Select Committee on Defence Written Evidence



CDLChief of Defence Logistics
DCDLDeputy Chief of Defence Logistics
ES SEA/CE SSAEnvironment Support Sea/Chief Executive Ship Support Agency
DG ES LANDDirector General Environment Support Land
DG ES AirDirector General Environment Support Air
NBSANaval Base and Supply Agency
ABROArmy Base Repair Organisation
DARADefence Aviation Repair Agency
DG Def Log Support  Director General Defence Logistics Support
DCSADefence Communication Services Agency
RAFSEERoyal Airforce Signals and Engineering Establishment
C4I IPTsCommand, Control, Communication and Information Integrated Project Teams
DSDADefence Storage and Distribution Agency
DTMADefence Transport and Movements Agency
BFPOBritish Forces Post Office
PAYDPay As You Dine
DG HRDirector General of Defence Logistics Human Resources
DG F&BPDirector General of Defence Logistics Finance and Business Planning
DG Ops & B Dev Director General of Defence Logistics Operations and Business Development
DG CISDirector General of Defence Logistics Communications Information Strategy
PDCPrincipal Director of Contracts Defence Logistics
D PSCDirector of Defence Logistics Personnel Service Centre
D HRDirector of Defence Logistics Human Resources
D OpsDirector of Defence Logistics Operations
D SafetyDirector of Defence Logistics Safety
D B DevDirector of Defence Logistics Business Development
D FCSDirector of Defence Logistics Finance Communications Secretariat
DC & PMDirector of Defence Logistics Costing and Performance Management
MCSManagement Consultancy Service
D ISSDirector of Defence Logistics Information Systems Strategy
D CISDirector of Defence Logistics Communications Information Strategy

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Prepared 6 July 2000