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Jack, Rt Hon Michael

                  Debates etc.

    British Nuclear Fuels, Public private partnerships (08.11.00) 366-9


    Council tax, Preston 309

    National Lottery 62w

Jackson, Ms Glenda

                  Debates etc.

    Programme motions (07.11.00) 266-7

Jackson, Helen

                  Debates etc.

    Business motions (07.11.00) 178, 191


    House of Commons, Information technology 804

    Personal savings, Pensioners 338w


Jeff Joseph Sale Moor Technology College

    Information technology 601w

Jenkin, Mr Bernard

                  Debates etc.


    Air routes, USA 420w

    Driving under influence, Prosecutions 205-6w

    Excise duties, Lorries 761w

    Fuels, Distribution 330w

    Fuels, Excise duties 626w

    National Air Traffic Services, Computers 347-8w

    Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998 420w

Jenkins, Mr Brian

                  Debates etc.

    Prisoners of war, Compensation (07.11.00) 161



Jobseeker's allowance

Jobseeker's Allowance (Joint Claims Consequential Amendments) Regulations 2000

                  Debates etc.

Johnson, Mr Alan, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept of Trade and Industry

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Unemployment, Blyth Valley (08.11.00) 88wh, 90-3wh


    Banks, Closures 16w

    Conditions of employment, USA 125w

    Employment tribunals, Compensation 16w

    Employment tribunals, Costs 125w

    Foreign workers, Charter of Fundamental Rights (EU) 200-1w

    Post offices, Greater London 127w

    Post offices, Social security benefits 13w

    Postal Services Act 2000 126w

    Shipbuilding 14w

Johnson, Miss Melanie, Economic Secretary to the Treasury

                  Debates etc.

    Inflation, Statistics (17.11.00) 1236-40


    Census, Correspondence 757w

    Contracts, Treasury 272w

    Debts, Developing countries 335w

    Economic and monetary union, Business 764w

    Economic and monetary union, Government departments 764w

    Electronic commerce, Prices 555w

    Employment tribunals 337w

    Endowment mortgages, Misrepresentation 342w

    European Movement 283w

    Financial Services Authority 80w

    Financial Services Review Group 273w

    Infant mortality, Merton Sutton and Wandsworth Health Authority 86w

    Investors Compensation Scheme 79w, 756w

    Long term unemployed, Hendon 272-3w

    Low pay, Greater London 84w

    Manchester, Treasury 80w

    Members, Correspondence 819w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Treasury 762w

    New deal for young people, Treasury 762w

    North American Free Trade Agreement 514w

    Official cars, Treasury 555w

    Personal Investment Authority Ombudsman Bureau 78w

    Personal pensions, Misrepresentation 269w

    Personal savings, Pensioners 338w

    Post offices, Bank services 82w

    Sick leave, Treasury 78w

    Stamp duties, Exemptions 763w

    Standard of living 338w

    Suicide, Greater London 87-90w

    Tax credit, Pensions 82w

    Unemployment, Sutton 85-6w

Jones, Rt Hon Barry

                  Debates etc.

    Economic policy (08.11.00) 337


    After school clubs 600w

    Aviation, Wales 221w

    Manufacturing industries, Wales 690w

    New Opportunities Fund, Schools 53w

    Winter fuel payments 317w

Jones, Ms Fiona


    Football, Television 53-4w

Jones, Helen M

                  Debates etc.

    NHS (14.11.00) 815


    ASSIST programme 51w

    Business questions 443

    Custodial treatment, Females 645-6w

    Global Business Dimensions 193w

    Patient Advocacy and Liaison Service 267-8w

    Prisoners, Children 644w

    Social security benefits, Carers 644-5

    Women's prisons, Children 646w

Jones, Mr Ieuan Wyn


    Children, Wales 691w

Jones, Mr Jon Owen


    Departmental expenditure limits, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 365w

    Pensioners, Wales 689w

Jones, Dr Lynne


    Council housing, Property transfer 237-8w

    Housing, Prices 583w

    Housing benefit 527w

    Housing benefit, Sheltered housing 711w

    Income support, Mortgages 440-1w

    Mental Health Act 1983 668w

    Portcullis House 451w

    Private finance initiative 437

    Repossession orders, Administrative delays 201w

    Social rented housing, Landlords 582-3w

    Social security benefits, Mortgages 218w

Jones, Mr Martyn David


    Fishing vessels, Grants 263-5w

    Floods, Wales 929

Jones, Mr Nigel


    Africa, Bomb disposal 516w

    Ghana, Elections 683w

    Identity cards, Young people 699w

    Police, Gloucestershire 698-9w

    Uganda, HIV infection 591w

    Zanzibar, Elections 509w

Jowell, Rt Hon Ms Tessa, Minister for the New Deal, Dept for Education and Employment


    Access to work programme 45-6w

    Education, Economic and monetary union 37w

    Employment, Charter of Fundamental Rights (EU) 41w

    Employment, Children 40-1w

    Employment schemes 198w

    Employment schemes, Dorset 198w

    Equal opportunities, Dept for Education and Employment 39w

    Global Business Dimensions 193w

    Jobcentres, Carlisle 599w

    New deal for young people, West Sussex 39w

    New deal schemes, Costs 40w

    New deal schemes, Sutton 193w

    New deal schemes, West Sussex 198w

    Small businesses, Young people 196-7w

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