Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Supplementary memorandum submitted by the All-Party Parliamentary Rugby League Group

  At its last meeting, the All-Party Parliamentary Rugby League Group instructed me to write to you in the hope that your Committee, before concluding its inquiry into the future of professional rugby, will have the opportunity to look at the background to the current controversy in professional Rugby League over proposed mergers of a number of clubs.

  The Group is of the opinion that the current moves towards mergers—which we do not believe to be in the best interests of the game—illustrate quite clearly the difficulties arising from the administration of Rugby League by the three different entities of the Rugby Football League, Super League and Northern Ford Premiership. We believe that recent developments have underlined the key point made in our evidence about the need for a common administrative unit within Rugby League and my Group hopes that your Committee will take note of further concerns.

November 1999

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Prepared 14 December 1999