Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum by the Borough of Crewe and Nantwich (TF 51)

  I refer to your letter dated 22 February 2000 and the representation made by Mr Loveday.

  The Borough Council's planning policy is set out below. This is taken from the Borough of Crewe and Nantwich Local Plan which was adopted in 1997. The Inspector at the Public Local Inquiry actually recommended that the policy be amended slightly to accord more closely with Circular 22/91.


  "Proposals for temporary or permanent Gypsy caravan sites or sites for travelling showpeople should satisfy the following criteria:

    —  they should be suitable for mixed business and residential use;

    —  they should not be within the Green Belt, a green gap or an area of special county value as defined on the proposals map;

    —  they should not prejudice the amenity of the occupants of nearby property (in accordance with Policy BE.1);

    —  they should be within easy reach of local services and facilities;

    —  they should have good vehicular access which is suitable for large vehicles and caravans;

    —  they should avoid visual encroachment into open countryside; and

    —  they should have substantial natural screening or include proposals to provide such screening.


  The policy is intended to provide the basis for the Local Planning Authority to determine applications for private gypsy sites and sites for travelling showpeople. It is intended to expand on advice given in Circular 1/94 relating to gypsies and Circular 22/91 relating to travelling showpeople."

  Mr Loveday's second sentence in paragraph 4.3 is not correct. The site which was subject to the appeal was at Hack Green, which is not in the Green Belt.

  The application was refused, and the subsequent appeal dismissed because the proposal did not accord with the third, fourth and sixth criteria of the Local Plan Policy.

  The Policy will be reviewed in due course in the light of PPG 12 and the anticipated PPG 3 when the next Local Plan to 2011 is placed on first Deposit towards the end of this year.

Head of Planning and Policy

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Prepared 5 June 2000