Select Committee on Broadcasting First Report



The guidelines for the use of the signals are:

(a)no extracts of Parliamentary proceedings may be used in any light entertainment programme or in a programme of political satire;
(b)subject to paragraph (a) above, extracts of Parliamentary proceedings may be included in broadcast "magazine" programmes which also contain music or humorous features, provided that the different types of item are kept separate;
(c)extracts from Parliamentary proceedings may not be used in party political broadcasts;
(d)no extracts of Parliamentary proceedings may be used in any form of advertising, promotion or other form of publicity, except in the form of trailers for programmes which use extracts within the requirement of these guidelines and where the trailers also comply with those requirements; and

The user shall at all times comply with all the rules of coverage, guidelines and directives laid down from time to time by the relevant select committee of each House in reports issued by them and otherwise.

48   Extract from First Report of the Select Committee on Televising of Proceedings of the House, Session 1988-89, HC (1988-89) 141-I. Back

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Prepared 5 July 2000