Select Committee on Broadcasting First Report


PARLIAMENTARY RECORDING UNIT (formerly Parliamentary Sound Archive)

The Parliamentary Sound Archive Unit was established in 1978 as part of the House of Lords Record Office, following the decision of both Houses to begin sound broadcasting of their proceedings on a permanent basis. Its basis task was to preserve and make available to Members and other authorised users the tapes of the 'clean sound feed' from both Houses. A co-operative agreement was made with the National Sound Archive, part of the British Library, where pre-1985 audio tapes have been transferred for permanent preservation. A rolling programme for archiving video material once it becomes 3 years old has been established with the National Film Archive, part of the British Film Institute.

In April 1992, responsibility for the Unit was transferred to the House of Commons, in reflection of the balance of its work, and it was renamed the Parliamentary Recording Unit. It provides MPs, Peers and broadcasters with both video and audio material from the Chamber and Committee rooms of the House of Commons. From October 1992, this service was extended to coverage of the House of Lords Chamber and Committees. The material can be made available to other users subject to Broadcasting Select Committee Guidelines.

49   Reproduced from Public Information Office Factsheet No. 40, Broadcasting Proceedings of the House of Commons, July 1999. Back

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