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Shaw, Mr Jonathan

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Economic situation, Kent (19.07.00) 87-9wh


    Animal welfare (17.07.00) 32

Sheerman, Mr Barry


    Building sites, Industrial accidents 50-1w

    Building sites, Industrial health and safety 50w

    Building sites, Waste management 51w

    Business, Design 644w

    Cystic fibrosis 228w

    Derelict land, Contamination 784-5w

    Drake Insurance 488w

    Health and Safety Executive, Standards 49w

    Hearing impaired, Dept for Education and Employment 567w

    Land, Contamination 606w

    Offices, Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food 4w

    Prostate cancer 228w

    Sign language, Dept for Education and Employment 566w

    Taxation, Business 534

    Teachers, Pay 24


    Education action zones 333w

Sheldon, Rt Hon Robert

                  Debates etc.

    Government Resources and Accounts Bill, Lords amendts (24.07.00) 832, 845-6

    Public expenditure (18.07.00) 236-7

Shepherd, Mr Richard

                  Debates etc.

    Criminal Justice (Mode of Trial) (No 2) Bill, Allocation of time motion and Rep (25.07.00) 972, 974-5

    Football (Disorder) Bill, Allocation of time motion and Rem stages (17.07.00) 49-52

    Football (Disorder) Bill, Allocation of time motion and Lords amendts (27.07.00) 1293-5


    Driving, Disabled 137w


    Trade competitiveness 27-8w

Shipley, Ms Debra

                  Debates etc.

    Warm Homes and Energy Conservation Bill, Rep and 3R (21.07.00) 694


    Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990 977-8w

    Portugal, Foreign relations 204-5


Ships Support Agency

Short, Rt Hon Clare, Secretary of State for International Development


    Advisory bodies, Dept for International Development 122w

    Afghanistan, Droughts 335w

    Bangladesh, Debts 447w

    Brazil, Rain forests 446w

    Colombia, Disaster relief 529w

    Developing countries, Debts 123w

    Developing countries, Poverty 445-6w

    Heavily indebted poor countries initiative 530-1w

    International assistance 446w

    Liberia, Overseas aid 445w

    Mozambique, Debts 448w

    Overseas aid, AIDS 447w

    Pakistan, Overseas aid 192w

    Public expenditure, Dept for International Development 251w

    St Helena, Overseas aid 531-2w

    Vacancies, Dept for International Development 531w

    Visits abroad, Dept for International Development 123-4w

    Written questions, Dept for International Development 122-3w, 531w, 683w


    Home energy efficiency scheme 206-8w

    National Lottery 276w

    New deal for lone parents 434w

    Part-time employment 417w


    Investing in dentistry initiative 990w

Shropshire Health Authority

Sick leave

Sierra Leone

Sight impaired

    Dept for International Development 731w

Sign language

    Dept for Education and Employment 566w

Simpson, Mr Alan

                  Debates etc.


    Arms trade, Malaysia 13w

    Genetically modified organisms, Crops 780-1w

Singapore International Airlines

    Heathrow Airport 355w

Singh, Mr Marsha


    Diabetes, Ethnic groups 237w

Single parents

    see Lone parents

Single regeneration budget

    Regional development agencies 387-8w

Sixth form education

Skinner, Mr Dennis

                  Debates etc.

    Oral question time intervention (20.07.00) 530

    Public expenditure (18.07.00) 240-1

    Speaker, Points of order (20.07.00) 568, (25.07.00) 914-5

    Sports (25.07.00) 910

    Transport (20.07.00) 559



    Veterinary services 1129w

Small Business Service

Small businesses

    Government contracts 905w

    Greater London 28w

    Regional selective assistance 419w

    Working families tax credit 312w

Smith, Rt Hon Andrew, Chief Secretary to the Treasury

                  Debates etc.

    Census (Amendment) Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (26.07.00) 1152


    Accounting officers 483w

    Billing, Treasury 97w

    Departmental coordination 312w

    Electronic government 488w

    Government departments, Standards 695w, 1034w

    Pensions, Public sector 879w

    Private finance initiative, Treasury 312w, 878w

    Public expenditure, Dept for Education and Employment 309w

    Public expenditure, Devolution 110w

    Public expenditure, Rural areas 1012w

    Public expenditure, Statistics 1024-5w

    Public expenditure, Treasury 93w

Smith, Angela

                  Debates etc.


