Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex 3


YearProject CommentsConclusion

1983Bramley Station Opened 12/9/1983
1985Elland Road Station Funding approvedCancelled
1987East Garforth Station Opened 1/5/1987
1987East Leeds LRT WYPTA scheme but not supported by Leeds City Council Cancelled
1987WYPTA Railplan,
protection of 12 station sites
for future reopening at:
Stanningley, Gamble Hill, Armley, Newlay, Hunslet, Methley, Hawksworth, Burley Park, Cottingley, Osmondthorpe, Beeston and Ardsley
1988Cottingley Station Opened 25/4/1988
1988Burley Park Station Opened 25/11/1988
1989White Rose Shopping
Centre Station
Finance offered by Developer for station on Huddersfield line. BR proposal to open a further station on Wakefield line. Project effected by doubling of capital cost due to rail privatisation. On hold
1989Leeds City Council Elevated LRT Public objection on environmental grounds Cancelled
1990Armley Station WYPTA public announcement that station would open Cancelled
1993Leeds Supertram WYPTA scheme after full public consultation. Supported by Leeds City Council. Approved by Parliament as 1993 Leeds Supertram Act Awaiting Government funding since 1993
1998Elland Road Station Proposed as part of Leeds Arena project
1998Kirkstall Station Awaiting Approval

  This sorry tale of efforts to improve access to the rail network for the people of Leeds has only resulted in the opening of four stations in 25 years. All the 14 suburban stations listed in Appendix 2 have at some time had official status for possible reopening. Also the proposed additional city centre station at Parish Church/Quarry Hill had a high priority for a number of years and this would integrate train services with buses at the Central Bus Station.

  What is now required is a five year development plan for rail services within Leeds as a matter of urgency. The go ahead for Supertram and the opening of the other suburban stations suggested would go some way to giving Leeds comparable rail facilities to the other Metropolitan cities at no extra to the money invested in those other cities.

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