Select Committee on Environmental Audit First Report

The Cardiff Process

28. The European Council is an important leadership mechanism. It produces both decisions for implementation by other Council formations and the Commission and conclusions which increase policy ownership by Member States.

29. We acknowledge the complexity of environmental integration at both a national and European level. We note the progress which has been made to-date in the EU and the positive impetus provided by the UK's Presidency. The Committee believes that high level political leadership is vital in order to achieve integration and urges the Government to ensure that integration remains on the agenda over forthcoming presidencies.

30. The Committee supports the development of sectoral integration strategies as envisaged by the Cardiff Council Summit as a practical means of encouraging environmental policy integration and achieving recognition of the issue at Heads of Government level. The preparation of such strategies by all Ministerial Councils is a key means of ensuring wide ownership of the issue.

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Prepared 25 November 1999