    Employment, Eastern region 310w

    Employment Service, Annual reports 854-5w

    Government offices for the regions, Standards 768-9w

    Judges, Part-time employment 870w

    Judges, Training 538w

    Palace of Westminster, Facilities 895-6

    Planning Inspectorate, Annual reports 777-8w

    Planning permission, Appeals 593w

    Rent assessment panels 357w

    Sports, Extracurricular activities 1110w

    Telecommunications, Regulation 342-3w

    Winter fuel payments, Basildon 1068-9w

Smith, Rt Hon Chris, Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport

                  Debates etc.

    Sports, Ministerial statements (25.07.00) 901-13


    Advisory bodies, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1106w, 1112-3w

    Domestic visits, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 359-60w

    Electronic Communications Act 2000, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1111w

    English Sports Council, Reviews 1114-5w

    FA Premier League 152w

    Football, World Cup 213w

    Independent Football Commission 818w

    Information officers, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1108w

    King Edward VII Convalescent Home for Servicemen 212-3w, 359w

    Millennium Exhibition 413w

    National Lottery, Grants 1114w

    New Millennium Experience, Annual reports 359w

    Press releases, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1108-9w

    Private finance initiative, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1113w

    Public appointments, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 151-2w

    Public expenditure, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 276w, 1109w

    Recess, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1110w

    Regional arts boards, Operating costs 600w

    Secondment, Dept of Trade and Industry 1102-3w

    Telecommunications, Regulation 360w

    Tourism and Hospitality Contact Group 653w

    Vacancies, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1107-8w

    Visits abroad, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 151w

Smith, Miss Geraldine


    Housing benefit, Lancaster 13-4

Smith, Jacqui, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Education and Employment

                  Debates etc.

    Schools, Cornwall (17.07.00) 195-8

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Teachers, Administration (25.07.00) 173-6wh


    Children in care, Abuse 563-4w

    Children in care, Education 88w

    Circulars, Dept for Education and Employment 556-61w

    Edinburgh Road Special School 662w

    Education, Hearing impaired 87w

    Education, Public private partnerships 332w

    Education of children at home 128w

    Ethnic minority achievement grant, Greater London 564-5w

    Females, Circumcision 869w

    New deal for schools, Greater London 861-2w

    Primary education, Languages 127-8w

    Pupils, Holiday leave 331w

    Schools, Buildings 665w

    Schools, Crimes of violence 563w

    Schools, Holocaust Remembrance Day 127w

    Schools, Playing fields 202w

    Schools, Public private partnerships 332w

    Schools, Swimming 869w

    Schools, Uniforms 84w

    Schools, Unruly children 562-3w

    Special education, Standards 565w

    Special Educational Needs Tribunal 1060w

    Truancy, Greater London 303-4w

    Unruly children, Nottinghamshire 201w

Smith, Mr John


    Defence review, Environmental impact assessment 737w

    Pensioners, Wales 688w

Smith, Mr Llew


    Alternative energy 643w

    AWE Aldermaston 944w

    British Indian Ocean Territory, Resettlement 639w

    Chemical weapons 550w

    Environment protection 48w

    Green Ministers Committee 784w

    Local government finance, Wales 686w, 1095

    Magnox reactors, Inspections 1101w

    Millennium Exhibition, Property transfer 358w

    Nuclear weapons 379w

    Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Anniversaries 920w

    Radioactive wastes, Transport 256w

    Radioactive wastes, Waste disposal 771w

    Regional development agencies, Single regeneration budget 387-8w

    Waste disposal, Imports 383-4w

    Wetlands, Coastal areas 354-5w

Smith, Michael John

Smith, Sir Robert

                  Debates etc.

    Football (Disorder) Bill, Allocation of time motion and Rem stages (17.07.00) 127

    Warm Homes and Energy Conservation Bill, Rep and 3R (21.07.00) 696


    Railways, Scotland 886

Smyth, Rev Martin

                  Debates etc.

    Okinawa Summit (24.07.00) 776


    Children, Poverty 879w

    Crime, Northern Ireland 364

    Royal Ulster Constabulary, Special constables 807w

Snape, Mr Peter

                  Debates etc.

    Speaker, Retirement (26.07.00) 1121-2

Soames, Mr Nicholas

                  Debates etc.

    Finance Bill, Rep (18.07.00) 276

    Okinawa Summit (24.07.00) 773

    Public expenditure (20.07.00) 582-3


    Security, Northern Ireland 194w

Social Fund

Social rented housing

Social security

Social Security Amendment (Students) Regulations 2000

                  Debates etc.

    (17.07.00) 32

Social security benefits

    Community service orders 30-1w

    Expenditure 32w

    Lone parents 29w

    Medical examinations 14-5

    Petitions (25.07.00) 1084

    Students (17.07.00) 32

Social Security Benefits Agency

Social Security Contributions Agency

Social services

Soley, Mr Clive

                  Debates etc.

