Select Committee on Environmental Audit Fourth Report


Submitted by
1.Royal Society for the Protection of Birds 1
2.The Pesticides Trust 4
3.Supplementary memorandum from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds 16
4.Supplementary memorandum from The Pesticides Trust 23
5.British Agrochemicals Association 23
6.National Farmers' Union 28
7.Water UK33
8.Supplementary memorandum from British Agrochemicals Association 41
9.Supplementary memorandum from National Farmers' Union 43
10.The Environment Agency 44
11.Quarry Products Association 51
12.Supplementary memorandum from Quarry Products Association 64
13.English Nature65
14.The Council for the Protection of Rural England 77
15.Wildlife and Countryside Link Minerals and Planning Group 79
16.Energy Intensive Users Group 94
17.Further memorandum from the Energy Intensive Users Group 101
18.Confederation of British Industry 113
19.Further memorandum from the Confederation of British Industry 117
20.HM Treasury130
21.Further memorandum from HM Treasury 131
22.Further memorandum from HM Treasury 132
23.Supplementary memorandum from HM Treasury 153

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© Parliamentary copyright 2000
Prepared 29 February 2000