Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum by Bournemouth Borough Council (TF 57)

  In response to the suggestion that the number of fairs have been severely reduced as a result of town centre redevelopment in Bournemouth and Poole, I am only aware of one particular fair who operated during the Easter, Whitsun and Summer Holidays on Bournemouth Seafront.

  The funfair operator was originally awarded the contract in 1994 for one year for the Easter, Whitsun and Summer Holiday period. The contract was renewed on an annual basis as the site had been designated for a major leisure development, which the operator was aware of at all times. In 1997, when the leisure developer was secured, the operation moved to another site within the Pier Approach area of Bournemouth known as the West Beach site. Again the contract was awarded on a year to year basis because a leisure developer was also being sought for this site. The funfair contractor was there for one year until a leisure developer was found. The Council considered there were no other options to relocate the funfair and instead planning permission was eventually given for one carousel ride to operate in the Pier Approach area during Easter, Whitsun and Summer Holiday periods.

  The funfair operator was always aware the future of the funfair was unlikely to be secured as the Council was looking for a major developer on both the sites. The attraction proved very popular with tourists and residents, hence the reason to continue with a funfair ride on the Seafront.

  Two other funfairs operate during the Whitsun Bank Holiday and Summer period at Kings Park Bournemouth. Both the Council and the local community have no major concerns regarding funfairs. Policy and management arrangements are in place to minimise any in convenience, particularly noise nuisance from PA and sound systems.

  In consultation with the Planning Department. I have been advised that Bournemouth Borough Council's Local Plan does not at present take account of the needs of travelling show people. The reasons for this at present are:

    (i)  the Authority works closely with other neighbouring authorities within the conurbation who do have measures in place with which Bournemouth takes a similar view; and

    (ii)  Bournemouth is also heavily developed as an urban area. It is therefore unlikely that there will be suitable sites available in the future for funfairs to operate.

March 2000

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Prepared 5 June 2000