Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum by Chichester District Council (TF 47)

  I refer to your letter and enclosure of 21 February 2000 regarding this Sub-Committee inquiry. In response to a previous request, I wrote to Ms Aston of the LGA on 1 February enclosing a copy of a report to this Council's Executive Board which provides the background to the case referred to by Mrs Montgomery in 3.2(5) of her submission.

  I enclose for your information a copy of that report. [2]

  In answer to your specific points, Chichester District Council has policies on Travelling Showpeople sites in the adopted Chichester District Local Plan First Review 1999 (Policies RE20 and RE21). Copies of these policies are also enclosed. [3]

  As far as action under Section 15 of the Circular 22/91 is concerned, you will see from the Executive Board Report that this Council has spent a considerable amount of time and resources searching for a suitable alternative site and may compulsorily purchase the site referred to as Site 2 in the report in order to secure the vacation of the site at Prior's Leaze Lane, Hambrook.

A J Howes

Director of Planning and Strategic Services

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Prepared 5 June 2000