Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary Memorandum by R Fowkes (TF 08(a) )

  I attended the Public Hearing on Travelling Fairs (Showmans Winter Quarters) at the House of Commons today. As I am hard of hearing I did not grasp what was being said, but I understand since that Mr Nick Raynsford was asked if the Showmen had any special needs to which he replied that he could not bring anything to mind. However, I do have special needs. I've been on these two sites, the first one for 19 years. A major road was put through and I then went on to the present site on November 1989.

  I take it from 1 November until 31 March each year. Planning is granted for five months a year and has to be applied for each year. My problem now is I will be 84 in May and I suffer from Arthritis in my ankle and knee joints. So you see I can't get about as I used to.

  Why can't they grant planning permission all the year round? Also this is still only a temporary site after all these years. Years ago the council were going to find me a permanent site but nothing has happened.

  Is it possible to offer some advice to the Planning Officer at Enfield as to the way I am situated?

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Prepared 5 June 2000