Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Note by British Transport Police (RT 45)


  As you will be aware the British Transport Police have considerable experience of policing Light Rapid Transit Systems and in consequence I ask the Committee to accept our submission that the safety and security of any transportation system (new or established), whether it be light rail or heavy rail, is of the utmost importance to the System's long-term business and social success.

  A system that has an inappropriate level of policing, inadequate criminal legislation and insufficient crime prevention measures in place allows a cycle of criminality to be established that is extremely difficult to eradicate. It follows that new legislation establishing new Light Rapid Transit Systems essentially needs to incorporate byelaw, trespass and stonethrowing offences as well as a specific requirement for policing from either a Home Office Force or the British Transport Police.

  Whilst the Force fully supports the development of Light Rapid Transit Systems as part of an integrated approach to public transport matters, we do ask that safety and security measures are placed very high on the agenda of matters you consider.

Alan Parker

Deputy Chief Constable

27 January 2000

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Prepared 8 June 2000