Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum by Islington Council (TF 69)

  Funfairs have operated for a number of years on many sites within Islington, these being: Highbury Fields, Whittington Park, Caledonian Park and Islington Green. The Council has a policy where some sites have a limited number of events, which includes funfairs. Islington has very few green spaces and, as such, the majority of larger events have gone through local consultation with resident groups or neighbourhood forums.

  Whilst the funfairs seem to be well received at Whittington Park and Caledonian Park, for a limited time, Highbury Fields and Islington Green are always contentious with local residents and have received fierce opposition. It is with the residents/police in mind that we often base our final decision, a decision which is incidentally formalised with the Chair of what was previously called Leisure Services Committee and now Environment and Conservation Committee.

  Of the two sites, Islington Green is the most contentious with police and local residents. The funfair operated by Mr Biddall has been allowed on the site in previous years, with resident and police opposition coming to a head in the winter of 1999 and thus Mr Biddall's Funfair was refused, but he was offered alternative locations which he declined. Despite the financial "offer" made by Mr Biddall for the Mayor's Charity, it was seen that local and police concerns should now take priority.

  We had this year allowed for funfairs to use Whittington Park. However, the Showman's Guild applied pressure on the funfair to pull out due to the fact that the site had previously been used by another operator two years ago.

  As a final point, funfairs and circuses are very much treated on a first come first served basis, in line with the attached policy[13] and with residents being fully consulted. As was found above, if strong but relevant opposition occurs, then the funfair will be declined.

Paula Claytonsmith

Client Services Manager (Parks & Contracts—Greenspace Team)

13   Ev. not printed. For further information please contact Islington Council, Greenspace Division, Parks and Contracts. Back

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Prepared 5 June 2000