    Speaker, Retirement (26.07.00) 1124


    Information officers, Home Office 747


    Merchant Navy Day 736w



Solway Firth


    Pre-school education 1057w

South Bromley Hospice Care

South East region

    Regional planning and development 256w, 355w

South West region

    Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food 1233-4

    Regional planning and development 259w, 948w


    Local government (28.07.00) 1412-5


    Further education 567w

Southworth, Ms Helen


    Competition Commission, Public appointments 1101-2w

    Crimes of violence, Northern Ireland 196w

    Disabled, Employment 5-6


Spastics Society

    see Scope


    Rulings and statements (19.07.00) 375, (25.07.00) 915-6

Speaker and deputies

                  Debates etc.

    Orders and regulations motions (17.07.00) 32, (18.07.00) 248, (19.07.00) 396, (24.07.00) 791, (25.07.00) 923

    Private Members' bill orders (21.07.00) 729-33

    Royal Assent (20.07.00) 608, (28.07.00) 1457

    Rulings and statements, Amendments and new clauses (25.07.00) 936-7, (26.07.00) 1177, (27.07.00) 1300, 1316, 1361

    Rulings and statements, Fifteen minutes rule (20.07.00) 570

    Rulings and statements, Members (20.07.00) 552

    Rulings and statements, Parliamentary questions (17.07.00) 31

    Rulings and statements, Speaker (19.07.00) 375, (25.07.00) 915-6

    Rulings and statements, Transfer of questions (18.07.00) 245

    Rulings and statements, Unparliamentary expressions (25.07.00) 960-1

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Points of order (25.07.00) 167wh

Special constables

    Royal Ulster Constabulary 807w

Special education

Special Educational Needs Tribunal

Speech therapy

Speed limits

Spellar, Mr John, Minister for the Armed Forces, Ministry of Defence


    Armed forces, Children 552w

    Armed forces, Contraceptives 554w

    Armed forces, Cyprus 676w

    Armed forces, Deployment 378w

    Armed forces, Ethnic groups 749w

    Armed forces, Falkland Islands 105w

    Armed forces, Housing 750w

    Armed forces, Pensions 552w

    Armed forces, Recruitment 678w

    Armed forces, Riot control weapons 679w

    Armed forces, Young people 341w

    Army, Northern Ireland 14w

    Army, Portadown 744w

    Army Personnel Centre, Standards 909w

    Army Training and Recruiting Agency, Standards 16w

    Assets, Ministry of Defence 678-9w

    Billing, Ministry of Defence 375w

    Chinook helicopters 551w

    Chinook helicopters, Computer software 341w

    Chinook helicopters, Safety 380w

    Civil servants, Business interests 674w

    Defence, Expenditure 16w

    Defence Clothing and Textiles Agency 909-10w

    Defence Munitions, Gosport 680w

    Domestic visits, Ministry of Defence 916w

    Gulf War syndrome, Compensation 552-3w

    Gulf War syndrome, Scotland 553w

    HMS Sheffield, Guided weapons 102w

    Iraq-Kuwait conflict, Exservicemen 247-9w

    Kosovo, Armed forces 341w

    Military aircraft, Falkland Islands 11-2w

    Military aircraft, Royal family 13w

    Military bases, Foreigners 912w

    Military police 748w

    Ministry of Defence Police 911w

    Ministry of Defence Police, Retirement 342w

    MOD electronic test facility, Republic of Ireland 102w

    Nuclear submarines, Weapons 679w

    Nuclear weapons 920w

    Peace keeping operations, Kosovo 914w

    Reserve forces, Yugoslavia 340-1w

    Riot control weapons, Maze Prison 679w

    Royal Air Force Gliding and Soaring Association 102w

    Royal Irish Regiment, Deployment 249-50w

    Royal Irish Regiment, Photographs 250w

    Ships Support Agency, Standards 910w

    Standards, Ministry of Defence 9-10w

    Submarines, Military exercises 15w

    Welsh Guards, Vehicles 375w

Spelman, Mrs Caroline

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Economic and monetary union, NHS 522-3

    Midwives, Regulation 280w

"Spending Review 2000"

Spicer, Sir Michael

                  Debates etc.

