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Foetal tissue

Folic acid

Follett, Barbara


    Antitank missiles, Procurement 913-4w


Food Labelling Bill 1999/2000

                  Debates etc.

    Order for resuming adjourned 2R read (21.07.00) 731

Food poisoning


    Racial discrimination 414w

Football (Disorder) Bill 1999/2000

                  Debates etc.

    Allocation of time motion and Rem stages (17.07.00) 33-190

    Allocation of time motion and Lords amendts (27.07.00) 1278-315

    Royal Assent (28.07.00) 1457

Football Task Force

Forced labour

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    Disclosure of information 143-4w

    Information officers 823w

    Information technology 22w

    Merchant Navy Day 826w

    Private finance initiative 829w

    Written questions 426w

Foreign investment in UK

Foreign relations

Foreign workers


Forensic Science Agency of Northern Ireland

    see Northern Ireland Forensic Science Agency

Forensic Science Service

Forest products



Forth, Mr Eric

                  Debates etc.

    Business questions intervention (27.07.00) 1244

    Football (Disorder) Bill, Allocation of time motion and Rem stages (17.07.00) 36-7, 43-5

    Football (Disorder) Bill, Allocation of time motion and Lords amendts (27.07.00) 1286-8, 1290-3

    Orders and regulations motions intervention (25.07.00) 923

    Parliamentary questions, Points of order (17.07.00) 30-1

    Protection of Animals (Amendment) Bill, Rep and 3R (21.07.00) 714, 717

    Speaker, Points of order (20.07.00) 567, (27.07.00) 1276


    Road traffic offences, Bus lanes 887w

    Westminster Hall sittings 811-3w

Foster, Mr Don

                  Debates etc.

    Transport (20.07.00) 556-7


    Market research, Cabinet Office 801-2w

    Market research, Dept of Trade and Industry 418w

    Market research, Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food 1125w

    Market research, Scotland Office 873w

    Market research, Treasury 1012w

    Planning permission, Appeals 956w

    Secondment, Dept of Trade and Industry 1102-3w

    Secondment, Scotland Office 290w

    Work based training for adults 1056w

Foster, Mr Michael Jabez, (Hastings and Rye)

                  Debates etc.

    Census (Amendment) Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (26.07.00) 1136-7


    Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, Standards 102-3w

    Standards, Ministry of Defence 9-10w

Foster, Mr Michael John, (Worcester)

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Hospitals, Worcestershire (25.07.00) 152-7wh


    Minimum wage, Worcestershire 1033-4w

    Pensioners, Income support 1074w

    Pre-school education, Worcestershire 1059w

    Primary education, Worcestershire 1059w

    Television, Licensing 1111w

    Winter fuel payments, Worcester 1069-70w

    Working families tax credit, Worcestershire 1037-8w

Foulkes, Mr George, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development


    Advisory bodies, Dept for International Development 961w, 963-4w

    Developing countries, Firearms 960w

    Information officers, Dept for International Development 962-3w

    Overseas aid, Disabled 963w

    Pakistan, Overseas aid 959w

    Pensioners, Overseas residence 958-9w

    Press releases, Dept for International Development 961-2w

    Recess, Dept for International Development 732-3w

    Sight impaired, Dept for International Development 731w

    Visits abroad, Dept for International Development 960-1w


Fraser, Mr Christopher

                  Debates etc.

    Palace of Westminster, Telephones (28.07.00) 1393-5

    Sports (25.07.00) 912


    State retirement pensions, Administrative delays 243w

    Westminster Hall sittings 1066w

    Working families tax credit, Dorset 690w

Free school meals

Freedom of Information Bill 1999/2000





    Track access grant 354w



Fuel poverty


    Northern Ireland 485w


    Information services 252w

Fur Farming (Prohibition) Bill 1999/2000


Further education

    Student numbers 87w

Further Education Funding Council for England

Future large aircraft

    Regional selective assistance 88w

Fyfe, Maria

                  Debates etc.

    Learning and Skills Bill (HL), Lords amendts (25.07.00) 1080

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