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Education and Employment - Minutes of Evidence

Here you can browse the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 24 May 2000.


Members present:

Mr Barry Sheerman, in the Chair
Charlotte AtkinsHelen Jones
Valerie DaveyMr Gordon Marsden
Mr Michael FosterMr Stephen O'Brien
Dr Evan HarrisMr Nick St Aubyn


Memorandum from Montessori Education (UK) Ltd (EY68)


Examination of Witnesses

MS ANN JAMIESON, Director, Early Childhood Unit, National Children's Bureau, MS PAMELA CALDER, Convenor, Early Childhood Studies Degrees Network, MS HELEN PROCHAZKA, Chair, Montessori Education UK, Early Childhood Education Forum, were examined.

Question Number

219 - 239

240 - 250

Examination of Witnesses

MS ANNE-MARIE GRAHAM, Head of Kirklees Early Years Service, MS MARION EAST, Early Years Co-ordinator, Isle of Wight Council and MS ZENA BRABAZON, Head of Early Years and Play, London Borough of Haringey, Local Authorities Early Years Co-ordinators Network, were examined.

Question Number

251 - 259

260 - 269

Memorandum from the National Early Years Network (EY 42)

Further memorandum from The National Early Years Network (EY 74)

Examination of Witnesses

MS EVA LLOYD, Chief Executive, National Early Years Network (NEYN), MS CLAIRE POWER, trustee and NEYN representative on Council for Awards in Children's Care and Education, and MS MARY DICKINS, Training Development Officer, NEYN, were examined.

Question Number

270 - 279

280 - 286

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Prepared 12 July 2000