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Here you can browse the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 12 April 2000.


Members present:

Mr Julian Brazier
Mr Jamie Cann
Mr Mike Gapes
Mr Mike Hancock
Mr Stephen Hepburn
Mr Jimmy Hood
Dr Julian Lewis
Laura Moffatt

(In the absence of the Chairman, Mr Hood was called to the Chair)


Examination of witnesses

VICE ADMIRAL SIR JEREMY BLACKHAM, KCB, BA, Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Equipment Capability), AIR VICE MARSHALL STEVE NICHOLL, CBE, AFC, BA, Capability Manager (Strike), MR CARL MANTELL, Director, Capability, Resources & Scrutiny, BRIGADIER ANDREW FIGGURES, CBE, Director, Equipment Capability (Direct Battlefield Engagement) and BRIGADIER IAN REES, BSc, Director Defence Physical Supply Chain, Ministry of Defence, examined.

Question Numbers:

433 - 459

460 - 479

480 - 499

500 - 519

520 - 539

540 - 559

560 - 582

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Prepared 3 July 2000