    Utilities Bill, Lords amendts (27.07.00) 1329, 1336-7


    Buildings, Home Office 452w

    Information officers, Home Office 747

Spoliation Advisory Panel

Sport England

    see English Sports Council


    Extracurricular activities 1110w

    Ministerial statements (25.07.00) 901-13

Sports centres

Spring, Mr Richard


    Departmental coordination, UK membership of EC 907w

    European Communities 202-3

    Information technology, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 22w

    Public expenditure, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1085w

    Secondment, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1084w

    Standards, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1085w

Squire, Ms Rachel


    European Communities 202


    Crown Prosecution Service 1238-9

    Industrial diseases 519w

Stagecoach Holdings

Stakeholder pensions

Stamp duties

    Stocks and shares 576w

Standard spending assessments

Standards of Conduct in Public Office Standing Committee

    see Committee on Standards in Public Life

Standing orders

    Private bills (20.07.00) 519

Starkey, Dr Phyllis


    Schools, Racial discrimination 439w

Starter home initiative

State earnings related pension scheme

State retirement pensions

    Administrative delays 243w


Steen, Mr Anthony


    Derelict land, Property development 396-7w

    Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, Finance 64-5w

    Education, Public private partnerships 332w

    Hospitals, Waiting lists 226-7w

    New deal for schools 1042w

    Regional planning and development, South West region 259w

    Schools, Private finance initiative 1040-1w

    Schools, Public private partnerships 332w

Steinberg, Mr Gerry

                  Debates etc.

    Police, Finance (19.07.00) 388


    Planning permission 934w

Stevenson, Mr George

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Kidney patients, Dialysis machines (19.07.00) 105-9wh


    Industrial diseases, Compensation 519w

Stewart, Mr David

                  Debates etc.

    Warm Homes and Energy Conservation Bill, Rep and 3R (21.07.00) 696


    EC grants and loans, Northern Ireland 195w

    Heathrow Airport, Air routes 592w

    Oil, Exploration 725w

Stewart, Mr Ian

                  Debates etc.

    Public expenditure (20.07.00) 585


    Children's tax credit, North West region 307w

    Export Credits Guarantee Dept 520-1w

    Vaccination, Compensation 113w

Stinchcombe, Mr Paul


    Prison Service, Standards 1156w

    Prisoners, Religious practice 60w

Stoate, Dr Howard

                  Debates etc.


    Independent Commissioner for the Holding Centres 1005w

Stocks and shares


Strang, Rt Hon Dr Gavin,

                  Debates etc.

    Public expenditure (18.07.00) 237-8


    Bus services, Rural areas 772-3w

    Bus services, Scotland 876w

    Bus services, Wales 837w

    Countryside stewardship scheme, Expenditure 796-7w

    New deal for long term unemployed 1065w

    New deal for young people, Scotland 1064w

Strategic Export Controls (Breach of Embargo) Bill 1999/2000

                  Debates etc.

    2R order read (21.07.00) 733

Straw, Rt Hon Jack, Secretary of State for the Home Dept

                  Debates etc.

    Criminal Justice (Mode of Trial) (No 2) Bill, Points of order (25.07.00) 937

    Criminal Justice (Mode of Trial) (No 2) Bill, Allocation of time motion and Rep (25.07.00) 938-46, 952, 963, 983-4

    Police, Ministerial statements (19.07.00) 376-91


    Constitutional and Community Policy Directorate, Finance 1176w

    Criminal injuries compensation, Finance 1174w

    Departmental expenditure limits, Home Office 464-5w

    Electoral Commission, Finance 1170w

    False imprisonment, Compensation 715w

    Football, Hooliganism 325w

    Forensic Science Service, Annual reports 510w

    Forensic Science Service, Finance 1176w

    Immigration adjudicators 700w

    Information officers, Home Office 746-7

    Interception warrants 324w

    Manpower, Home Office 465w

    National insurance contributions, Home Office 61w

    New deal schemes, Home Office 322w

    Open government, Codes of practice 699-700w

    Police, Racial discrimination 449w

    Police, Recruitment 751-4

    Press releases, Home Office 712-3w

    Private finance initiative, Home Office 515w

    Probation and aftercare, Expenditure 1175-6w

    Probation and aftercare, Inspections 879w

    Surveillance, Equipment 711w

    Transsexuals Interdepartmental Working Group 697-8w

    Video recordings, Certification 468w

Streeter, Mr Gary


    International assistance 446w

    Liberia, Overseas aid 445w

    Overseas aid, AIDS 447w

    St Helena, Overseas aid 531-2w

    Visits abroad, Dept for International Development 123-4w

Stringer, Mr Graham, Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet Office


