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Appointments Commission


Arable farming

Arbuthnot, Rt Hon James


    Members, Correspondence 828w


    Seas and oceans 61w


    Public buildings 11-3

Armed conflict

    Democratic Republic of Congo 610w

Armed forces

    Health services 822w

    Medical profession 666w

    Personnel management 119w

    Sierra Leone 49w

Arms trade

Armstrong, Rt Hon Hilary, Minister of State for Local Government and Housing, Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions


    Local government finance 140w

    Manchester, Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions 819-21w

    Parish councils 28w

    Parish councils, Elections 28w

    Sleeping rough, Temporary accommodation 655w

    Standard spending assessments, Education 27w




Art works


    Schools 14

Arts centres


ASSIST programme


    see Refugees

Asymmetric digital subscriber line

Atherton, Ms Candy


    Bass, Conservation 408w


Atkins, Charlotte


    Electronic Communications Act 2000, Cabinet Office 355-6w

    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 256w

Atkinson, Mr David


    Dorset Police, Manpower 105w

    EC overseas countries and territories 765w

    Higher education, Private sector 42w

    Kazakhstan, Foreign relations 766w

    Political parties, Conferences 400w

Atkinson, Mr Peter

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    National parks (07.11.00) 11-2wh


    Fuels, Scotland 628w

Attendance allowance

Austin, Mr John


    Belize, Guatemala 370w


    Social security benefits 528w

Automated credit transfer

Average earnings


Avon ring road

AWE Aldermaston


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