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Faber, Mr David


    Athletics, Picketts Lock 382w

Fabricant, Mr Michael


    Churches, Aerials 17-8

    Digital broadcasting 4

    Education, Wales 688w

"Fair-Trade Overview Impact and Challenges"


    Working families tax credit 421-2

Falkland Islands

Fallon, Mr Michael

                  Debates etc.

    Business motions (07.11.00) 176

    NHS (14.11.00) 824


Family planning



    see also Agriculture

Farming and Rural Conservation Agency

Fearn, Mr Ronnie


    Economic and monetary union 82w

    Health services, Armed forces 822w

    Overseas students 193w

    Students, Fees and charges 243w

    Tourism, Advertising 146w

    Tourism, Swimming 145w

    Tourist boards, Finance 148w

Feltham Young Offender Institution and Remand Centre


    State retirement pensions 617w


    Antidumping duties 413w

Field, Rt Hon Frank

                  Debates etc.

    Social security benefits (09.11.00) 462


    Benefit Fraud Inspectorate, Manpower 526w

    Chinook helicopters, Accidents 417w

    Computers within reach programme 754w, 834w

    Computers within reach programme, Wirral 437w

    Electronic Data Systems, Dept of Social Security 619w

    Housing benefit, Working families tax credit 93w

    Manpower, Dept of Social Security 94w

    National insurance benefits, Expenditure 93-4w

    National Insurance Fund 529w

    Parliamentary questions 796w

    Pension credit, Administration 795-6w

    Pensioners, Income 632

    Social security benefits, Automated credit transfer 804w

    Social security benefits, Expenditure 323w

    Social security benefits, Overpayments 96w

    Stamp duties, Exemptions 763w

    State retirement pensions, Uprating 528w

Financial Services Authority

Financial Services Review Group


    Parking offences 548w


Fire stations


Firing ranges



    Tristan da Cunha 278w

Fishing offences

Fishing vessels

Fitzpatrick, Jim

                  Debates etc.

    Millennium Exhibition (13.11.00) 739-41


    Cattle, Animal welfare 150w

    Home detention curfews, Sexual offences 203-4w

Fitzsimons, Lorna

                  Debates etc.

    Business motions (07.11.00) 181, 188

    Programme motions (07.11.00) 226, 231


    Northern Ireland 258w


Fleet Air Arm

Flight, Mr Howard

                  Debates etc.


    Floods, West Sussex 680w

    Pensioners, Income support 789w

Flint, Caroline

                  Debates etc.

    Oral question time intervention (15.11.00) 938

    Privatisation (06.11.00) 115

Flood control


    Contingency Reserve 714w

    Ministerial statements (06.11.00) 21-32

    Newcastle upon Tyne 478w

    Vale of York (07.11.00) 22-8wh

Flynn, Paul

                  Debates etc.

    NHS (14.11.00) 819


    Agriculture, Income 150w

    Bible, Languages 3w

    Drugs, Abuse 77w

    Farmers, Bankruptcy 461w

    Hill farming, Wales 923

    Hill livestock allowances 622-3w

    Pensioners, Income 790w

    Voluntary work, Cabinet Office 551-2w

    Voluntary work, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 622w

    Voluntary work, Dept for Education and Employment 754w

    Voluntary work, Dept of Social Security 524w

    Voluntary work, Dept of the Environment Transport and the Regions 821w

    Voluntary work, Dept of Trade and Industry 594w

    Voluntary work, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 609-10w

    Voluntary work, Home Office 530w

    Voluntary work, Lord Chancellor's Dept 548w

    Voluntary work, Ministry of Defence 666w

    Voluntary work, Northern Ireland Office 464w

    Voluntary work, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 517w

    Voluntary work, President of the Council 543-4w

    Voluntary work, Scotland Office 517w

    Voluntary work, Treasury 760w

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