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Here you can browse the Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 24 May 2000.


Memorandum by West Yorkshire Passenger Transport (RT 01)

Memorandum by Mrs Susan Petch (RT 02)

Memorandum by D. Scott Hellewell, Esq. (RT 03)

Memorandum by David Holt, Esq (RT 04)

Memorandum by Avon Transport 2000 (RT 05)

Memorandum by Bristol Electric Railbus Limited (RT 06)

Memorandum by the Railway Development Society (RT 07)

Memorandum by Fred A Andrews, Esq (RT 08)

Memorandum by The Yorkshire Traction Group (RT 09)

Memorandum submitted by Norman Andrew Kellett, Esq (RT 10)

Memorandum by AEA Technology Rail (RT 11)

Memorandum submitted by Mercian Transport Consultancy (RT 12)

Memorandum submitted by Hampshire County Council and Portsmouth City Council (RT 13)

Memorandum by Transport 2000 West Yorkshire Group (RT 14)

Memorandum submitted by John Bygate, Esq (RT 15)

Memorandum by the Muswell Hill Metro Group (RT 16)

Memorandum submitted by The Institute of Logistics and Transport (RT 17)

Memorandum submitted by the Institution of Highways & Transportation (RT 18)

Memorandum by The Confederation of Passenger Transport (UK) (RT 19)

Memorandum submitted by The Railway Forum (RT 20)

Memorandum by David T Catling, Esq (RT 21)

Memorandum submitted by the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (RT 22)

Memorandum by Docklands Light Railway (RT 23)

Memorandum by the Bristol and South Gloucestershire Rapid Transit Scheme (RT 24)

Memorandum by Merseytravel (RT 25)

Memorandum by Scott McIntosh Esq (RT 26)

Memorandum by London Transport (RT 27)

Development of Light Transit, London

Memorandum by the Simon Wolff Charitable Foundation (RT 28)

Memorandum by Centro (the West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive) and the West Midlands Passenger Transport Authority (RT 29)

Memorandum by the Light Rail Transit Association (RT 30)

Memorandum by the Department of the Environment Transport and the Regions (RT 31)

Memorandum by TRANSDEV (RT 32)

Memorandum by The Institution of Civil Engineers (RT 33)

Memorandum by the Passenger Transport Executive Group (PTEG) (RT 34)

Memorandum by FirstGroup (RT 35)

Memorandum by the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority and Executive (RT 36)

Memorandum by the Association of London Borough Planning Officers (RT 37)

Memorandum by the South West Transport Network (RT 38)

Memorandum by Mike Smith, Esq (RT 39)

Memorandum by Manchester Airport (RT 40)

Memorandum by Liverpool Electric Tram Systems (RT 41)

Memorandum by Transport 2000 London & South East (RT 42)

Memorandum by The High Wycombe Society (RT 44)

Note by British Transport Police (RT 45)

Memorandum by the Pedestrians Association (RT 46)

Supplementary memorandum by the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (RT 19A)

Supplementary memorandum by Docklands Light Railway (RT 23A)

Supplementary memorandum by London Transport (RT 27A)

Supplementary memorandum by the Light Rail Transit Association (RT 30A)

Supplementary memorandum by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (RT 31A)

Supplementary memorandum by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (RT 31B)

Supplementary memorandum by the PTE Group (RT 34A)

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