    Civil servants, Car allowances 317w

    Civil servants, Sick leave 156w

    Departmental records, Security 529w

    Government contracts, Small businesses 905w

    Government departments, Sustainable development 654w

    Market research, Cabinet Office 801-2w

    Merchant Navy Day, Cabinet Office 800w

    Orders and regulations 801w

    Permanent secretaries 654w

    Press releases, Cabinet Office 905-6w

    Public expenditure, Cabinet Office 155w

    Secondment, Cabinet Office 528-9w

    Vacancies, Cabinet Office 654-5w


Stuart, Ms Gisela, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept of Health


    Allergies, Medical treatments 79w

    Allergies, Nuts 79w

    Ambulance services, South East region 239-40w

    Ambulance services, Standards 279w

    Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, Disease control 629w, 752w

    British United Provident Association 410w

    Dental services, Finance 998w

    Dental services, North Yorkshire 997-8w

    Dietary supplements, EC action 406-7w

    Fluoride, Drinking water 501-2w

    Food, EC action 174w

    General Medical Council, Disclosure of information 636w

    Genetically modified organisms, Crops 497w

    Genetically modified organisms, Oilseed rape 751w, 797-8w

    Hepatitis, Screening 506w

    Hospitals, Admissions 412w

    Investing in dentistry initiative, Shropshire 990w

    Mead Webber Abattoir 408w

    Meat, Food poisoning 69w

    Meat Hygiene Service, Standards 493-4w

    Medical treatments, Negligence 495w

    NHS trusts, Correspondence 751w

    NHS trusts, Directors 500w

    Pharmacy, Regulation 229w

    Prescription drugs, Costs 755w

    Prescription drugs, Fees and charges 229w, 287w

    Prescriptions, Pre-payment 637w

    Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Accident and emergency departments 501w

    Sight impaired, Publications 407-8w

    Slaughterhouses, Closures 264-5w

    Slaughterhouses, Veterinary services 1129w

    Viagra, Guillain-BarreĀ syndrome 408w

Student numbers

    Further education 87w


    Petitions (18.07.00) 347

    Social security benefits (17.07.00) 32

Stunell, Mr Andrew

                  Debates etc.


    Advisory bodies, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1106w, 1112-3w

    Advisory bodies, Dept for Education and Employment 1049w, 1058-9w

    Advisory bodies, Dept for International Development 122w, 963-4w

    Advisory bodies, Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions 945w, 951-2w

    Advisory bodies, Dept of Trade and Industry 727-8w, 1102w

    Advisory bodies, Ministry of Defence 915w, 919w

    Advisory bodies, Northern Ireland Office 1004w, 1007w

    Advisory bodies, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 481w, 964-5w

    Advisory bodies, Prime Minister 969w

    Written questions, Dept for Education and Employment 331w, 567w

    Written questions, Dept for International Development 122-3w, 531w, 683w

    Written questions, Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions 138w, 397w

    Written questions, Dept of Trade and Industry 252w, 645w

    Written questions, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 426w

    Written questions, Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food 681w, 794w

    Written questions, Ministry of Defence 375w, 748w

    Written questions, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 126w, 266w, 479w


    Military exercises 15w



    Benefit Fraud Inspectorate 274w

    Class sizes 82w

    Health services 230w

Suffolk Constabulary


Sugar beet


    National Probation Service for England and Wales 461w


Sunday observance


    Telephone services 96w

Supply teachers

    Greater London 81w

Supported housing

Sure start programme

    Maternity payments 98w


    Royal Shrewsbury Hospital 621w

Surrey Police



Sussex Police

Sustainable development

Sustainable Development Commission

Sutherland Commission

    see Long-Term Care Royal Commission

Swayne, Mr Desmond

                  Debates etc.

    Business questions intervention (20.07.00) 540

    Criminal Justice (Mode of Trial) (No 2) Bill, Allocation of time motion and Rep (25.07.00) 941

    Local Government Bill (HL), Lords amendts (25.07.00) 1033


    Aerials, Planning permission 767-8w

    Bank notes, Scotland 536w

    Business questions 548

    Census, Disclosure of information 921-2w

    Computer software, Ministry of Defence 744w

    European Communities 200-1

    Health action zones, Finance 240-1w

    Heart diseases, Surgery 233-4w

    Hip replacements 234w

    Hospitals, Waiting lists 991w

    Legislation, Parliamentary scrutiny 525w

    New Forest, National parks 773-4w

    Private finance initiative, Treasury 312w

    Social security benefits, Lone parents 29w

    Sunday observance, Dance 745


Swimming pools

Swinney, Mr John


    Climate change levy 532w

    Scottish Parliament, Members 57-8w

Syms, Mr Robert

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Railways, Greater London (26.07.00) 228-31wh


    Recess, Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions 774w

Syrian Arab Republic

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