Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum by the London Borough of Newham (TF 42)

  Newham's Parks do host a series of travelling fairs on an annual basis. The majority of visits are successful, popular with the local community, and due to good management by the operators do not cause inconvenience to local residents.

  In terms of nuisance caused by visitors to our fairs, there have been isolated incidents in the past which has caused a minority of residents to complain to the Council, or to feel occasionally intimidated. However, the recent installation of CCTV cameras into the Park where the majority of fairs visit, has been helpful in terms of a deterrent.

  On the whole the enjoyment fairs give far outweighs inconvenience caused.

Don Stewart

Acting Manager, Parks Service

February 2000

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Prepared 5 June 2000