (13.07.00) 1221, 1228, 1254-5

    Hunting with Dogs Inquiry (07.07.00) 526

    Local Government Bill (HL), Programme motion and Rep (04.07.00) 198-9


Foster, Rt Hon Derek


    Bellwin scheme, Wear Valley 263w

Foster, Mr Don

                  Debates etc.

    Local Government Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (05.07.00) 349-53, 376-7


    Domestic wastes, Recycling 179w

    Market research, Cabinet Office 606-8w

    Rural areas, Economic situation 685

    Secondment, Cabinet Office 424w

    Secondment, Dept for Education and Employment 194w

    Secondment, Dept for International Development 2w

    Secondment, Dept of Social Security 15w, 156-7w

    Secondment, Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions 621w

    Secondment, Dept of Trade and Industry 18-23w

    Secondment, Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food 9-10w

    Secondment, Treasury 685w

Foster, Mr Michael Jabez, (Hastings and Rye)

                  Debates etc.

    Care Standards Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (12.07.00) 957

    Ministerial policy advisors (03.07.00) 85, 98


    Drugs, Rationing 145

Foster, Mr Michael John, (Worcester)


    New deal for schools, Worcester 274-5w

    Post offices, Rural areas 588w

    Science enterprise challenge 611w

Foulkes, Mr George, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    China western poverty reduction project 581w

    Developing countries, Children 581w

    Developing countries, Females 315-6

    Developing countries, Primary education 581-2w

    UN international drugs control programme 609w

    Zimbabwe, Pension rights 315-6w

Fowler, Rt Hon Sir Norman

                  Debates etc.

    Football banning orders (04.07.00) 179

    Football (Disorder) Bill, Business motion and 2R (13.07.00) 1209-12


Fox, Dr Liam

                  Debates etc.

    Early retirement, Points of order (11.07.00) 713




Fraser, Mr Christopher


    Business, Orders and regulations 602w

    Dorset Health Authority, Administration 283w

    Dorset Health Authority, Surgery 283w

    Territorial Army, Manpower 17


Freeman Hospital




Fuel poverty


Further education

    Children in care 30w

    Student wastage 461w

Fyfe, Maria

                  Debates etc.

    Benefits Agency Medical Service (06.07.00) 489-90

    Police (Northern Ireland) Bill, Allocation of time motion, Rep and 3R (11.07.00) 735, 800,802


    Developing countries, Primary education 319

    River Clyde, Shipbuilding 325-6

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