Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Second Report


Memoranda or Supplementary Memoranda submitted by:


1. The British Amateur Rugby League Association
2. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport
3. The All-Party Parliamentary Rugby League Group
4. Dr Mark Baimbridge, University of Bradford
5. Chris Gratton and Lisa Ann O'Keeffe of the Leisure Industries Research Center
6. Hemel Hempstead Rugby League Football Club
7. Wakefield Rugby Football Club Limited
8. The Rugby Union Players' Association
9. Consett Rugby Club
10. Waterloo Rugby Club
11. Mr Dudley Taylor
12. The Rugby Football Club
13. Moseley Football Club
14. Glasgow Hawks Rugby Football Club Limited
15. Mr Terry Wynn MEP
16. North Walsham Rugby Football Club
17. Sport England
18. Mr David Roberts
19. Buchler Phillips
20. The All-Party Parliamentary Rugby League Club
21. Mr Maurice Oldroyd
22. Saracens Ltd
23. The Department for Education and Employment

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© Parliamentary copyright 1999
Prepared 14 December 1999